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DuBois Family Cemetery

Located in the Village of Catskill in the Town of Catskill. The cemetery is very well tended and is situated on Du Bois Rd. Locating the cemetery may be difficult. At the intersection of  Route 9W and Grandview Ave., turn onto Grandview Ave. About a mile down the road you will come to a small traffic circle. On the other side of the circle you will see DuBois Rd. This is also called Grandview Extension. About half a mile down the road , on your left, you will see the cemetery. It is surround by concrete posts that at one time had iron chains between them.

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Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf on August 28, 2000

This cemetery is dedicated to the exclusive use of the descendants of Isaac Du Bois including their husbands and wives. It is incorporated under the amended state law of 1871, Chapter 68, Sections 6-7-8-9, by the owners having conveyed it by trust deed to Robert F. Story and Charles A. Elliot as Trustees, dated August 24, 1894. Recorded in Liber 141 of Deeds, page 98 in the Clerks Office of Greene County, NY. The Trustees under the law have entire control of this cemetery and are required to appoint their own successors. First Interment, Mrs. Isaac Du Bois, 1793. Cemetery 44 X 80 feet. (Plaque on large Memorial gravestone to Lewis Du Bois.


  1. In Memoriam:
    Of Lewis Du Bois born at Wicres near Lille France 1626, a Huguenot refugee to America, settling at Esopus, now Kingston, NY 1660. Leader of the twelve receiving Coloneal Grant of New Paltz Patent 1677. First Elder of French Reformed Church, New Paltz 1686. Died at Kingston 1695.
    Of Solomon, fifth son of Lewis, born at Kingston 1669, purchased land, 900 acres, at Catskill 1720. Died at New Paltz 1757.
    Of Benjamin, second son of Solomon, born at New Paltz 1647, settled upon his father's land at Catskill 1728. Made additional purchase of over 500 acres. Died at Catskill 1767.
    Of their descendants and kindred whose remains lie buried here to the eighth generation. Erected 1892 by JGDB.
  2.  Joel DuBois, b. May 25, 1762, d. April 29, 1844, A Minute Man in the Revolution
  3. In Memory of Cornelia, d. August 25, 1795, aged 68y, w/o Hybarius Du Bois
  4. Emily Ann, b. January 10, 1817, d. April 2, 1841, d/o Isaac J. Du Bois and Catherine Hunter
  5. Annaetje (Nancy), b. March 17, 1769, d. May 11, 1846, d/o Col. Cornelius Du Bois and Catherine Vanderpoel, w/o Joel Du Bois
  6. Edward B. Manning, d. February 22, 1861, aged 2m8d
  7. Caty Du Bois, d. August 3, 1796, aged 33y4m8d
  8. In Memory of Lanah Du Bois, d. February 23, 1795, aged 64y9d
  9. Joel Du Bois, b. 1803, d. 1890
  10. Sally J., b. 1810, d. 1858, w/o Joel Du Bois
  11. Marry Ann, b. 1845, d. 1848
  12. John Du Bois, b. March 25, 1760, d. July 30, 1841, aged 81y4m5d
  13. Jennet Du Bois, d. May 15, 1794, aged 34y4m14d
  14. Catherine Du Bois, d. August 24, 1859, aged 85y6m3d
  15. James Goelet, b. July 2, 1818, d. February 25, 1898, s/o John Dies and Rebecca Du Bois
  16. John D. Du Bois, d. June 3, 1845, aged 61y2m13d
  17. Rebecca Overbaugh, d. March 14, 1869, aged 82y5m5d, w/o John D. Du Bois
  18. William, d. October 2, 1834, aged 18y3m24d, s/o John D. and Rebecca Du Bois
  19. Peter Schutt, b. April 24, 1789, d. December 28, 1863
  20. Rachel Rightmyer, d. August 18, 1870, aged 82y7m, w/o Peter Schutt
  21. Lewis Du Bois, b. July 15, 1809, d. May 23, 1876
  22. Elizabeth B., b. June 15, 1807, d. May 5, 1864, w/o Lewis Du Bois
  23. Lewis, b. February 15, 1870, d. July 23, 1900, s/o Lewis and Reuhamay Du Bois
  24. Jane, d. December 12, 1848, aged 28y, w/o James G. Du Bois, youngest d/o Rachel and Peter Schutt
  25. N. Hunter Du Bois, d. October 13, 1892, aged 64y
  26. Elizabeth Abeel, d. September 17, 1898, aged 65y, w/o N. Hunter Du Bois
  27. Henry R. Du Bois, b. 1905, d. 1993
    Elizabeth H. Valentine, b. 1906, d. 1979, w/o Henry R. Du Bois
  28. Milton Du Bois, b. March 15, 1857, d. January 22, 1926
  29. Fannie Du Bois, b. 1855, d. 1914

    Three illegible stones

Postscript:  On May 4, 1969 Dorothy and Walter Smith recorded the stones in the cemetery. From their transcription it was noted that the following stones are no longer at the site. The three illegible stones, above, are undoubtedly included below:

  1. Isaac DuBois, d. October 8, 1795, aged 64y4m8d
  2. Mrs. Isaac Du Bois, d. 1793
  3. Gitty Du Bois, d. October 16, 1814, aged 52y
  4. James Du Bois, b. March 17, 1786, d. January 4, 1871
  5. Esther, d. October 17, 1877, aged 3y2m, d/o Robert F. and Esther Story
  6. Little Frank, aged 1m26d
  7. Jane Dise, d. March 5, 1799, aged 78y, w/o John Dise 
  8. Esther Du Bois, b. August 28, 1833, d. August 16, 1891, w/o Robert F. Story

Additional info was supplied for stones 9, 10 and 11:

9.    Joel Du Bois, b. November 6, 1803, d. November 3, 1890
10.  Sally J. Hunter, b. January 12, 1810, d. April 17, 1858, w/o Joel Du Bois
11.  Marry Ann, b. July 22, 1845, d. November 7, 1848, d/o Joel and Sally Jane Du Bois

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