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Edward Johnson Family 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the Rossi Records at the Durham Center museum
Mrs. Rossi transcribed bible records from throughout Greene County and compiled them into a series of record books.

Property of Jesse V.V. Vedder
Old and New Testament etc.
Cooperstown, NY

Edward Johnson and Harriet Field were married April 14 A.D. 1831
William F. Johnson and Mary A. Simmons were united in marriage Oct. 21, 1863 


Edward Johnson was born July the 3rd A.D. 1802
Harriet Field was born May the 16th A.D. 1810
William Field Johnson was born Aug. the 12th A.D. 1836
Mary A. Simmons was born 1841
Jacob Johnson was born 1674
Daniel Johnson was born 1709
Solomon Johnson was born 1740
Charles Johnson was born 1764
Elizabeth Rice, wife of Charles Johnson was born A.D. 1766 abt.

Cyrus Field was born A.D. 1782
Maria Best was born A.D. 1806
Harriet Field was born A.D. 1810
Charlotte Field was born A.D. 1814
Adelia Field was born A.D. 1817
Antoinette Field was born A.D. 1822
Eliza Field was born A.D. 1825
Oscar Field was born A.D. 1828
Sarah Field was born A.D. 1835
Frances Field was born A.D. 1847

Ancy Stocking Field, wife of Cyrus Field, was born A.D. July 6, 1790 


Edward Johnson died Sept. 21 A.D. 1880, aged 78 years 2 months 18 days
Harriet F. Johnson died Aug. 8 A.D. 1891 aged 81 years
Charles Johnson died A.D. 1764 aged 84 years
Elizabeth Rice died A.D. 1840 aged 74 years
Cyrus Field died A.D. 1865 aged 83 years
Ancy Stocking Field died A.D. 1840
Harriet Field died A.D. 1891 aged 81 years
Charlotte Field died A.D. 1882 aged 64 years
Adelia Field died A.D. 1899 aged 82 years
Antoinette Field died A.D. 1908 aged 86 years
Eliza Field died A.D. 1863 aged 38 years
Oscar Field died A.D. 1870 aged 42 years
Sarah Field  died A.D. 1905 aged 70 years
Frances Field died A.D. 1856 aged 9 years
Cyrus Field died A.D. 1865 aged 83 years

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