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Elisha Smith Family 

Transcription of family bible found in the Smith Binder of the Rossi records
at the Durham Center Museum

Retranscribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


Elisha E. Smith and Rachel Hughson, Westchester Co, June 19, 1775
Phebe Smith and James S. Covey 1794
Sarah Smith and John E. Powell 1803
Isaac E. Smith and Judah Winn, March 30, 1806
Enos B. Smith and Betsey Cobb, 1st wife, 1812
Nathaniel Smith and Prudence Rundel, no date
Susan Smith and ? Livingston, no date
Elisha E. Smith and Nancy Nicholas, May 1, 1814
Jesse E. Smith and Maria Eliza Covey, June 16, 1820
Mary Jane Smith and John S. Herrick, no date

Rachel H. Smith, October 18, 1848
Elisha E. Smith June 26, 1849
Enos B. Smith December 29, 1837
Phebe S. Covey, February 14, 1853
Isaac E. Smith, March 26, 1853
Sarah S. Powell, August 25, 1857
Nathaniel Smith, August 14, 1866
Susan S. Livingston, no date
Mary Jane Herrick, 1870
Elisha E. Smith, October 14, 1885
Betsey Cobb, d. March 29, 1827, 1st wife
Enos B. Smith Jr, no date

Elisha Smith Family 
Bible 2

Belonged to Nelson W. Smith, held by Mrs. Blodgett and later was in the possession of his niece Mrs. J.J. Howard 

Copy as recorded by Jesse M.S. Rossi 

Located at the Durham Center Museum

Grandpa and Grandma Smith wish this bible be given to our grandson Nelson W. Smith

Elisha E. Smith, b. May 18, 1754, d. June 26, 1849

Rachel Hughson Smith, b. England April 2, 1758, d. October 18, 1848

Our son
Jesse E. Smith, Town of Coxsackie, January 4, 1794, d. October 14, 1885
Married 2nd  - May 30, 1827:
Mary Ann Green, b. May 2, 1796, d. March 4, 18— 

Children Births:

Sarah Ann Smith, b. Town of Coxsackie, NY October 12, 1828
Caleb Green Smith, b. Town of Coxsackie, NY August 29, 1829
Rachel Smith, b. 1832
Adelaide Smith, b. 1834
Joseph (Joel Green) Smith, b. May 9, 1835
Adelia Smith, b. 1837
Jesse Smith Jr., b. 1839
Nelson Wm. Smith, b. September 7, 1840, d. August 1922, Blodgett Mills, NY
Isaac Smith, b. abt 1842, d. at camp near Arlington Heights, VA, buried at Fredericksburg, VA in 1865, member of 20th NY Infantry

Children Deaths:
Isaac Smith died 1865
Sarah Ann Smith Brodt died January 27, 1889
Joseph G. Smith died 1889
Rachel Smith Dibble died December 1, 1906
Adelaide Smith died ?
Caleb Green Smith died March 7, 1912
Nelson Wm. Smith died August 1922
Adelia Smith Phelps-Leonard-Sprague died 1935
Jesse E. Smith Jr. died ?

Sarah Ann Smith married to William G. Brodt May 3, 1848
Caleb Green Smith married to Mary Jane Sharp November 15, 1851
Rachel Smith married to Peter Dibble 1852
Joseph Green Smith married to Cornelia Bogardus 1855
Adelia Smith married to Herbert Phelps 1856
Jesse E. Smith married to ? Frank 1857

Births and Deaths:
William G. Brodt b. December 31, 1824, d. March 29, 1896
Mary Jane Sharp Smith b. October 22, 1833, d. March 28, 1872
Peter Dibble b. 1830, d. 1912
Cornelia Bogardus Smith b. June 20, 1837, d. August 3, 1913
Adelia Smith’s husband, Herbert Phelps, b. 1835, d. ? 

Elisha E. Smith Family 
Bible 3

According to the Authorized Version by Rev. Ingram Cobbin, Hartford, 1836

The original owner of this Bible was Isaac E. Smith
Owner as of Sept 23, 1964 was Jessie S. Rossi

This information sent to Barbara Smith Buys (Mrs. Douglas C.), Sunset Hill, Fishkill, NY by Mrs. Chalmers, Regent of On-ti-Ora Chapter, DAR.

Information below is exactly as sent many years before by Mrs. Rossi to Mrs. Buys’ mother when Mrs. Buys joined the CAR in Poughkeepsie on lineage from Elisha E. Smith. 


Elisha E. Smith              May 18, 1754
Rachel Hughson, his wife      April 2, 1758 


Phebe, our daughter, born in Carmel, Putnam Co, NY      1777
Mary, our daughter, born                                                        1778
Susan, our daughter, born                                                       1780
Sarah, our daughter, born                              November 10, 1782
Isaac E., our son, born                                         February 7, 1786
Nathaniel, our son, born                                           June 15, 1787
Enos B., our son, born                                    November 25, 1790
Jesse E., our son, born                                           January 4, 1794
Elisha E., our son, born                                  November 12, 1797
James S. Corey, born                                       November 12, 1772
John E. Powell, born                                            October 12, 1781
Judah Winn Smith, born                                              May 2, 1789
Betsey Cobb Smith, born                                             May 9, 1792
Prudence Rundell Smith Livingston, born   December 22, 1789
Nancy Nicholas Smith, born                             November 4, 1796
Maria Eliza Corey Smith, born                                    June 1, 1796
John S. Herrick                                                               1760 (1762?)
Mary Ann Green Smith, born                                      May 2, 1796
Elizabeth Halsted Smith, born                                                 1795


Enos B. Smith                                                     December 29, 1837
Rachel H. Smith                                                     October 18, 1848
Elisha E. Smith                                                             June 26, 1849
Phebe S. Corey                                                     February 14, 1853
Isaac E. Smith                                                            March 26, 1853
Sarah S. Powell                                                       August 25, 1857
Nathaniel Smith                                                      August 14, 1866
Susan S. Livingston                                                               (Blank)
Mary Jane Herrick                                                                      1870
Elisha E. Smith                                                  November 23, 1877
Jesse E. Smith                                                         October 14, 1885
Betsey Cobb Smith (1st wife)                                  March 29, 1827                     
Enos B. Smith, Jr.                                                                    (Blank)
Judah Winn Smith                                                       April 9, 1861                                       

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