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First Presbyterian Church of Durham

Baptisms 1798-1857

In the village of Durham, town of Durham, Greene County NY
Transcribed by the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society , NYC Sept. 1920
Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh

Copied from LDS film # 0533499

 Transcribed by Jackie Towner

The following is a list of person’s names who were baptized under the pastoral office of Rev. Jesse Townsend





Jul 1st

Dennis and James

Sons of James Baldwin

Jul 19th


Son of Stephen Tibbals


Stephen Denison

Son of Mrs. Plant



Son of Lydia Buckingham

Sept 2nd

Sukey, Sally, Ira, Phildelia, Charity, and Julia

Children of Francis & Mabel Wilcox


Chauncy Brown



Francis Clark



Zra Towsey

Son of Mrs. Percival


George Seymour and Esther

Children of Theodore Morgan

Sept 23rd


Wife of Benjamin Hubbard

Sept 30th

Abner, Rush, Benjamin, James and Eli

Children of Benjamin and Huldah Hubbard



Son of Benjamin Doty




Mar 29th


Son of Benjamin Doty

Mar 31st


Daughter of Elnathan Horton



Daughter of Benjamin Chapman


Edward and Edwin

Sons of Jesse Townsend

Jul 21st

Patience and Sybel

Daughters of Capt. Jonathan Pratt

Jul 28th

Charles, Henry, Dan and Lemuel

Sons of Noah Baldwin



Daughter of Benjamin Chapman


Jesse Townsend

Son of Benjamin Hubbard




May 24th

John, Sarah, Harvey and Lydia

Children of Harvey Peck



Son of Joseph Clark, Jr


Sally Carter and Anne

Daughters of Samuel Cooley



Daughter of Christopher Post


Sarah, Daniel, Ethan and Deborah

Children of Ethan Pratt

Aug 2nd

Peter Stringum
Elizabeth Boughton
Rhoda Chapman
David Cowles
Asenath Cooper
Betsey Griswold
Lucy Boughton
John Newell
Subal Newell

