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Eldred/Searles Family 

Transcribed copy of a copy of a  bible record located in the family file of the Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Family Bible owned by Olive Eldred Jennings of R.D. 1, Box 177, Hannacroix, N.Y. This bible, containing several generations of Family Records, is written in several different handwritings.

Copied and typed for the DAR Genealogical Records by Clarissa E. Ketcham, New York State Vice Chairman Genealogical Records, District III, R.D. 2, Box 135, Greenville, N.Y., 12083, November 21, 1977

Bible published in 1850

Facing page to the Family Record: (written in modern hand that of Olive Jennings)

Alice Eleanor Eldred and William A. Spencer by Rev. F. Bosch, West Coxsackie, NY July 22, 1933

William Adams Spencer, Jr. and Bonnie Lee Ottman January 21, 1963, Schenectady, at Trinity Methodist Church by Rev. Don S. Clute4

Howard F. Smith

Harold A. Smith and Mary Cleary, Oak Hill, NY, by Rev. Starr, June 15, 1946

Barbara Olive Jennings and Francis Christopher Carras, by Prudans, Albany, NY, January 29, 1956

Eleanor Ann Spencer and Robert William Shafer, Schenectady, NY, St. Pauls Episcopal Church, April 6, 1957

Family Record:

Jonathan Searles and Mary Coles, March 17, 1830 at New Baltimore, Greene Co., New York by Hugh Jolly

Mary R. Searles and Byron C. Bedell, January 27, 1858 at New Baltimore, Greene Co., NY, by Rev. C.N. Kelton

Caleb Searles and Elma Badell, December 23, 1858, by L. Crandall

Betsey Jane Searles and Egbert F. Smith, December 18, 1861, by Warren Hathaway

Hannah P. Searles and Emerson A. Williams, May 28, 1871 at New Baltimore, by L. Coffin

Theresa E. Searles and Oliver Franklin Smith by L. Coffin at New Baltimore, January 14, 1974

Nellie L. Williams and George P. Eldred by E.A. Fasie at Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY, September 16, 1891

Annie G. Bedell and Otha De Melt by Rev. Van Vechten at Leeds, NY, August 28th, 1904

Herbert F. Smith and Ethel E. Corbett, September 7th, 1910 at Rahaway, NJ

Olive Isabelle Eldred and Charles P. Jennings by Rev. W.D. Rockwell at Medway, NY (Hannacroix), June 27, 1931

Mary Coles, October 26, 1805 at Glen Cove, Queens Co, L.I.
Jonathan Searles, April 13, 1807 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Phebe C. Searles, October 12, 1831 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Caleb Searles, October 31, 1833 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Betsey Jane Searles, October 15, 1835 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Mary B. Searles, July 31, 1837 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Ann Catherine Searles, March 20, 1840 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Lawrence C. Searles, September 15, 1842 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Eleanor L. Searles, May 17, 1845 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Hannah P. Searles, August 2, 1847 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Theresa E. Searles, December 27, 1851 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Annie G. Bedell, August 8, 1865 at New Baltimore
Kirtland G. Bedell, September 1, 1867 at New Baltimore
Nellie Williams, February 25, 1872
Ida M. Smith, February 25, 1875 at Sing Sing, Westchester Co, NY
Laurence S. Smith, January 17, 1877 at Singsing, Westchester Co, NY
Harold A. Smith, December 22nd, 1881
Herbert F. Smith, December 28, 1883 at Singsing
Olive I. Eldred, April 6, 1894 at Brooklyn, NY
Alice E. Eldred, June 3, 1903 at Brooklyn
Dorothy M. De Melt, April 17, 1906, Medway, Greene Co, NY
Howard F. Smith, July 4th, 1911 at Trenton, NJ
Winifred E. Eldred, July 14th , 1911 at New Rochelle, NY
Barbara A. Jennings, November 19th, 1932, Hannacroix, NY
Eleanor A. Spencer, August 22, 1936 at Schenectady, NY
William A. Spencer, Jr., December 1, 1940 at Schenectady, NY
Frederick Charles Carras, July 2, 1956, Albany, NY

Lawrence C. Searles, October 12, 1847 at New Baltimore
Eleanor L. Searles, April 27, 1867 at New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY
Mary Coles, March 15, 1883 at Medway, Greene Co, NY
Jonathan Searles, June 12, 1883 at Medway, Westchester Co, NY
Lawrence S. Smith, August 3, 1885, Singsing, Westchester Co, NY
Egbert P. Smith, January 25, 1893 at Medway, Greene Co, NY
Phebe C. Searles, August 17, 1787 at Medway, Greene Co, NY (given date of birth probably should be 1887 - SH)
Caleb Searles, September 27, 1898 at Charlotte, Baton Co, Mich
Mary B. Bedell, January 2, 1899 at Medway, Greene Co, NY
Byron H. Bedell, September 26, 1900 at Medway, Greene Co, NY
No Name, August 28, 1904
Betsey Jane Smith, April 17, 1907 at Medway, Greene Co, NY
Theresa E. Smith, January 26th, 1917 at New Rochelle, NY
Hannah P. Williams, February 6, 1918 at New Rochelle
Ann Catherine Searles, May 2nd, 1918 at New Rochelle, NY
Emerson A. Williams, June 10th, 1873 at Medway, Greene Co, NY
Winifred Elizabeth Eldred, August 15, 1921 at New Baltimore Station, NY
Dorothy Mary De Melt, August 23, 1929, Climax, NY
Oliver Franklin Smith, January 27, 1924, New Rochelle
Eleanor L.M. Eldred, May 29, 1929, New Rochelle
Ida Mary Smith, May 11, 1946, Earlton, NY
Annie G. De Melt, Climax, NY
Kirtland C. Bedell
Herbert F. Smith
Harold A. Smith, April 23, 1963, Earlton, NY
Alice E. Spencer, August 11, 1974, Hannacroix, NY
George Franklin Eldred, June 10, 1862, New Baltimore, NY

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