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Ferris Family Bible

Contributed by Annette Campbell

Family Record from the Family Bible of Laura Ann (ANDRUS) Ferris


John D. Ferris married Marbray Annette Brandow   Dec 25, 1861
Luther J. Ferris married Helen Overhiser   Nov 8, 1865
Susan M. Ferris and John Griswold were married   June 29, 1865
Catherine. L. Ferris and Isaac V. Wheaton were married  Mar. 13 1867
Susan M. Ferris Griswold married Loyd Hyler  May 30, 1878
Fannie Ann Wheaton married Charles P. Collier   1883
Alida Mae Wheaton married Elmer Walker   Dec. 4, 1895
Grace Maude Wheaton married Wilson Ross, Jr.   March 1904
Raymond C. Wheaton  married Edith Miller   Sep. 15, 1909
Alida Wheaton Walker married Wm. Varnes   Jul 3, 1914
Lela Belle Wheaton  married Richard Jackson Horton   Dec. 28, 1915
Raymond C. Wheaton married Margaret Palmer Chatfield  Dec. 1933
Howard L. Wheaton married Betty Hackett/Hacker about Christmas
time 1947 near Chicago, IL

Family of Tryntje Bogardus and John Ferris who were married at the Presbyterian Church at Greeneville, Greene Co, NY

Gilbert Ferris   born 12th Aug 1801
Mary Ferris  born December 8th  1803
Phebe Ferris  born June 7th 1807
Jacob Ferris  born September 21st 1808
Luany Ferris   born October 6th  1813
Henry Ferris   born November 7th 1815
Record of the family of Henry and Laura Ann Ferris
Henry Ferris  born November 7th, 1815
Laura Ann Ferris   born May 30th 1816 
John D. Ferris  born January 20th 1840
Charles A. Ferris   born  September 13th 1842
Luther J. Ferris   born June 15th 1844
Susan M. Ferris  born November 12th 1847
Catherine L. Ferris  born December 17th 1850


Family of Isaac V. and Catherine L. Wheaton, married March 13, 1867
Fannie Ann Wheaton  born March 4, 1868
Alida Mae Wheaton  born November 28, 1878
Grace Maud Wheaton   born August 3, 1885
Raymond C. Wheaton   born July 14, 1889
Lela Belle Wheaton  born May 24m 1891

Luther J. Ferris   born June 15, 1844
Helen E. Ferris  born March 11, 1848
Howard L. Wheaton born Aug. 3, 1925 son of  Raymond and Edith Wheaton

Laura Ann Ferris   died December 19, 1876
Henry Ferris   died June, 1900
Marbray Annette Ferris   died 3 November, 1910
Helen Ferris  died September 4, 1915
John Griswold  died March 31st, 1874
Charles A. Ferris   died December 15th, 1842
Grace Maud Ross died  April 24, 1920
John  D. Ferris   died January 4, 1924
Fannie Ann Collier  died May 28, 1924
Isaac V. Wheaton  died April 8, 1925
Luther J. Ferris   died December 15, 1926
Catherine Lucinda Wheaton  died June 19, 1930
Alida Wheaton Walker Varnes   died January 19, 1950
Ray C. Wheaton  died December 19, 1961
Lela B. Horton  died 21 May 1966

             History of the Ferris Family by Lela Belle Horton

Of  my grandfather, Henry Ferris, I heard a great deal about his parents, etc. Tryntje Bogardus (daughter of Jacob Bogardus-AC) married John Ferris in the Presbyterian Church at Greenville, NY. They lived there until their second child was born, Dec. 8, 1803. He was about 12 years old when they moved to Yates Co, NY near Benton.  They moved to Bath, Steuben Co, NY in 1822.  I saw Mary Ferris about 1902 when I was eleven years old, and she died soon after, at nearly 100 years old. She told my brother Raymond, me, and one of her grandchildren about it. She was capable of caring for her own room and dressing herself, and to us children, her mind seemed clear. I have her picture, with a kerchief around her neck, taken about that time.

She said when they got to where Bath, NY now is, they built a log cabin, as it was all large timber then. At first, they had only greased paper for windows, but soon got glass enough for windows. She said the Indians would look in the window and say "how", as they had heard the white men saying "How do you do".

Henry Ferris and his sister, Phebe, who married Dave Thomas, bought two farms of the Land Grant at Bath, NY, located on Lent Hill, three miles from Cohocton, NY. They were so connected in the deed, that if either one failed to make payments, the Land office at Bath could take both farms. They cleared them from Virgin timber, and put up log buildings, and each had several children. Henry Ferris was making his payments, but Dave Thomas moved out in the night, and Henry Ferris was saddled with both farms, and nearly lost both, as his children were young and his wife Laura Ann was by that time an invalid, which she remained to their death at an age of sixty two.  He weathered the crisis with hard work, and later owed just eight hundred dollars, which he's about to pay, as he had marketed eight hundred bushels of grain to a dealer in Cohocton.  When the grain was all hauled, he asked the dealer for his pay, the dealer had taken out bankruptcy, and would not even trust Henry to a pound of tea. Again he thought he would loose his farms. But, he was an honest, hard working man, so his credit was good and he was allowed time to pay it. He kept it until about 1883 or 1884, when he sold it, and retired to Bloomerville, near Wallace, NY, where he lived next to his daughter, Susan Hyler, in a small house. She helped and did many things for him like baking his bread, washing clothes etc. Henry died in an accident in Jun 1900 and is buried in Avoca, NY beside his wife Laura Ann.

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