Having made public profession were baptized


Sally and Olive

Daughters of Peter Stringum

Aug 16th

Mary Cowles

Daughter of Samuel & Rhoda Chapman

Aug 23rd

Charlotte, Orrin, David, Abner, Alanson, Norman and Jonathan Bird

Children of David & Eunice Cowles


Betsey, Daniel and Sylvestor

Children of Abraham & Betsey Griswold

Sept 13th

Seth, Silvia, Julia and Andrew

Children of Capt. John Newell

Sept 20th

Lodemia, Ira, Polly and John Cowles

Children of Miles Cooper

Oct 26th

Mary, Eunice, Patte and Nancy

Daughters of Jehiel Cooley

Nov 1st

Emily Langton and Leonard Certes

Children of Leonard Goodrich

Nov 13th

Orrase Boughton



Harriet Marther



Elizabeth Bagley


Dec 6th


Son of Daniel Hubbard. Jr



Son of Asa Tryon




Feb 14th

Selah, Eunice, Lanson

Children of Selah Strong

Apr 11th


Son of Phineas Brown

May 9th


Daughter of Solomon Henderson


Emilia Mariah Gridly

Gr-daughter of old Mrs Gridly


Ann Fuller

Daughter of Rev. Jesse Townsend

May 23rd

Clark and Justis

Sons of Clara Finch


Emma and Reuben

Children of Elihu Moss



Son of James Baldwin

Aug 15th


Son of Leverett Chittendon



Son of Abraham Griswold



Daughter of Calvin Hubbard

Sep 5th


Daughter of Mary Stedman



Son of Abiel Baldwin



Daughter of Harvey Peck


Ezra and Elizabeth

Children of Reuben Bushnell

Sep 26th

John, Pamela, George Stimson, Bellamy, Hannah, Henry Stimson

Children of John Claflin




Jan 9th


Wife of John Brown

Jul 1st


Son of Joseph Hart, Jr



Daughter of James Baldwin

Aug 7th

Joseph Jewell,Jr and Bethiah, his wife



Elizabeth Jewell



Anne, Ebenezer, Elias, Sarah

Children of Joseph Jewell



Son of Joseph Jewell, Jr



Daughter of Christopher Post


Ierah?, Salma, Isaac, Elihu, David, Mary

Children of Isaac Carter

Oct 9th

Josiah Tyler and Hannah, his wife



Sarah and Bartholomew

Children of Josiah Tyler


David, Flavel, John, Lydia

Children Jairus Chittenden, Jr




Oct 7th


Daughter of Lydia Buckingham

Nov 4th

Suannah, Hannah, Elizabeth, John, Theodorus

Children of Theodore Devereux

Nov 25th


Son of Jehiel Cooley




Jan 31st


Son of Ama Tucker

Feb --


Son of Christopher Post


Hannah, Enoch, Joel

Children of Jehiel Judd


Anna May

Daughter of Benjamin Hubbard




Jun 2nd


Son of ___and Ezekial Scot Smith, belonging to household of Samuel Chapman


Daniel Brown

Son of Francis Wilcox



Daughter of Noah Baldwin

Jun 9th

Rebekah Doty, John B, Horace William, Ezra

Children of William Ingram



Son of Josiah Tyler

Sep 7th


Son of Anna Tucker

Oct 5th


Wife of James Richard, a black



Daughter of Christopher Post

Nov 10th

Salmon, Abiram, Chester, Lucy, Augusta, Denis, James

Children of James and Silence Richard, blacks




Mar 22nd

William Joseph

Son of Jason Hotchkiss

May 3rd


Wife of Amaziah Rice


Mary Ann

Daughter of Dr Luther W Hart

Jul 5th


Wife of Salmon Stedman



Wife of Elkanah Percival


Henry Johnston

Son of Patience Champion


Levi Sherman Summers

Son of Mrs Mary Hopson



Daughter of Jehiel Cooley

Sep 20th

Mathias Hall

Son of Leverit Chittenden

Nov 15th


Daughter of Seth Baldwin



Daughter of James Chittenden Jr.




Feb 14th

Miriam Melinda Post

Daughter of Christopher Post

Apr 10th


Son of Enoch Hutchinson


Emily Ann

Daughter of Reuben Bushnell

May 1st

Catherine Cochran

Daughter of Benjamin Chapman



Daughter of Samuel Chapman



Son of Luther Bristol



Daughter of Mrs Huse, member of the church at Cairo

Sep 4th


Wife of Samuel Toles



Wife of Thomas Scovill

Oct 6th

Julia Ruth, Dennis Camp

Children of Newell Day


William, Lydia

Children of Giles Sutton


Almira, Sophia, Henry Lyman, Indiana

Children of (Mrs Clarissa Tates (Toles?)) *


Isaac Bowers

Adopted child of Mrs Clarissa Tates (Toles?)*



A child of Orren Boughton*


* There was a note that these entries may have mistakes, it is possible that the children’s parent was omitted and Isaac Bowers was possibly an adopted child of Mrs Clarissa Tates (Toles?)


Oct 30th

Ira, Penny

Children of Mrs. Rhoda Nowlen


Linus, Betsey, Hiram

Children of Mrs. Experience Scovill



Son of Daniel Hubbard, Jr

Nov 1st

Philo, Solomon Rice, Phebe Rich, Mary Barker, Edward, Eliza, Julia, Charles

Children of Charles and Elizabeth Johnston

Nov 6th

Elkanah Percival

Son of Francis and Mabel Wilcox




Mar 5th

Hepsibah Charlotte

Daughter of Seth Newell

May 7th


Wife of Josiah Gilbert



Wife of Alven Doty



Daughter of Elihu Moss (she became Diantha Scovill)


Lydia, Enos, Davis, Aseneth, Maria

Children of  Jesse and Jerusha Brainard



Daughter of Harvey Peck


Ruth, Eunice, Rosannah, Samuel, Achsah, Cyrus, Bathsheba, Mathew Hubbard

Children of Samuel Scovill

Jul 23rd


Daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth Henderson


Margaret, Eliza, Stephen, Levi, Major, Lucy Ann

Children of Josiah Gilbert


Susannah, Syrene

Children of Wells Finch


Carlos Curtis

Son of Erastus Day


Josiah Hotchkiss

Son of Salmon Stedman

Aug 2nd

Susannah Hannah

Daughter of Thomas Scovill

Aug 9th

Rev Samuel Fuller baptized:   Anson, son of Curtis Baldwin  Ruth, Lavinna, Adah Baldwin; daughters of Constant Bushnell


  Sylvanus Squire son of Sylvanus and Roxana Doolittle




Jan 23rd

Lavina, Beri, Cynthia, Sally

Children of Luther and Hannah Wade, bapt. by  Rev Jesse Townsend



Son of Alven Doty also bapt. By Rev Townsend

Nov 1st

The Pastoral relation of Rev Jesse Townsend to this church was dissolved by an ecclesiastical council called for that purpose


The following a list of persons baptized May 3rd 1810

Charles Johnson

Elkanah Percival

Isaac Terbus Van Tassel

Leveret Bryan

Allen Johnson

Mary, the wife of Eli Paine

Kata, the wife of Joel Chittenden

Betsey, the wife of Samuel Peck

Sally, the wife of John Wright Jr

Abigail Hitchcock

Mary Hedges

Nancy Bryan

Polly Post

Dorothy May

Martin Gates &  Elijah Judson, children of Levi Austin

Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Patty, Riley, Mary Emily, children of Levi Paine and wife, Mary

