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Dudley Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible published in XDCCXCI
Inscribed on the inside cover: Sabra Dudley, her bible, bought August 13, 1792


Sabra Dudley and Thomas Kimberley October 15, 1818


Sabra Dudley, b. February 17, 1769


My brother Zebulon Dudley, d. November 9, 1791, aged 22y
My brother Martin Dudley, d. January 27, 1804, aged 32y
My sister Sarah Dudley, d. December 27, 1811, aged 28y
My sister Mary Halley, d. April 1815, aged 55y
My father Zebulon Dudley, d. February 19, 1815, aged 71y
My sister Abigail Carrington of Woodbridge, d. March 31, 1815, aged 38y
My brother Stephen Dudley, d. June 23, 1832, aged 59y
My mother Abigail Dudley, d. July 30, 1833, aged 87y
My husband Thomas Kimberley, d. April 14, 1842, aged 75y
My sister Lucy Hedl (sp?), d. November 14, 1842, aged 69y
Sabra Dudley, d. August 30, 1851, aged 83y

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