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Elizabeth Clough Family

Copy of original Bible located in the Clough Family File at the Vedder Memorial Library
Inside cover of Bible has the following inscription: Elizabeth Clough's Bible 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Isaac Clough and Harriett Wells where married September 15, 1832
Alfred Clough and Elizabeth Spoor were married October 20, 1858
Harvey Brown and Harriett Ann Clough were married December 15, 1863
Franklin Clough and Juliett Clough were married June 7, 1865
Clarence L. Palmer and Elmina Clough were married March 16, 1870

Elizabeth Spoor born September 1st, 1829
Alfred Clough  born October 16, 1833
Addie Clough born July 17, 1860
Isaac Clough born March 8, 1807
Harriett Wells born December 23, 1812
Alfred Clough born October 16, 1833
Adaline Clough born March 6, 1836
Harriett Ann Clough born February 10, 1843
Juliett Clough born November 26, 1845
Elmina Clough born June 19, 1852

Adaline Clough died September 27th, 1857, aged 21-6-21
Harriett Clough died October 10th 1862, aged 49-9-17
Isaac Clough died April 24th, 1864, aged 57-1-16
Mrs. Elmina Palmer died September 20, 1876, aged 24y3m1d
Clarence L. Palmer died October 13, 1877 (possibly 1879), aged 32y10m6d
Elizabeth Spoor, w/o Alfred Clough died November 19, 1892, aged 63y2m18d
Alfred Clough died December 26, 1894, aged 61y
Christina Spoor died January 9, 1895
Addie Clough, w/o John Adams, died March 21, 1917
John Adams died December 19, 1919

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