Jesse Townsend, the child of Samuel Chapman

Henrietta, Deborah, Eliza, Lucy Miranda, Mabel, Fanny, Kate, Juliana, Rebeckah, Almeda, the children of Joel Chittenden

Joseph William, Amaryllis, Dennis, Burnett, Artemis, Anna Andrew, Mary Esther, children of  Joseph Peck

Richard, Eliza, Arvilla, Calvin Bushnell, children of John Chapman

Ursula, Lois, Louise, Asa, children of widow Mary Hitchcock

Lucy, the infant of John Wright Jr

Horace, Clarissa, Daniel, children of Samuel Peck and Betsey, his wife

Pierce Urbane and Betsey, children of  Barnabas & Mabel M Kean

Harlow, Nancy, Julius Tuttle, Stephen Jones, children of Stephen Bushnell

Caroline Louisa, the infant of William & Sally Chapman

Philander, the infant of Silas Sears Fordham Jr

Irena, Polly, Patty, Harmon, Nancy, children of Jared Hitchcock

Teresa, the infant of Nathan & Martha Price

William Porter & Mary Ann, children of Lenthel & Nancy Wells

Lord’s Day Feb 12th 1810

Sophronia, daughter of Seth Baldwin was baptized

Lord’s Day May 15th 1810

Diana the servant of Dr Luther & Sibyl Hart was baptized

It isn’t clear if the following baptisms were performed on the preceding date or are a continuation of the May 3rd baptisms

Linus, the infant of Constant Bushnell

Silas, Lyman, Josiah, Cynthia, children of Eliakim Stannard

Justin, Jared, children of Silas S Fordham and George Fordham, his adopted child

Bathsheba, daughter of Josiah Gilbert

The following six entries predates the preceding ones



Jan 7th

Collins Barker, infant of Charles Johnson


Emeline, infant of Leveritt Chittenden in the mo. of Feb.


Mary Ann, daughter of Giles Sutton


Eliza, daughter of Nathaniel K Doty


James, Albert Bennet, Eliza Ann, Adelia Ann, children of Sister Ruby Austin


George, child of Sister Margaret Farmer

Jul 8th

Charles Stewart Hitchcock, adult


Ruby, wife of James Austin, adult


Polly, wife of Lyman Westover, adult


Polly Tryon, adult


Abigail Cornwall, adult


Ransom Fellows, Frederick Holmes, Nelson Hall, sons of Sister Polly Westover

Aug 26th

Israel Merwin, son of Jehiel Cooley

Sep 2nd

Samuel, Eleazer Miller, Stephen, Denison, Temperance Amanda, Abigail Melinda, children of Sister Amanda Hedges

Nov 18th

Not clear if some of the above were baptized on this date or if the date was entered in error

Sep 9th

Thomas Starkey, Richard, Joseph, William, Friend, Eliza, Susan, Elisha Harris, children of Richard Tryon


Erastus Jonathan, Rhoda Electa, Deborah, children of Sister Betsey Ingraham


Horace, Richard (Edward?) Tryon, children of Sister Ama Tucker

Sep 23rd

Mary Ann, daughter of Jason Hotchkiss

Oct 21st

Mira Angeline, daughter of Christopher Post

Nov 4th

Alanson, son of Sister Ruby Austin

Dec 2nd

Seymour, son of Luther Bristol

Dec 27th

Jehiel Wilson, son of Sister Clarissa Toles


John Dana, son of Seth Newell



Jan 6th

Chauncey Down, son of Sister Martha Price


Edward Madison, son of Sister Hannah Daley

Jan 27th

Clarissa, daughter of John Chapman

Feb 24th

Isabella, daughter of Sister Mary Campbell

Mar 3rd

William, son of Harvey and Lydia Peck

Mar 10th

David, son of Josiah and Hannah Tyler

Mar 31st

Alexander Price, son of Thomas Gray

Apr 21st

Thomas, son of Sister Margaret Farmer (deceased)

Apr 24th

Moriah Sybil, daughter of Samuel Scovil

May 5th

Justin, son of Elihu Moss (went to Jewett)


Jennett Maria, daughter of Asa Tryon

May 26th

Pierce Roscoe, son of Joel Chittendon 
grandfather of Joel Chittendon down street


Thomas Barker, son of Silas S Fordham, Jr

Jun 2nd

Delia Selden, daughter of Sister Sybil Hart

May 20th

Sarah, Betsey, Lucretia, daughters of Fowler Bryan

Jun 9th

Hannah, daughter of Stephen Tibbels

Jun 23rd

Betsey Catherine, daughter of Sister Sarah Root (afterward the wife of Erastus Peck)

