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Gass Family Cemetery

Located on Rte 23A near the intersection with Rte 17 in the Town of Jewett. The cemetery is situated about a 1/4 mile back from the road, along the creek, hidden in a clove of trees. The cemetery is in fair condition. Many stones are lying on their backs and a few were covered with grass and dirt. Good likelihood that more stones are buried. Many stones were difficult to read due to weathering.

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Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf and Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian, September 17, 2000.

  1. Maria Gass, d. March 19, 1865, aged 66y, w/o David Condon
  2. In memory of Eleanor Gass, b. near Annon, Scotland, d. December 21, 1821, aged 86y6m26d
  3. William Gass, b. January 10, 1727, New Field (sp?), Scotland, d. March 26, 1815
  4. In memory of Lucinda, d. February 22, 1848, aged 28y7m7d, d/o Nicholas and Laney Gass
  5. Laney McIntosh, d. June 10, 1845, aged 73y, w/o Nicholas Gass
  6. Nicholas Gass, b. near Annon, Scotland, November 25, 1764, d. May 15, 1848, aged 83y
  7. In memory of William Gass, d. December 26, 1820, aged 25y
  8. In memory of John J. Artman, b. November 6, 1757, Goodinsberg, Germany, d. February 12, 1838, aged 80y
  9. Justus Artman, b. November 6, 1757, d. February 12, 1838 (Revolutionary War stone)
  10. In memory of Irviny Artman, b. at Dunkirk (?), Scotland, d. December _th, 1812, aged 50y1m21d, w/o J.J. Artman
  11. In memory of Lambert Howk, d. July 30, 1794, aged 38y9m26d
  12. An infant son of S.W. and C. Goodsell, d. January 15, 1836
  13. In memory of Fan____Inman, d. April 15, 1815, aged 11y8m10d, d/o John and Eleannor (?)
  14. Stratton, d. April 4, 1850, aged 5y, s/o Justus and Harriet Artman
  15. Frederick Wm. Wieninger, b. December 29, 1911, d. December 26, 1984
    Matilda H., b. July 12, 1915, d. December 26, 1993
  16. Obidiah, d. May 15, 1822, aged 7y4m, s/o Jacob and Anna Egbertson
  17. In memory of Hannah, d. April 4, 1833, aged 60y5m13d, w/o Jesse Goodsell
  18. In memory of Jesse Goodsell, d. January 16, 1838, aged 66y7m25d
  19. G. Gass, fieldstone, no dates
  20. Sally E., d. April 2, 1863, aged 38y3m24d, w/o J.W. Austin
  21. William E., d. November 4, 1834, aged 14y8m, s/o Jacob and Anna Egbertson
  22. William, d. March 9, 1842, aged 5y6m, s/o Jacob and Anna Egbertson
  23. Samuel Brandow, d. March 5, 1885, aged 89y

Postscript: In the "History of the Town of Jewett" by Elwood Hitchcock, former Town Historian, he states that the The Gass Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the Town. The first known death in the Town was that of Lambert Hawk. The first settler to the Town was William Gass in 1783. William's wife came from Ammon, Scotland. (In fact, there is a Annan, Scotland, near the city of Carlisle in Scotland) Irviny Gass was born in Dumphries, Scotland, which does exist. 

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