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Dewitt Southard Family 

Transcribed and submitted by Cliff Hayes
Additional data supplied in brackets () by Cliff Hayes


Samuel I. Southard was born on Thursday, August 3, 1775  (8/3/1775 was Wed).
Jamima (Ter Bush/Terboss) Southard was born on Saturday, September 4, 1784.
Isaac Southard was born on Saturday, March 7, 1801.   (???)
Mary Southard was born on Monday, July 26, 1802.
John Southard was born on Friday, February 17, 1804.
Henry Southard was born on Friday, April 25, 1806.
Rachael Southard was born on Thursday, August 7, 1808.
Rebecca Southard was born on Monday, October 1, 1810.
Caroline Southard was born on Friday, August 19, 1813.
Catharine Southard was born on Friday, July 21, 1815.
Jane Southard was born on Thursday, February 22, 1821.
Guisbert Southard was born on Sunday, February 10, 1823.  (2/23/1823 was Wed.)
Samuel Southard was born on Sunday, March 6, 1825.
Edward Southard was born on Friday, June 22, 1827.

(Note: Sam and Jamima were married in the Dutch Reformed Church in Fishkill, NY on August 9, 1800.  The children, plus Smith (shown on another page) were all children of Sam and Jamima. ) 

More Births 

Smith Southard was born on Friday, June 26, 1818.
Jerusha Shutts Southard was born March 1, 1821.
Garafelia Southard was born on Wednesday, December 22, 1847.
Rosella Southard was born on Thursday, January 2, 1851.
Maria (Traver) Southard was born July 5, 1819.
Dewit (sic) Southard was born March 23, 1860 on Friday.
Elery Southard was born April 21, 1864  on Thursday.
Ralph Southard was born Dec 20, 1884.
Flaud Southard born June 24, 1886.
Arthur N. Southard born Dec 19, 1887.
Harold G. Southard born July 23, 1900.
Robert Alan b April 6, 1947.
Paul Southard born May 15, 1948.
(Smith was a child of Samuel and Jamima. His first wife was Jerusha Shutts (who died on February 28, 1858.) Garafelia and Rosella were their daughters. Smith’s second wife was Maria Traver, Dewit (DeWitt) and Elery were their sons. Ralph, Flaud, Arthur and Harold were children of DeWitt and Agnes Face Southard. Robert Alan (died young) and Paul were sons of Arthur or Harold.)


Smith Southard married Jerusha Shutts Oct 23, 1842.
DeWitt Southard married Agnes Face Jan 8, 1884.
Smith Southard married Sally Maria Traver August 1858.
Ralph B. Southard married Ina Champlin January 6, 1904.
George E. Lewis married Flaud Southard September 18, 1907
A(rthur) N. Southard married Emma Koutz October 12, 1916.
Harold G. Southard married Frances L. Shaylor August 25, 1934.
Paul Southard married Judy Dlabola June 27, 1969.  Divorced in 1978.
Paul Southard married Karin Benzin April 13, 1985.


Jerusha Southard died February 28, 1858.  (Smith’s first wife)
Smith Southard died January 3, 1892.
(Sally) Maria Southard died November 28, 1901.   (Smith’s second wife.)
Ellery S. Southard died February 12, 1931.    (Smith’s fourth child, second son).
Agnes Face Southard died April 1, 1937.      (DeWitt’s wife, Smith’s daughter-in-law.
DeWitt Southard died May 2, 1944.              (Smith’s third child, first son.)
George E. Lewis died December 1930.          (DeWitt’s son in law.)
Flaud Southard Lewis died July 13, 1933.      (DeWitt’s only daughter. )
Ralph Southard died September 11, 1964.       (DeWitt’s fist born son. )
Ina Champlin Southard died February 16, 1969.  (Ralph’s first wife.)
Elma Zimmer died August 25, 1972.                   (I do not know. )
Rose (Rosella) Southard Wyckoff died February 4, 1897.  (Smith’s second child.)
Arthur Southard died June 16, 1971.      (Smith’s second son )
Emma Koutz Southard died May 5, 1972.    (I am not sure.)
Harold Southard died Jan 7, 1976.     (DeWitt’s third son.)

Robert Alan (Southard) died April 7, 1947.   (I think it was Harold’s first son.)
Paul Southard

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