Jul 7th

Walter, son of Walter Field (deceased)

Jul 22nd

Reubel Morse, son of Elias (Elam?) Finch, Jr

Aug 18th

Ethel Plant, an adopted son of Sister Hannah Plant


Nelson Clark, son of Sister Sally Chapman

Aug 25th

Sherman Wooding, son of William Scovil

Sep 29th

Sylvester, son of Sister Experience Scovil

  Phebe, daughter of Alvan Doty

Oct 27th

Chauncey Carter, son of Samuel Cooley

Nov 3rd

Mary, daughter of Joseph Jewell


Newton Franklin, son of Luther Hays

Dec 22nd

Calvin Lattimore, son of Sister Mary Hopson



Jan 5th

Andrew Kelsey, son of Constant Bushnell

Jan 12th

Porter Hall, son of Seth Baldwin (deceased)

Mar 1st

Philo, son of Erastus Day (deceased)

Mar 8th

Jason, son of Jason Hotchkiss (deceased)


Plum Cordelia, daughter of Sister Holly Wright (deceased)

Apr 26th

Daniel, son of William Ingraham

May 31st

George Kirtland, son of Walter Field (deceased)(lived in Galesburg MI in 1872)

Jun 5th

Caroline, daughter of Sister Harriett Peck 

Jul 5th

Charlotte Elliot, daughter of Sister Nancy Fells (deceased)

Jul 19th

Jack, Phebe, Judah, children of Sister Susannah, a maid servant of Augustianes Slue (Shue?)

Jul 26th

Sybil Angeline, daughter of Seth Newell

Jul 30th

Isaiah, son of Sister Jerusha Brainard

Aug 20th

Leonidas, son of Nathaniel K Doty

Sep 13th

Sally Ann, daughter of Elizur Hull (wife of Luther Darling and sister of J G Borthwick

Sep 27th

 Ann, daughter of Sister Ruby Austin (deceased)

Nov 1st

William, son of Sister Mary Campbel

Nov 8th

William, son of Noah Baldwin (deceased)

Nov 22nd

Anna Tuttle, daughter of Samuel Chapman



Mar 7th

Jemima, wife of Samuel Lee


Samuel Sanford, son of Sister Betsey Peck, Feb 15th 1813


Thomas Scott, son of Thomas Gray

Apr 11th

Mary Anne, daughter of Samuel Scovil

May 6th

Jason, son of Thomas Hitchcock

Jul 11th

Hannah, daughter of Richard Tryon


Angeline, daughter of Sister Clarissa Chapman and posthumous child of John Chapman

Jul 18th

Mary Ann, daughter of Josiah Tyler

Nov 7th

Esther Burnham, an adult


Julia Ann, daughter of Sister Harriet Peck


Eleanor Porter, daughter of Sister Mary Hopson

Dec 5th

Fowler Bryan, son of Chauncey Baldwin (died Jan 1st 1814)



Jan 2nd

George Sayres, son of Silas S Fordham, Jr


Russel Green, son of Sister Clarissa Toles

Jan 23rd

Harriet Loisa, daughter of Luther Hays

Mar 11th

Jason, son of Jason Hotchkiss (died Mar 13th 1814)

Apr 3rd

James Bennet, son of Sister Margaret Farmer

May 1st

Phebe Ann, daughter of Seth Baldwin (Phebe Ann died Apr 1 1856 at Coldwater MI)

May 13th

Sheldon Parks, son of Josiah Gilbert


Simeon Coe, son of Abiel Baldwin, Jr (and one of the best Christian men)

May 22nd

Mariet, daughter of Harvey Peck

Jun 5th

Ann Maria, daughter of Sister Ruby Austin


Clarissa Selden, daughter of Sister Sybil Hart


A note was inserted in transcription that indicated “that certain memoranda have been inserted in the record beside some of the names” “these memoranda are not contemporaneous with the record” A comparison of handwriting revealed the person who added memoranda was the “venerable Elder Mr J G Borthwick” who was still clerk of the session in 1920, after sixty years service as an elder in the church.

