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Durham's Lost Cemeteries

These cemetery records were found in the files of the Durham Center Museum and are transcribed as found by Sylvia Hasenkopf. The name of the original transcriber was not indicated. Efforts have been made to locate these sites, however they have not yet been found.

Burial grounds that were located by Sylvia Hasenkopf are in blue, some have corrections, also marked in red.

Cemetery on the Erik Sutton Farm, west of Cornwallville, on Sutton Rd. in the Town of Durham, 1952

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Cemetery located October 23, 2004. The new tombstone with the transcription below appears to list the names of the burials marked by fieldstones. The new stone does not indicate the death dates listed below. 

These burials are in a maple grove on a gravelly knoll downstream from the house of the deceased Osmer Sutton. Marked by a monument erected by Mrs. Sarah Grace Snyder Dougherty.

Abijah Ransom, 1820, d. September 8, 1896
Catherine Ann Lake, his wife, 1816, d. February 22, 1883
George Ransom, 1851, d. November 5, 1885
Sarah Grace Ransom, 1854, no death date
Birdie Ransom, b. 1856, no death date


Hull Cemetery

On Sunday, November 10, 1963, I visited a heretofore unrecorded burial plot near the residence of the late John Hull, near Durham, New York. There are but two stones, in excellent condition but at the above date, lying flat. We hope to have them reset in the near future. There is no evidence, at present, of any other graves. These graves are located perhaps 300 feet westerly of the Hull residence, near the edge of the roadside bank along Route 145 and almost opposite entrance to the Meeting House Hill Road.

1. In Memory of Phoebe, w/o William H. Reed, who died August 26, 1827, aged 42y

2. In Memory of Eliza, w/o James Crane, who died March 13, 1829, aged 40y1m5d

This  cemetery was located on January 27, 2002 by Sylvia and Britni Hasenkopf. It is impossible to see the three stones from the roadside in the summer, due to the vegetation. Access to the small plot is from the gully, that runs along Route 145. In addition to the two stones mentioned above, another stone was located at the site:

  1. In Memory of Clarissa P. Reed, died September 11, 1831, aged 13y


Burials on the Ethol Watson Farm, one and one half miles west of Cornwallville, 1952

Just west of the barn on this farm, are at least five graves marked by field stones, believed to be relatives of the late Mrs. James Boughton of Cornwallville, whose maiden name was Mudge.

Also on this same farm, known as the Ten Acres, are the graves of two children of Isaiah Bowen and wife, who were burned to death in their home nearby, when the house was destroyed by fire when other members of the family were away. These graves are on the bank of a little brook that flows through the west part of the Ten Acres farm.


Burial on the Moore Brothers Farm

On the farm of the William C. Latta Estate, later owned by Ralph L. Moore, and now (1952) owned by Almon and Warren Moore. Located perhaps one and a half miles southwest of Cornwallville, a single grave, surrounded by a fence.

In Memory of James Ransom, who died August 4, 1821, aged 56y11m23d

Burials on former Pratt Farm, near Edward Mabey’s. Owned by Pratt and Mackey1952.

Cemetery located on the property of Bonnie Segelman, on Pratt's Road in Durham in June 2007. Cemetery is in good condition, surrounded by a stone wall.
Additions/corrections in blue.

  1. Nina Mae Wennstrom, w/o Joe Segelman, b. Suffren, NY October 19, 1919, d. March 15, 1977 (bluestone marker)
  2. Augustus Pratt, d. April 15, 1844, (aged 93y. Rev. War this portion buried)
  3. Linus Pratt, (d. June 21, 1844, aged ? - this portion buried)
  4. Nancy Tuttle, w/o Augustus Pratt, d. June 14, 1844, aged 58y
  5. Julia Ann Pratt, d. August 26, 1843, aged 19y
  6. Augustus Pratt, (d. December 14, 1850, aged 72y - this portion buried)
  7. Elizabeth, w/o Linus Pratt, died April 19, 1851, (aged 57y - this portion buried)

Several unmarked graves, plain headstones.

Unrelated tombstone marker, purportedly originally from the Carson City property in the Town  of Catskill:

  1. Jerusha Bigelow, J.B., aged 72, 1840


Dingman or Mahns Farm, west of Oak Hill

On a little gravel knoll on the north side of the old road leading from the Mahns Farm to Brown’s Mills.

1. In Memory of Richard Tryon 2nd, who died March 29, 1828, aged 33y3m4d
2. Joseph Tryon, who died December 18, 1831, aged 32y
Sons of Richard and Betsey Tryon.

Also two graves, plain markers.

On a gravel knoll, just south of the barnyard of the Mahns farm:

Bela Strong, died January 6, 1813, aged 78y
Sally, his wife, died December 30, 1881, aged 85

They were among the first settlers of this farm. Horatio, their son, died 1794, aged 2 yrs. Also several graves, persons unknown.


Leonard "Buddy" Proper Farm, 1952

wpe1.jpg (245417 bytes)                 

 Cemetery located November 7, 2004
Corrections in blue
Cemetery is located on Gulf School Road in the Town of Durham, behind the Donnellan/Storey private residence.              

1. Edward Daley, d. August 19, 1858, aged 84y2m7d (possibly 81y2m7d)
2. Hannah, w/o Judge E. Daley, Esq., d. May 17, 1845, aged 70y6m
3. Minerva A., d/o Edward and Hannah Daley, d. August 9, 1831, aged 19y (in the 19th year of her age) 
4. Henry Hendrickson, d. June 24, 1858, aged 90y
5. Catlin, w/o Henry Hendrickson, d. March 27, 1837, aged 61y
6. Infant s/o Henry and Caroline Hendrickson, d. March 17, 1820, rest illegible
7. Henry Van Wormer, d. October 4, 1856, aged 67y25d

There are at least 7 graves marked by fieldstones


Earl Morse Farm, near Mt. Pisgah

1. Mary Winegar, d. 1851, aged 85y
2. Jacob Winegar, d. 1853, aged 90y
3. Mary Moore, d. 1883, aged 76y
4. Nelson Moore, d. 1897, age about 80y

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