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George Frisbee
Family Bible

Scans of the original bible can be located at

 Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, Philadelphia, M. Carey & Son,


George Frisbee and Mary Smith was married Feby 18th 1817 at Roxbury Delaware Co NY by Rev. Mr. Benedict

1854 June 14th at Mt. Morris, Ill. George Frisbee was married 2nd time to Mrs. Mary Ellis P.E. Meth. M. D. [??]

My father and mother were married in Connecticut by Rev. Doctr. Porter who was long time a pastor in the Congregational or Presbyterian Church in Catskill Green County New York
where he died. They were married about the year 1790

My son Rufus L. Frisbee was Married to Miss Rebecca Cornwell of Teazwell Co., Ill. July 4th 1847 by Rev. Mr. D. Gore

James Franklin Frisbee my youngest son was Married to Emily Stevens Lunt By Rev. M. L. Haney at Mt. Morris, Ill. March 7th 1854

John Wesley Frisbee was married to Miss Phrocine Whiteside at Mrs Chatfield's at Buffalo Grove, Ill. by his father October 1st 1854


George Frisbee was born on Ransalaerville March 23rd 1796 Albany Co., N.Y.

Mary Smith was born in Roxbury Feby 17th 1798 Delaware Co., N.Y. U.S.A.

My father Benjamin Frisbee was born in Sharon Connecticut 17 August, 1768

My mother Ruth Dolph was Born in Weathersfield Con. 18th April 1771

Mary Frisbee was born in Roxbury Oct. 23rd 1817

Benjamin Frisbee was born in Roxbury Nov. 18th 1818

Rufus King Frisbee was born in Roxbury March 15th 1820

David Smith Frisbee was born in Roxbury December 8th 1821

Palmira Frisbee was born in Roxbury Delaware Co. N.Y. Jany 10th 1824

John Wesley Frisbee was born in Roxbury Delaware Co, N.Y. November 2nd 1827

James Franklin Frisbee was born June 28th 1830 in Roxbury Delaware Co., N.Y.

December 10th 1838 an infant son stillborn

Harriet Elizabeth Frisbee was Born April 10th 1835 Roxbury Delaware Co N.Y.


Benjamin Frisbee Died Roxbury November 19th 1818

David Smith Frisbee Died Roxbury March 3rd 1823

Palmira Frisbee Died at Roxbury Delaware Co, N.Y. May 7th 10 o'clock P.M. 1828 aged 4 years 3 months 27 days

Mary Frisbee Died in Delhi September 29th a quarter before five P.M. 1842 of Typhus Fever Aged 24 years 11 months & 6 days

My wife Mary Smith Frisbee Died at Buffalo Grove Ogle Co., Ill. Sept. 15th 1853 of Typhoid Fever aged 55 years 6 months and 26 days

My mother, Ruth Frisbee, Died May 8th 1835 at my brother Reuben's house at the age of 64 y. 20 Days Roxbury Delaware Co Ny

My brother Reuben died at his house September 12th 1835 aged 26 years 2 months and 9 days. Leaveing a widow and one child a son

My Father Benjamin Frisbee Died at his residence (My brother John's) Roxbury Delaware County N.Y. February 18th 1841 Aged 73 y 6 m

My sister Ruth Mapes died at Rippon Fondulac Co Wis Sept. 17th 1854 aged 50 y 4 m 24 days

[Another Handwriting] All the foregoing entries are in the handwriting of George Frisbee who died at Mt Morris at 6:40P.M. on Sunday, Nov. 4, 1855, after an illness of thirty days.

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