Sep 9th

Ebenezer, son of Giles Sutton

Jul 10th

Stephen Johnson, son of Thomas Hitchcock

Sep 4th

Nancy, daughter of Noah Baldwin


Newell, son of Erastus Day


William Clark, son of Daniel Hubbard, Jr

Sep 9th

Rachel, daughter of Nathaniel K Doty

Sep 18th

John Abbot, son of Betsey Baker

Sep 25th

Mary Rachel, daughter of Alfred Norton

Oct 2nd

Mary Ann, daughter of Abiel Baldwin, Jr


Sarah Corintha, daughter of Constant Bushnell

Oct 30th

Sylvester Elden, son of Leverett Bryan



Jan 1st

Silva, daughter of Sister Julia Doty

Jan 22nd

Sarah, daughter of Lemuel Hitchcock, Jr


Eunice, daughter of Elizur Hull, (wife of Edmund Pratt, mother of Rev. Elizur H Pratt)

Apr 4th

Eliza, daughter of Thomas Gray

May 7th

Joseph Alvez, son of Josiah Tyler

May 14th

George Dorrance, son of Sylvester Baldwin (deceased)


Temperance Amanda, daughter of Sister Sally Wright

May 28th

Daniel Edgerton, son of Sister Betsey Baker

Jun 5th

Amaryllas, daughter of Elihu Morse

Jun 18th

George Kirtland, son of Walter Field


Caroline, daughter of Sister Rachel Baldwin (deceased)

Jul 2nd

Julia Ann, daughter of Josiah Dutcher


Adelia, daughter of Sister Mary Campbel

Sep 3rd

Lovice, daughter of Chauncey Baldwin

Sep 29th

Ebenezer Booth, son of Josiah Gilbert


_________, the infant of Alvan Doty


________, _________, children of William Scovil



Jan 7th

Thomas Gray, son of Sister Margaret Farmer


Sukey Amelia, daughter of Sister Sally Chapman

Feb 2nd

Sylvester, Polly, Lyman, Bela, Linus, Julia, children of Sister Amy Monger


Abram, Daniel, Eli Everts, sons of Daniel White

Mar 3rd

Harriet, daughter of Seth Baldwin

Apr 28th

Parnell, daughter of William Ingraham

May 19th

Margaret, daughter of Jason Hotchkiss

Jul 7th

Desire Burnham, an adult

Aug 18th

Eunice, daughter of Thomas Hitchcock

Sep 8th

Polly Ann, daughter of Levi Austin



Sep 22nd

Father of Austin Hull and brother of Sally, Eunice, Lyman. David &c.      John, a son of Elizur Hull

Nov 24th

Elizabeth, a daughter of Silas S Fordham, Jr

Dec 8th

William Baldwin, Luther Hays’ son



Jan 26th

Julia, daughter of Sister Mary Campbel


Loisa, daughter of Allen Johnson

Apr 13th

Selina, daughter of Sister Ann Pratt

May 11th

Harriet Selina, daughter of Charles S Hitchcock

Jul 13th

Edwin, son of Elizabeth Wells

Jul 20th

Silvia Ann, Asa Chapman, Sylvester William, children of Sister Esther Hitchcock

Oct 5th

Sally Eliza, daughter of Sister Sarah Root (became wife of Schuyler Coe

Nov 13th

Lemuel Baldwin, son of Lemuel Hitchcock

  Hezekiah, a son of Noah Baldwin

Nov 16th

Nancy Maria, Richard, Henry, Mary Ann, James Lord, Martha Almira, children of Richard Kirtland



May 3rd

Addison, son of Josiah Dutcher

May 10th

Linus French, son of Sister Mary Hopson


Caroline, daughter of Jeremiah Plank

May 24th

Eliza, daughter of Sister Baker

Jul 26th

Caroline, daughter of Jason Hotchkiss

Aug 9th

Calvin Edwards, son of Thomas Gray (deceased)

Aug 23rd

Catherine, daughter of Sister Mary Farmer


Hezekiah Baldwin ( ‘Ki’ Tibbals), son of Stephen Tibbals (deceased)

Sep 6th

Francis Perry and Gertrude Percival Ames, adopted children of Elkanah Percival

Oct 11th

Addison, son of Sister Anna Pratt

Nov 22nd

Mary, daughter of Sister Mary Campbel



May 16th

Horace Addison, son of Luther Hays (Addison H Hays)

May 20th

Emma Crane an adult

Jun 6th

Mabel Jones, daughter of Dennis Baldwin


William, son of Sister Loisa Chapman

Jun 13th

Delia, daughter of Seth Baldwin

Jun 20th

Roxana Lorinda, daughter of Sister Sarah Root

Jun 28th

Minerva Agusta, daughter of Sister Hannah Daley (wife of a Chamberlain, mother of Dele)

Sep 19th

Betsey, daughter of Deacon Noah Baldwin


Daniel Platt, Eliza, (deceased), Frederick William, Juliana, Amelia Caroline, Horace B Kirtland (knew him well), Dorrance, children of Brother Daniel Kirtland, Jr

