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The Covenant

In the village of Durham, town of Durham, Greene County NY
Transcribed by the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society , NYC Sept. 1920
Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh

Copied from LDS film # 0533499

 Transcribed by Jackie Towner

And now confessing all your sins & looking to the blood of Jesus for cleansing, you do in the presence of the Everlasting God, his holy angels & the church, solemnly avouch the Lord Jehovah to be your God, Jesus Christ your Saviour & the Holy Ghost your Sanctifier.

You engage throí Godís grace that denying all ungodliness & every worldly lust you will walk soberly, righteously & godly in this present world. You sincerely dedicate yourself to the source of Christ in this his church faithfully covenanting that you will walk honestly & orderly  with us in all the ordinances & institutions of the gospel & that you will submit yourself to the discipline & watch of the church of Christ in this place so long as God in his providence shall continue you among us.

Thus you promise.


Christopher Lord, Daniel Merwin, Lemuel Hotchkiss, Ichabod Scranton, Jairus Chittenden, John Hull, Eliakam Strong, Joseph Hart: who was chosen Deacon, Augustus Pratt

The proceeding articles were signed, the Doctrine of Faith assented to, & covenant entered into by the persons whose names stand as signers on Thurs. Nov  8th 1792. And a sermon preached from Solomonís Long Chapter 6, verse 10th & Christopher Lord was chosen as a clerk of the church. The above was performed under the direction & in the presence of Rev. Beriah Hotchkin, minister of the Gospel in Freehold & minister of the association of the Eastern District of New Haven, Connecticut. Nov 1792. Voted: That those members, that in full communion & regular standing with other churches & reside with us, may if they desire to join with us & act & partake of the ordinances, yet are desired to bring forth certificates of their standing by next spring.

Jan 13th 1793 There were received upon their certificates:

  1. Patience, wife of Deacon Christopher Lord
  2. John Canfield
  3. Penelope, wife of Lemuel Hotchkiss
  4. Benjamin Bidwell 
  5. & wife
  6. Rebekah, wife of Jairus Chittenden
  7. Rachel, wife of Ichabod Scranton
  8. Sarah, wife of John Hull
  9. Silas Hull
  10. Eunice, his wife
  11. Easther, wife of Augustus Pratt
  12. Martha, the wife of Linus Hopson
  13. Daniel Kirtland &     
  14. Lovisa, his wife
  15. Dan Cornwall &
  16. his wife
  17. William Gilbert Kirtland &
  18. Sarah, his wife
  19. Bela Strong
  20. Daniel Hubbard &
  21. his wife, Eunice
  22. Phineas Canfield
  23. Asa Tryon &
  24. Esther, his wife
  25. Ezra Chalker &
  26. his wife, Deborah
  27. Billy Buckley &
  28. his wife, Mary
  29. Esther, the wife of Calvin Hubbard
  30. Christopher Post &
  31. his wife, Julia
  32. Benjamin Chapman &
  33. Lydia, his wife
  34. Caleb Chapman &
  35. his wife
  36. Levi Griswold
  37. Desire, wife of Phillip Goff

    September 1794
  38. Linus Hopson
  39. Theodore Morgan &
  40. his wife
  41. Hezekiah Whittlesey &
  42. his wife
  43. Edward Doty &
  44. his wife, Elizabeth &
  45. Charlotte, wife of Charles Kirtland were admitted by Rev. Mr. Knapp of Canaan, Connecticut

April 15th 1798
46. Jonathan Baldwin &

47. his wife were received by letter from the church in Durham, Connecticut

June 1798

48. Isaac Sears &

49. his wife were received to full communion & fellowship with the church upon their certificates from Joel West, pastor of the Church of Christ in East Hampton, Connecticut.

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