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Garrison Palmer Family

Photocopy of the original family bible record located in the Palmer Family File folder at the Vedder Library

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Helen Constance Grant baptized May 1897 at Clayton, NJ by Rev. Mr. Casson, Pastor ME Ch.
Elsie Duffell Grant baptized January 29, 1899 by Dr. J.C. Iliff of Salt Lake City at 3132 McGee St., Kansas City, with I.F. Roach Associate


Garrison Palmer and Rebbecca Powell were married October 15th 1850, Grapeville, Gr. Co, New York
George Grant and Ada Humiston, March 9th 1843, Oak Hill, NY
Chas. F. Fisher and Hannah Cornelia Izard married in 1867
Willis N. Grant and Mary B. Palmer May 31, 1887, Coxsackie, NY
Willis N. Grant and Mary C. Fisher Sept. 23, 1891, Salt Lake City, Utah
John St. Clair Mendenhall, b. June 11, 1891, Paris, KY, d. October 27, 1967, Albeurall (?), NC,  and Reba P. Grant, b. Feb 6, 1889, Salt Lake City, d. Dec. 24, 1970, Portsmouth, VA, married June 17, 1911, K.C., MO (likely Kansas City)
Daughter, Anne Elizabeth, b. July 1, 1913, Kansas City, MO, married Wm. O'Garry, 1934, Binghamton, NY, married Wm. O'Gara, 1956?, PA
Daughter Helen Louise, b. May 5, 1915, Toledo, OH, married Wm. F. Nermit (?), 1952. He was born October 4, 1919, Freehold, NY

Helen Grant born Oak Hill, 1848, died Coxsackie 1869, 2 boys born Frank and Will Richardson
Andrus Grant and Margaret, parents of George Grant
Hobart S. Grant, Oak Hill, New York, b. Dec. 28, 1846
Mary C. Grant, born March 4th 1856, Grapeville, NY
Mary C. Fisher born April 15, 1870, Clayton, NJ
Willis N. Grant, born Dec 30th 1857, Oak Hill, NY
Rebbecca Powell, born Oct 21st 1826, Grapeville, NY
Garrison Palmer born May 28th 1820, Grapeville, NY
Aunt Harriet Grant, born March 15, 1820, Mackeys Corners, NY
Mrs. Ada Grant born August 9, 1822, Greenville, NY
Wm. Grant born Oct 3, 1816, Mackeys Corners, NY
Mr. George Grant, born Dec. 16th 1818, Oak Hill, NY
Rebecca Powell Grant born Feb 6th 1889, Salt Lake City, Utah, 31 So. 6th East St.
Cornelia Fisher Grant, born Labor Day, Sept 3, 1894, Salt Lake City, Utah, 146 McClelland Ave.
Chas. F. Fisher, born November 20, 1846, Clayton, NJ (Clayton, NJ in different handwriting)
Hannah Cornelia Izard, born Dec 25, 1846
Helen Constance Grant born Dec. 2, 1896, Clayton, NJ
Elsie Duffell Grant, born Nov. 30, 1898, 3132 McGee St, K.C., Mo, 3/2/1899, 1st tooth, 3m25d, 10lbs.
Ada Miriam Grant, b. August 17, 1925, 3219 Anderson Ave, our home Kansas City, MO, 4:30am 8 lbs 10 oz
Clarence Grant Wilkins, Ft. Worth Hospital October 23, 1926, 8 lbs
James Wilkins, Okla City, December 23, 1930

Garrison Palmer died 1891, Coxsackie, NY
Rebecca Palmer died May 14th, 1882, Coxsackie, NY
George Grant, April 20, 1856, aged 67-4m, Coxsackie, NY
Mary Palmer Grant, Feb. 18, 1889, 33yrs, 31 So. 6th E. St. S. Lake City
Lillian Grant (Sherman written above Grant in different handwriting), died April 15, 1895 at Coxsackie, NY, 34y
Hobart S. Grant died Dec 28, 1890, 119 So. 6 East S.L. City, 44 yrs
Helen Constance Grant died Jan 26, 1898, 1317 Harrison, K.C., 14m
Mrs. Ada Grant died October 6, 1899, Coxsackie, NY, 77 yrs, 2m
Mrs. Hannah Cornelia Izard Fisher died Dec 11, 1898, Clayton, NJ, 52y
Chas. F(letcher) Fisher died Clayton, NJ, June 21, 1905, 59y
Uncle William Grant, died July 29, 1903, Schoharie, NY, 87y
Aunt Harriet Grant, died April 1884, Mackeys Corners, NY, 64y
Mary Grant Sutherland died January 6, 1920, Coeymans Hollow, NY, 69y, born 1851
Harriet Amelia Grant, d/o Wm. Grant died Schoharie, NY 1933, 92y
Mary Fisher Grant died Feb. 22, 1946 in Menirah (?) Hospital, K.C., Mo, aged 75y10m, born Clayton NJ April 15, 1870
Willis Newton Grant, died Oct 1948 at Omaha, Neb., service at K.C., Mo, Linwood M.E. Church, buried at Coxsackie, NY

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