Sep 26th

Esther Eliza, daughter of Sister Esther Hitchcock



Mar 5th

Mary, daughter of James Baldwin, Jr


Marian (deceased), Mariett, twin children of Ephraim Coe

Apr 9th

Eliphaz, son of Sister Louisa  Chapman

Apr 13th

Ann, a servant child of Rev. S Williston

Apr 23rd

Silas, son of Silas S Fordham

Jun 11th

Anson Newel, son of Lemuel Hitchcock, Jr

Jul 9th

Olive, daughter of Josiah Dutcher

Sep 3rd

William Julius, Nancy Emeline, Sheldon Shears, Sally Miranda, children of Sister Polly Shuefelt

Sep 17th

Sally Callista, daughter of John Wright, Jr

Nov 19th

 Charlotte Selden, daughter of Sister Sybil Hart

Dec 24th

Rachel, daughter of Charles S Hitchcock



Feb 12th

Erastus, Rueben, Williston, the three youngest children of Joseph Peck

Mar 7th

Juliette, Juliann, twin children of Samuel Chapman


Thomas Newton, son of Samuel Bayley

Apr 26th

William, son of Jeremiah Plank

May 8th

James William, Eliza Ann, Abel, Mary Lucinda, George Percival, children of Sister Mary Avery

May 24th

Alanson Camp, son of Alanson Cowles (A C Cowles, lawyer, Durham)

Jun 3rd

John, son of Thomas Gray


Zilpha Vestina, daughter of Luther Hays (Tina Hays)

Jun 27th

Ashbel Barnard, son of Allen Johnson

Jul 22nd

Sarah Ann, daughter of Thomas Hitchcock


John Price, son of Sister Mary Campbel


William, son of Sister Margaret Farmer

Sep 23rd

Lyman Alanson, son of Elizur Hull (Lyman A Hull)

Sep 30th

Rebecca Mehitabel, daughter of Lervett Chittendon

Oct 14th

Eleanor Elizabeth, daughter of Sister Louisa Chapman

Oct 21st

Benjamin Chapman, son of Dennis Baldwin, Jr

  Elihu Jones, son of James Baldwin Jr.



Feb 3rd

Caroline Adelia, daughter of Asa Tryon, Jr

Feb 10th

Eliza Amelia, daughter of Ephraim Coe

Mar 17th

Elizabeth, Clarissa, Silas Sayre, Mary Maria, Caroline, John,  children of Daniel Denton

May 12th

Nancy Adelia, daughter of Sister Elizabeth Hull (daughter of Luman Hull)

Jun 30th

Ann, daughter of Josiah Dutcher


William Washington (deceased), Phinehas, Sarah Cornelia (deceased) , children of Sister Cornelia Tyler

Jul 7th

John, son of Lemuel Hitchcock, Jr


Salmon Lansing, son of Sister Amelia Strong

Jul 27th

Edwin (died), Harvey Orville, Judson Hall,  children of Harvey Chittendon

Aug 4th

Erwin, Sophronia, David Porter, Nancy, the household of David Cowles, Jr

Oct 6th

Joseph, son of Sister Sybil Hart (deceased)


Mary Chapman, daughter of Sister Edith Hitchcock

Dec 1st

Almira, daughter of Lyman Strong (died)


Anson Peleg, son of Sister Elizabeth Hull (Anson P Hull, son of Luman Hull)



Feb 2nd

 Hannah, a daughter of Deacon Noah Baldwin

Jun 8th

Samuel Newell, Harriett Nancy, twin children of John Wright, Jr


Laura Eugene, daughter of Sister Mary Avery

Aug 17th

Ralph, a son of Sister Mary Campbel


Ralph Campbel

Sep 28th

George, Frances Ann,  children of Sister Esther Johnson


Lucina Tuttle, daughter of Sister Maria Hitchcock

Oct 31st

Edward William, son of William Whittlesey

Dec 4th

Fanny, Ursulla, Angelina, Polly Caroline, Milton Nathaniel, John, children of Isaac Sears, Jr



Feb 1st

Harriett Elizabeth, daughter of Asa Tryon, Jr

Mar 7th

Augustus Johnson, son of Sister Lucy Goff


Elizabeth, daughter of Lyman Strong (dead)

Mar 14th

Eunice, daughter of Sister Amelia Strong

Apr 18th

Harriett Lydia, daughter of Sister Louisa Chapman

Apr 30th

John Barker, son of Jason Hotchkiss

May 2nd

Franklin, son of Seth Baldwin


Lucy Ann, daughter of Isaac Sears, Jr


David Baldwin, son of son of Elizur Hull (David B Hull)

Jul 2nd

Juliann, daughter of Sister Anna Pratt

Jul 4th

Mary Ann, daughter of Sister Polly Shuefelt

Jul 11th

Mary, a daughter of Dennis Baldwin

Jul 18th

Benjamin Kirtland, son of Ephraim Coe (Kirt Coe)

