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Gloria Dei Episcopal 

Transcription of original church records generously provided by Audrey Klinkenberg

Retranscription of History, Families, Confirmed, Communicants, 
Marriages and Burials by Cindy Simmons


    Confirmed, Communicant)  
July 1878      
Chas. H. Chubb,  M. D. 43 C., July 27, 1835 or 6  
Mrs. Margt. Helen Greetham Chubb 40 Com., Nov. 21, 38  
William Greetham Chubb 17 Com., 1861  
Sam'l Harmstead Chubb 16 Conf., 1862  
Helen Amelia (Chubb) Mc Ilwraint 13 Conf., 65  
Edith Greetham Chubb 9 Conf., 96  
Margaret Donaldson, C 4 B.C.C., 74  
Chas. Henry Chubb B.C.C., 2.28.82  
Mrs. Amelia W Greetham 62 Com., 9.12.1816  
Alexander Janney Com.  
Rufus T Smith Com.  
Margaret (Minkler) Smith Conf.  
Elizabeth J Smith (Van Orden) 11 Conf.  
Bertha C Smith (Soura) Conf.  
Marshall Smith Conf.  
Lavinia Marg't (Smith) Post B.C.C., 8.8.76  
Wickliffe Josiah Smith B., 9.28.76  
Rufus Sydney Smith   B., 9.22.86 not counted in report for 1901
July 20, 1879      
Rowland Trumpbour  
Rachel Alice (Wynkoop) T " B.C.C.  
Franklin W Trumpbour 12 Com. born 9.14.66
Nellie Schutt Trumpbour 10 C.C.  born  6.17.69
Mary Elizabeth T " 7 B.C.C.   born  2.29.72
Mrs Jennie (Craft) Trumpbour ** B. Conf. ** born 2.20.63
Geo. Harding Trumpbour ** B. ** born  5.29.83
Eva Etta Trumpbour ** B.C. ** born  1.22.86
Francis Colman Com.  
Mary Ann Colman Com.  
Francis Colman 11 B.C.  
Jas. H Colman 10 B.  C.  
Walter Colman B  
George Phillip Colman B  
William Colman B Removed to Inman, Holb. Co. Nebraska,
  transferred to the Rev'd J.M. Bates of
      Long Pine, Nebr.
Mattois Kraus B.C.C.  
Catherine Kraus Com.  
Fred'k Kraus Stony Brook
Adam Kraus Conf. San Jose. Cal.
Katie Kraus Conf. Mrs. Lapp, NY
Mary Anna Kraus 13 1869  
James at home, 1871  
John in Cal. with Adam 74
      This family is crossed out.
June 1881      
Martin Phillip Doering Com.  
Mrs. Catharine (Euler) Doering ** B ** born 6.15.30
Catherine Doering (Whittaker) B  
Elizabeth Doering (Kraus) B  
Lewis Doering B  
Peter Doering B.,  Dutch Reformed  
Mary H (Doering) Yerry 16 Conf.  
Wm. See Doering   B not counted
Sept 1883      
George Trumpbour Conf.  
Mrs. Nellie E (Dedrick) Trumpbour Conf.  
Jas. D Trumpbour  
Fred'k Trumpbour      
David Gardner  
Mrs Lucinda (Hawver) Gardner     This family is crossed out.
Sept. 1887      
Stephen Craft  
Mrs. Alida Craft 57 B.C.  
Henrietta Craft 19 B.C. This family is crossed out.
Addison Garrison      
Margaret Garrison 21 B., Conf.  
Isabella Garrison 19 B., Conf. This family is crossed out.
Charles Henry Godwin   B  
Jennie Fraser Godwin  
James Harold Godwin ** B ** born Sep. 5, 1890
Beatrice ** B ** born 1.18.'95;   not counted
Sarah E Berry   B  
Jane M Berry   B This family is crossed out.
Oct. 30, 1887      
Wm. H H Traver B.C.C  
Mrs. Elizabeth Traver Com.  
Sarah E (Traver) Convey Com., 1870  
Henry Mirfan Traver B.C.  
William Jasper Traver B.B.C. married Della J Brockett
  child born 4.14.1900
      removed to N York Aug 1903
Aug. 15, 1889      
Herman Butler Walter 71 B., Com.  
Catherine (Lasher) Walter 70  
Annie (Walter) Dederick Com.  
Annie W Dederick 17 B N.G. 
June 27, 1889      
De Witt Van Orden 39 C.C.  
Elizabeth J (Smith) Van Orden 22 C.C.  
Constance Helen Van Orden 3 mos B.,  Sept. 29 born 7.16.89
Hugh Mackey 2 mos B., June 12, 92  transferred to Catskill, NY
