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Gloria Dei Episcopal 

Transcription of original church records generously provided by Audrey Klinkenberg

Retranscription of History, Families, Confirmed, Communicants, 
Marriages and Burials by Cindy Simmons


  R  =  Received from another church
Key: C  =  Confirmation
  <triangle> = Trinity
  A  =  Admitted otherwise
Charles H Chubb R, from Great Chopbank Parish, Cambridge, Md; died Feb'y 15, 1906
Margaret Helen Chubb R, from Great Chopbank Parish, Cambridge, Md; died May 25, 1915
Amelia Greetham R, from Great Chopbank Parish, Cambridge, Md; died July 10, 1900
William G Chubb Great Chopbank Parish, Cambridge Md; C at Gloria Dei Church Phila
Samual H Chubb C, at Grace Chapel, NY City & a member of Ascension Church, NY City
Helen Amelia (Chubb) Mc Ilwraith R and C, from St. Luke's, Catskill
Edith G Chubb C
Edward Pollexfen R
Eva K Barber C, married in church Aug. 29, 1883; transferred to Ch of Monement,
     Phila Pa  6.1.1900
Rufus T Smith R, from Trinity Parish, Saugerties
Margaret M Smith C
Elizabeth Jane (Smith) Van Orden C, married Tuesday, Oct. 12th, 1886; transferred to Catskill, Apr. 3, 1893
Bertha G (Smith) Soura C, transferred to Trinity Church, Saugerties, NY April 29th, 1897
Adam Kraus C, in California, Nov 1888
Mary H (Dearing) Yerry C
Catherine Kraus C, married and to Brooklyn
Mrs. Hattie E Trumpbour C
Franklin W Trumpbour C
Mrs. Catherine Kraus R, from Roman Catholic; died November 23rd, 1898
Phillip Dearing R, from Roman Catholic
Lucinda Gardner A, C, Methodist; died Easter Tuesday April 20th 1897
Margaret Garrision C, 18th Sunday af. Trinity, Oct. 1887
Mrs Elizabeth Traver R, from St. Paul's Poughkeepsie, 22nd af T(rinity), 8 Oct.
Miss Sarah (Traver) Convery R, from St Paul's Poughkeepsie;  pervert to RC Aug 1, 1899
      ("Miss" is crossed out)
Isabella Garrision (Eiler) C, 23rd af. Trinity, Nov. 13
Mrs. Alida Craft C, 23rd af. Trinity, Nov. 13; transferred to Catskill
Mrs. Jennie (Craft) Trumpbour C, 23rd af. Trinity, Nov. 13
Margaret Donaldson Chubb C, 1st af. Easter, April
Alexander Janney A in 1888; died Mar. 2, 1894
Geo. Trumpbour A, C, Methodist; deceased Dec. 17th, 1905
De Witt Van Orden C, Reformed Church; transferred to Catskill Apr. 3, 1893
Henrietta Craft C, June 27, 1889; transferred to Catskill
Nellie Schutt Trumpbour Conf., C, Zion Ch., Phila., PA.; removed, (Mrs. Conrad, NYC)
Nicholas V Houseman A, died June 17th, 1889
After Trinity, Aug. 15th, 1889:
Herman Butler Walter A, Lutheran; died Sept. 3rd, 1889
Catherine (Lasher) Walter A, Lutheran; removed, died
Annie Walter Dederick A, C, Lutheran; removed
Annie Dederick Kingsley A, removed
Harriet Augusta (Baker) Dederick R, St. Peter's Day, June 29, 1890; removed and transferred to St. Luke's, Catskill
Charles Henry Shoub C, 29th Sunday Trinity, October 12; removed
Wm H H Traver C, removed
William Traver C, removed
Walter Lasher C, removed
Marshall Smith C, removed
Lavinia M Smith C, removed
Frances M Holcombe R, removed
Sherwood A Holcomb, M.D. R, 4th Sun. Advent, Dec. 18, 1892
Grace Skelly Holcombe A, 4th Sun. Advent, Dec. 18, 1892
Sarah E Berry A, 2d Sun. a Easter, Apr. 16, 1893
Jane M Berry A, 2nd Sun a Easter, Apr. 16, 1893; Dec. married on Jan'y 20, 94 and
    transferred to Christ Ch., <illeg> N.Y;  died Oct. 13, 1900. <illeg.>; Dec
Mary E Trumpbour A, Trinity S. May 28, 1893; transferred to St. James' Church, Oneonta, NY,
    Oct. 13th, 1899
Friend H Holcomb, M. D. R, Kingston
R Newell Harmstead C, Sept. 24th, 1894; transferred Nov. 27th, 1896 to St. Stephen's Church,