Sep 5th

Lucy Hart, daughter of Sister Charlotte Dudley


John Milton, son of Daniel Denton

Sep 12th

Catherine, daughter of James Baldwin, Jr

Nov 14th

Alexander Bennet, son of Sister Mary Campbel



Jan 23rd

Louisa, daughter of Harvey Chittendon (wife of Lyman A Hull)

Mar 6th

Mark, son of Sister Delia Ramsey (wife of Anson P Hull)

Sep 2nd

Irene Amelia, daughter of David Cowles, Jr


Elizabeth Imogene, daughter of Philo Burnham

Sep 4th

Sarah Maria, daughter of Philo Burnham

Oct 2nd

Horace, son of Lyman Strong (deceased)

Oct 16th

Gilbert Brown, son of Sister Cynthia Whittlesey



Jun 18th

Cornelia, daughter of Sister Cornelia Tyler

Jul 20th

Charlotte, daughter of Sister Mary Avery

Sep 1st

Ralph Norton, son of David Hotchkiss

Nov 19th

Stephen Tryon, son of Sister Esther Hitchcock



Feb 18th

Cynthia, daughter of James Baldwin, Jr

Feb 26th

Addison, son of Sister Delia Ramsey

May 13th

Harriett, (Harriett Strong) daughter of Lyman Strong

Oct 21st

Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Sister Elizabeth Hull (married a Mr. Pratt, lived in New Milford PA)



Jul 6th

Adelia, daughter of Sister Polly Shuefelt

Aug 3rd

Mary, daughter of Charles S Hitchcock

Aug 24th

John, son of Sister Delia Ramsey

Oct 31st

Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Tibbals

Nov 9th

Elizabeth Rice, David, children of Sister Phebe Cowles


Elias, son of Zina Whittlesey (Dr Whittlesey)



Jan 2nd

Eliza, daughter of David Cowles (wife of David B Hull, now at Salina KS)

Feb 26th

Horace Newton, son of Sister Phebe Humiston


Rhoda, daughter of James Baldwin, Jr

Feb 28th

_______, daughter of Samuel Tibbels

Jul 5th

Horace, son of Lyman Strong (Horace Strong)



May 2nd

Almira, daughter of Elizur Hull

Sept 3 Louisa. daughter of sister Elizabeth Hull (Louisa Jackson)

Oct 3rd

Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Rev Jonathan Cone

Oct 10th

Mary, daughter of Zina Whittlesey

Nov 6th

_______, daughter of Samuel Tibbels


_______, infant of Cyrus French



Sep 4th

Judson (deceased), Grosevenor, Alonza, Caroline Frances, Sicelia, children of Jacob Garrett


Elizabeth, Fanny Caroline, children of Herman Hitchcock


Mary Eliza, Dwight Henry, children of Henry A Cooley


Francis, daughter of Sister Clarissa Adams


Sarah Ann, daughter of Abner Cowles




Mary Eliza, Dwight Henry, children of Henry Cooley & wife


Sarah Ann, daughter of Abner Cowles & wife


(Dwight was born Sep 5 1831. Dwight Parsons, son of Elizur Hull & wife. Dwight P Hull, an excellent man)


Giles Butler, Guy Kimble, Gleason Edgar, children of John Cleveland & wife



Apr 29th

Elizabeth Tryon, grandchild of R Tryon & wife

Jul 1st

Lewis, William, Joseph, Horace, children of Lemuel Baldwin & wife


Elizabeth Nancy, daughter of Elizur Hull (wife of J G Borthwick, must have been baptized about this time or later)


Frances, daughter of Stephen Cowles & wife



Apr __

Martha Ann, daughter of John C Peck & wife

May 6th

Electus Abijah, son of Abijah Pratt & wife


Willard Parker, son of Dr J H Stedman & wife

Sep 1st

Henrietta, daughter of Palmer Post & wife


Catherine Emaugene, daughter of Mrs. Elmendorf (deceased)

Aug 3rd

Lyndia, daughter of William Post & wife


Horace Newton, son of Joel Hays & wife



Jan 5th

Hamilton Van Dyke, son of Newton Hayes & wife


Charles Albertus, son of Daniel Simmons & wife

May 25th

Henry Bernard, son of Bernard Bagley & wife

Aug 21st

George, son of Zina Whittlesey & wife (on a sickbed)

Sep 2nd

Israel Brown & wife, Eleanor       adult


Emily Potter                                adult


Ebenezer Calkins                        adult


Margaret, James, George, Garfield, children of Israel Brown & wife

Oct  __

George, infant son of Z Whittlesey & wife



Mar 1st

Emily Strong, daughter of Elizur Hull & wife (wife of A C Cowles, Esq.)


