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Dockstader Family 

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Typed from an original copy of a family bible located in the family file at the Durham Center Museum.  Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf


William Buell to Katy Dockstader, December 6, 1874, at Albany, NY by the Rev. Mr. Eaton

Thomas E. Sansley to Mabel S. Dockstader, July 17, 1877, at Albany, NY by the Rev. Mr. Smith

Ethan Van Buren to Mary S. Dockstader, April 6, 1885, at Albany, NY by the Rev. Mr. Smartz

James S. Docksteader to Louisa Nonemacher, August 23, 1875, by he Rev. Mr. Hoffman

Walter E. Way to Safehrona A. Docksteader, June 21, 1892, at Albany, NY, by the Rev. Mr. Bowan

Jonathan H. Dockstader Jr. to Jennie May Carver, July 28, 1898, at Averill Park, Rens. Co, by the Rev. Mr. Badford


J.H. Dockstader b. November 15, 1831
Mrs. Anna Dockstader b. May 2, 1832
Katy A. Dockstader b. May 16, 1851
James L. Dockstader b. May 28, 1854
Mabel S. Dockstader b. November 3, 1858
M. Louisa Dockstader b. November 3, 1858
Saphroun A. Dockstader b. September 25, 1871
Edna Y. Dockstader b. July 9, 1874
Johnathan H. Dockstader b. June 14, 1877
Carrie S. Dockstader b. December 19, 1878, d/o James and Louisa
Anna C. Buell b. October 29, 1872
Mabel L. Dockstader b. January 15, 1902, d/o Johnathan H. and Jennie
May Dockstader


John Y. Dockstader d. October 22, 1874, aged 63y10m10d
James S. Dockstader d. October 24, 1878, aged 24y5m24d
Mariah Dockstader d. August 11, 1892, aged 81y9m12d
Anna V. Dockstader d. December 14, 1906, aged 74y7m12d
Jonathan H. Dockstader d. April 19, 1909, aged 77y6m4d

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