    Philalelphia, PA
Mrs.Fanny (Masterton) Blanchard R, May 3rd, 1896, St. Paul's Salem, NY Church; transferred Dec. 14th, 1896 to
      St. Mathews Church, New York City
Charles Sidney Blanchard R, S. after Ascension, May 17 St. Paul's Salem, NY, church, transferred
      Dec. 14th, 1896 to St. Matthews Church, New York City
Bessie May Hinman C, St. Luke's Day, Oct. 18
Helen (Pierce) Pelham C
Adam Arthur Pelham C, died Aug. 1924
Estella E (Reynolds) Purdy C; transferred April 28th, 1900 to Christ Church, Patterson, NY
William Eugene Purdy C; transferred April 28th, 1900 to Christ Church, Patterson, NY
Frances (Harland) Gaffey C; transferred to Trinity Church, Asheville, No. Car., Dec 1898
Lulu (Goodwin) Schmitt C, St Luke's Day, Oct. 18, 1896;  transferred to Trinity Church, Lansingburgh,
    NY, Jan'y 30th 1900
Grace Wynkoop Schutt C; rem. Greenville
Charles Henry Schutt C; married Oct 17th 1908
Emma S Spear R, Sat. af 19th, af <triangle> Oct 17, Christ Ch. NYC; died June 25th 1898
Harriet Ann Myer C, Saturday, Christmas, 1897; rem
Susan F (Potts) Ploss R, St Johns Evang., Tannersville
Ellen J (Hollings) Kemp A, Lye, Winchester, Eng.; removed to Demarest NJ, Easter Day April 10, 1898
Frank David Lamouree C, 9th S af. <triangle> Aug 7
Minnie Lovett Purdy C; transferred April 28th 1900 to Christ Church, Patterson, NY
Cora Belle Purdy C; transferred April 28th 1900 to Christ Church, Patterson, NY
Mattois Kraus A, Roman Catholic, Wed. bef Advent, Nov 23; died Oct 12, 1900
Frances D (Holcomb) Traphagen C, 3rd S. af. Trinity, June 18, 1899; removed
Rachel Ann (Haines) Lamouree C, 4th S af. Trinity, June 25
Mary Beaunach R, St Luke's, Catskill, Advent, Dec 1900
Eva Etta Trumpbour C
Clarence Secor C; dead
James Lewis Schutt C
Emma A Apkis C, Whitsunday 1906, Jun 3d
Violet Stewart (Reick) C
David Dowling C
Fred'k W Holcomb C; Kingston
Eva Lent C, Sept 1, 1907; rem
Fourth Sunday after Trinity, July 4, 1909:
John Hobart Holcomb C
Julia Lamouree C; B'klyn
Bertha May Apkes C; rem
Fifth Sunday after Trinity, June 26, 1910
Earl Isaac Van Loan C; rem
Ernest Mortimer Apkes C; rem
Archibald Smith C; Schdy
Walter Edward Smith C
James Gillette Schutt C
Marie Bownes Doncourt C; rem
Blanche Emily Hunt C; rem
Beatrice Godwin C
First Sunday after Trinity, June 19, 1911:
Lester Charles Shoub C; rem
Edwin Heisinger C; rem
Walter Cooke Wolven C; rem
Ralph Putnam Traphagen C; transferred to Trinity Ch., Ashland
Charles Heisinger C; rem
William Frederick Heisinger C; rem
John Henry Wolven C; rem
Irene Agnes Murtaugh (Hunt) C; rem
Henrietta Marie Heisinger C; rem
(Mrs) Maria Lasher C; dead
(Mrs) Ella Louisa Heisinger C; rem
(Mrs) Mary Catharine Wolven C; deceased
Charles Francis Cogswell A; rem
Mrs. Cogswell A; rem
Mary Lent A; rem
Carlos Cook A; dead
Mrs Madge Hunt A; rem
Dr. Francis A Scratchley R; rem
(Mrs) Margaret B Traver R; transferred from Grace Ch, Galesburg, O., transferred to St Barnabas
      Church, Stottville, Nov 30, 1912
Dr. Albert C White A, probably recorded also in their old parish of S Stephen, Prov, RI
Mrs Louise L White A, probably recorded also in their old parish of S Stephen, Prov, RI
Oct. 11, 1936:
Victor John Manning C; Reformed
Merritt Hoyt Dowling C
Merritt Hoyt Dowling, Jr. C
Florence Luella Dowling C
Ruth Virginia Dowling C; removed (married)
Joan Luella Dowling C; removed (married)
Pages 93 through 95 are blank.
Pages 96 to 98 contain a tabular listing of communicants as reported to convention, for the years 1896 through 1901.


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