Emily, daughter of John Peck & wife

Jul 5th

Frances Mary, daughter of Cooper Sayer & wife


Wellington, son of Cooper Sayer & wife

Sep 8th

Mary, daughter of Z. Whittlesey & wife



Jan 11th

Polly Bathsheba, daughter of Deacon Anson Baldwin


Grosvesnor Lacelle, Horace McHenry, Charles Augustus, children of the wife of Asa Hitchcock

Jul 5th

Helen Aurelia, Roderick, Adelaide, children of William Pierce & wife

Jul 19th

Anne Eliza, daughter of Lyman Willcox & wife


Eleanor, Hannah, Loren, children of Mrs. Kniskern

Aug 11th

Eliza, daughter of Ransom Osborn & wife



Jul 16th

Edwin Beach, son of Stephen Tibbals & wife

Sep 3rd

Mary Caroline, daughter of Asa Hitchcock & wife


Child of Ransom Osborn & wife

Sep 13th

Elizabeth, James Alfred, children of Alfred Tripp & wife



Jan __

James Almeron, son of D Kniskern & wife

Jun __

Mary Adelaide, daughter of Daniel Simmons & wife

Jul __

Julia, daughter of Bela Monger & wife

Nov __

Gertrude Alice, daughter of William Pierce & wife


Elizur Hull, son of Edmund Pratt & wife (became a minister)



Jun 30th

Orlando, son of Palmer C Post & wife

Jul 2nd

Seth Tyler, son of Timothy Williston & wife

Jul 19th

James Henry, son of Alfred Tripp & wife

Sep 1st

Austin Lansing, son of John Hull & wife

Nov 3rd

Mary Abigail, daughter of Deacon L Baldwin & wife

Nov 26th

Lucy Cordelia, daughter of Deacon Herman Hitchcock & wife



Apr 14th

______  ___________

May 3rd

Luther Cornelius, son of Asa Hitchcock & wife

Dec 19th

Gideon Seely, Mary Marterna, Nathan Mack, Henry France, Lyman, children of James Shoemaker & wife


Frances Cordelia, Edwin DeForest, Grovesner, Hiland, George Washington, Helen Augusta, children of Garry Snyder & wife



Jan 3rd

Lewis Bradley, son of Deacon Lemuel Baldwin & wife (Lew Baldwin)


Laura, daughter of Zina Whittlesey & wife (Laura (Whittlesey) Hun)


Baptisms by the Rev Marcus Smith

Jul 2nd

Antionette, daughter of Herman Hitchcock & wife


Anne Louesa, daughter of John Hull & wife (became Mrs. R O Coe)

Jul 13th

Sidney, Caroline Elizabeth, (wife of Cornelius Cowles), Harriet Amanda, Ellen, children of Widow Mary Crandle


Wallace Hermon, son of George Toles & wife

Sep 3rd

Sarah Barker, daughter of Zina Whittlesey & wife (dead)


Luther Hays, son of Eli Spencer & wife (Lute Spencer)

Nov 11th

Dorlon Adelbert, D Peck, Helen Frances (Deb Newell’s wife), children of Philander Peck & wife

Mar 4th

Franklin Mandelbert, Charles Henry, children of Robert Wilson & wife



May 10th

Arthur, son of George Toles & wife 


Theodore Kellog, son of Edmund Pratt & wife, (died Jun 5 1869, aged 20 years)


Caroline Eliza, daughter of Sears Denton & wife

Jun 10th

Lucy Angeline, daughter of Adison Hays & wife



May 3rd

David Strong, son of John & Loisa Hull (David S Hull, Austin’s brother)

Sep 30th

Zina Whittlesey, son of Lyman & Loisa R Hull (Whitty)

Sep 8th

Delia Ervette, daughter of Sister Delia Snyder

Dec 5th

Judson Buck, son of Henry R & Martha Lacy (Jud Lacy)



Jan 8th

Mary Alice, daughter of David B & Eliza Hull (Minnie Ransom)

Jul 3rd

Samuel Tibbals & William Cample, sons of Nelson & Mary Van Wagoner (Sam & Will Van Wagoner)

Oct 31st

Frances Sophia, daughter of John & Antionette Read (Fanny Read Prior)



Jul 4th

Ellen Frances, daughter of Anson & Irene Hull (wife of Anson Gilbert)

Aug 12th

Porter Cowles, son of David & Eliza Hull (Porter Hull)



Apr 29th

Nancy Elizabeth, daughter of Anson & Irene Hull (Lib Hull)



Mar 3rd

The following children of Cyrus Field & his wife Ancy, who were baptized in the year 1832 and their names were not heretofore found on the church records. Charlotte, Adelia, Antionette, Eliza (died Jan 1854), Oscar (died in the winter of 1869-70) and Arminda 1839.

Attest. Hervey Chittendon, Ch Clerk.


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