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Emily Mackey's
Hair Book

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Scan of the page with William and Elizabeth Mackey's Hair.

One of the wreaths was hair that belonged to Ruth Mackey - she and her husband, Abram Felter, are buried in Greeneville Cemetery.  The booklet belonged to her sister, Emily.

Emily Mackeys  Hair Book (b. 6 May 1813; d. 28 April 1900; m. George Turner).  The booklet was hand-stitched together from sheets of paper, folded down the middle and stitched by hand.

Note: All of the hair locks were braided into wreaths and tied with a ribbon.  All of them are a medium to dark brown unless otherwise noted.  A number of Mackeys origins are in Greene County (Athens, Cairo, Greeneville, Coxsackie) and environs

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