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Marriage Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Marriages that occurred in the Town of Durham in the County of Green, NY during the year ending June 1, 1865. This table was prepared by me, on the 28th day of June, 1865. (Too faint to read name), Enumerator


Name of husband Age of husband Previous civil condition of Husband Name of Wife Age of Wife Previous civil condition of wife Date of Marriage Name of city or town where the marriage occurred Marriage solemnized by a clergyman Marriage solemnized by a civil magistrate Marriage solemnized by declaration before witnesses
First Election District                  
Eugene Smith 22 S Caroline Chittenden 23 s 24-May Durham Pres    
Frederick Strong 24 S Eliza Snyder 22 S 26-Oct Durham Meth Epis    
Willis Holcomb 20 S Harriett Wetmore 24 S 6-Oct Durham Meth Epis    
Alexander Jerome 29 S Amanda N. Robertson 21 S 8-Mar Durham Meth Epis    
Henry Patterson 62 W Martha Bakerslee 45 S 8-Mar Durham Meth Epis    
Dorflen (?) A. Peck 26 S Elizabeth Newell 24 S 12-Oct Durham Pres    
Edwin Hubbard 33 S Emma Reynolds 22 S 22-Feb Durham Pres    
Hanson Lord 60 W Eliza A. Coe 42 S 4-Dec Durham Pres    
Second Election District                  
Charles Taylor 32 S Elizabeth Rufue (?) Boice 27 W 21-May Rensalarville Meth    
Ezra Post 31 S Annie C. Van Tassel 20 S 11-Apr Catskill Bab    
John Morehouse 36 W Eliza Brandow 37 S 25-Feb Greenville Christian    
Henry Story 24 S Ettie Schermerhorn 18 S 19-Oct Durham Christian    
Jeremiah Story 26 W Lucinda Schermerhorn 26 S 16-Feb Durham Christian    
Jeremiah Christian 24 S Rohda A. Utts 18 S 20-Sep Durham Meth    
Ira S. Napp 31 W Sylva A. Olmsted 31 S 2-Oct Durham Bab    
Clark Chappel 30 S Eliza C. Olmsted 22 S 19-Jan Durham Meth    
Ezra P. Napp 24 S Melinda L. Olmsted 28 S 11-May Durham Meth    
William S. Yeomans 47 W Harriett Green Mygatt 41 S 23-Nov Durham Christian    
Theodore Bush 22 S Augusta Rundell 19 S 24-Jan Durham Christian    


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