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Everett J. Searing Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Merry Christmas from a Friend, December 25, 1895


Almerin Searing and Sophia Kerr
Everett Searing and Nettie Jones, m. December 25, 1896
Louis Searing and Leona Deane, m. May 15, 1930
Fred Searing and Marion Warner, m. April 14, 1938


Almerin Searing, b. October 1, 1835
Everett J. Searing, b. September 29, 1870, s/o Almerin and Sophia
Nettie Jones, b. February 2, 1879, w/o Everett J. Searing
Louis S. Searing, b. March 18, 1902, s/o Everett and Nettie Searing
Ada E. Searing, b. December 6, 1906, d/o Leverett and Nettie Searing
Ellen C. (no dates), d/o Leverett and Nettie Searing
Fred J. Searing, b. August 7, 1912, s/o Leverett and Nettie Searing
Leona Deane, b. July 20, 1907, w/o Louis Searing
Marian Warner, no dates, w/o Fred Searing
Louis Frederick Searing, b. September 30, 1943
Patricia Ann Searing, b. February 28, 1945


Almerin Searing, d. March 16, 1891
Sophia Kerr, d. April 18, 1896
Everett J. Searing, d. June 4, 1948, s/o Almerin and Sophia Searing
Ada E. Searing, d. June 20, 1936, d/o Leverett and Nettie Searing

Handwritten note in the bible:
Amos Searing, b. November 19, 1796
Abigail Searing, b. December 28, 1802
Ruth Searing, b. February 12, 1824
James B. Searing, b. July 3, 1826
Aravesta N. Searing, b. March 30, 1829
Amos S. Searing, b. January 27, 1832
Almira Searing, b. October 1, 1835, d. March 16, 1891
William S. Searing, b. August 26, 1838
Richard B. Searing, b. January 26, 1842

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