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Ephraim Coe
Family Bible


Family bible located at T's Auction House in Cairo, who allowed copies to be made
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Published in 1842

Inscribed in front cover: Eunice M. Coe, Durham 1845


Ephraim Coe was married to Mary Cooley February 20th 1817
Wm. H. Stitt was married to Eunice M. Coe November 27th 1860
Justus Miller was married to Sarah E. Coe October 26th 1862
Alanson Lord was married to Eliza A. Coe December 4th 1864
Robert V. Mackey was married to Nancy C. Coe June 23rd 1869
Kirtland B. Coe was married to Rhoda Ann Vermillye May 23, 1870
Kirtland B. Coe was married to Mrs. Miranda L. Russ September 19th 1886
Hegpie Robert Mackey was married to Tallie B. Seymour November 14, 1891


Ephraim Coe was born September 25, 1788
Mary Cooley was born May 7th 1792
Mary Anne and Mariett were born November 28th 1819
Eliza Amelia was born December 1st 1821
Benjamin Kirtland was born May 7th 1824
Eunice Martha was born May 7th 1829
Sarah Elvira was born May 21st 1834
Nancy Cordelia was born April 7th 1839
John Coe Miller born April 21, 1865
Robert Justus Miller born May 16th 1870
Hegpie Robert Mackey born August 20th 1870
Delancy R. Coe born July 1871
Myrtle Eva Mackey born September 4th 1892


Mary Ann Coe died October 11th 1821
Ephraim Coe died August 3rd 1859
Wm. H. Stitt died December 3rd 1861
Mary Coe died August 16, 1874
Justus Miller died September 30 1885
Alanson Lord died July 23rd 1875
Kirtland Coe died May 2d 1897
Miranda Coe died September 5th 1898
Rhoda Ann Coe died January 3rd 1885
Robert V. Mackey died July 6th 1893
Mariett Coe died February 21st 1901
Eliza Amelia Coe died February 27th 1901
Saraeh Elvira Coe died March 13, 1905
Eunice Martha Coe died May 1st 1908

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