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Frederick Saxe Family Cemetery

From, Volume #2, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1969. Recorded April 20, 1969 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

Saxe burying ground on the old Frederick Saxe farm. Situated on the west side of the Paul Saxe Road (Town 21A) and 3/10 mile north of Ufferts Road (Town 10). Place now owned by Joseph Scafidi. Burying ground on the north side of house along side of main road. Almost on the line between Scafidi and Mrs. Betty Breithaupt. Only two broken stones remain, grass kept cut around them.

Frederick Saxe died Feb. 24 1835 aged 60 yrs.

Mariah Dederick, wife of Frederick Saxe died June 17, 1855 aged 77.

John F. Saxe died April 30, 1857 aged 60 yrs, 2 mo, 2 days.

Miriam, wife of John F. Saxe died May 21, 1874 aged 75 yrs., 6 mo, 6 days.

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