June 19, 1890      
Herbert J Dederick B  
Harriet Augusta (Baker) B.C.C.  
Beulah Baker Dedrick 6 mos B., Jun 5, 92  transferred to St Luke's, Catskill, NY
Frank Soura  
Bertha Grant (Smith) Soura B.C.C.  
William Rufus Soura ** B ** born 4.24.90
Frank Comfort Soura ** ** born 5.24.1895
      Transferred to Trinity Church, Saugerties
Friend H Holcomb M. D.   B.C.C.  
Frances M Holcomb B.C.C.  
Sherwood A Holcomb M. D. B.C.C., 63  
Grace Skelley Holcomb ** B.C.C. ** born 3.25.71
Frederick William 6 mos B.C.C., Jun. 19, 92 born 12.9.91
John Hobart Holcomb   B.C.C. March 17, 1895  
Walter Lasher ** B.C.C. ** born 2.7.60
      (Falk) Dutch Reformed,  N.G.
Adam Arthur Pelham ** B.C.C. ** born Nov. 11, 1872
  son of Snyder & Christina (Saxe) Pelham
Helen (Pierce) Pelham ** B.C.C. ** born Aug. 28, 1876
Clayton Snyder Pelham ** B  ** born M'ch 22, 1898
Charles Stewart      
Jennie (Dolen) Stewart  
Violet Stewart ** B.C.C. ** born Nov. 16, 1889
William Lyman Ploss ** B.C. ** born Sep. 9, 1861
Susan F (Potts) Ploss B.C.C.  
Ruth Ploss ** B ** born July 30, 1893;    not counted
Charles Sidney Blanchard   B.C.C.  
Mrs. Fanny (Masterton) Blanchard B.C.C. Transferred to St. Mathew's Church
      New York City, Dec. 14, 1896
Mrs. Frances (Harland) Gaffey   B.C.C. Jan. 6, 1867
Charles Deighton Gaffey B  Apl 8,1892
      Transferred to Trinity Asherville, Dec. 1898
William Eugene Purdy   B.C.C. Sep. 26, 1854
Estella Emma (Reynolds) Purdy B.C.C. Apr. 22, 1857
Minnie Lovett B.C.C. Feb. 18, 1884;  married
Cora Belle B.C.C. Dec. 4, 1885;  married
  Transferred to Christ Church, Patterson,
      NY, April 28, 1900
Lulu Goodwin   B.C.C. Aug. 13, 1878
      Transferred to Trinity Church, Lansingburgh
Grace Wynkoop Schutt   B.C.C. Nov. 11, 1878
James Lewis Schutt B.C.C. Sep. 28, 1884
James Gillette Schutt   B.C.C. Jan. 7, 1887
Walter Edward Smith   B.C.C. June 20, 1891
Archibald Smith B.C.C. Dec. 31, 1893
Caryl Smith  B Feby 19, 1897
Margaret Abeel Smith   B Aug. 31, 1899
Bessie May Hinman (Edler)   B.C.C. Mar. 23, 1880
Emma S Spear   B.C.C. died June 25th 1898;  crossed out
William See Doering   B  
Mary Doering  
Sarah Maria B  
Lewis Philip   B  
James Stewart      
Mrs. Fannie (Cunningham) Stewart  
William Stewart B Oct. 30, 1883
      Transferred to Grace Church, Madison, NJ
Harriet Ann Myer   B.C.C. May 22, 1878
Charles Henry Shoub   B.C.C. Mch 31, 1876
Mrs Minnie (Haines) V
Lester Charles Shoub B.C.C. Dec. 31, 1896
Henry     not counted
Frank David Lamouree   B.C.C. June 30, 1864
Rachel Ann (Haines) Lamouree B.C.C. Aug. 6, 1866
George Washington   B  June 9, 1886
Edward Harrison B Jan. 26, 1889
Sarah Alice B Jan. 18, 1890
Daniel B Nov. 28, 1892
Julia   B.C.C. May 14, 1894
George H Kemp   B.C. Bapt. at Greenwich, Eng.
  Conf. at Fairford, Eng.
Ellen J (Hollings) Kemp B.C.C. Bapt. at Kingston, Eng.
  Conf. at Lye, Winchester, Eng.
George B B Mch 21, 1883
  Bapt. at Mayfield, Sussex, Eng.
Lucy Dorothy B July 28, 1886
  Bapt. at Margate, Eng.
      Removed to Demarest, NY
Frances Dora (Holcomb) Traphagen   B.C.C. Oct. 7, 1862
  Removed to Hunter, NY
      cousin of Dr. Holcomb
Ralph Putnam   B.C. Oct, 17, 1890
Andrew Beaunach   B.C. Rom. Cath.
Mary Beaunach B.C.C. High Falls
Andrew J   B.C.  
Kemp     (temporary)
James Godwin   C Kiskatom
Mrs. James Godwin B.C.C.  
Mrs. Godwin, daughter-in-law C  
2 children   B  


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