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Gloria Dei Episcopal

Transcription of original church records generously provided by Audrey Klinkenberg

Retranscription of History, Families, Confirmed, Communicants,
Marriages and Burials by Cindy Simmons

Marriages at Gloria Dei Church unless specified.
Dates, Names, Notes Age Residence Parent's Names Witnesses
Marriages by Wm Chas. Grubbe, parish Rector
Wednesday, August 29, 1883:
Joseph W Forsyth, Jr 25 Philadelphia PA Joseph W and I W Forsyth Chas. H Chubb M.D., Mrs Baker,
Eva K Baker 21 Palen. Hiram W and Henrietta T Baker Mrs. Chubb, Adrian Burk/Buck <?>, et al
Eva's birthdate is 2.19.1863
Tuesday, September 15, 1885:
Peter J Schroeder 26 New York Joseph and Mary Schroeder Mrs & Mrs Renne, Mrs Schroeder;
Letitia Renne 28 Palen. George W and Cornelia Renne Mrs. E Brandow, et al
The marriage took place at the residence of Mr. E Brandow, Palen.
Tuesday, Oct 12, 1886:
Dewitt Van Orden 35 Catskill J T B and Catherine Saxe <Van Orden> Margaret O Smith, Tina Smith, et al,
Elizabeth Jane Smith 19 High Falls Rufus T and Margaret M Smith Henry S Van Orden, Harriet E Van Orden
The marriage took place at the residence of Rufus T Smith, High Falls, NY.
Thursday, May 12, 1892:
Isaac R Magsley 22 Gemantown Wm G and Elizabeth (Decker) Magsley George Campbell
Dora C Webster 24 Tannersville James and Laura (Haines) Webster Melissa Campbell
The marriage took place at the residence of George Campbell, Tannersville, NY.
Thursday, Dec 1, 1892:
William A Hummell 41 Tannersville William and Sally Ann Hummell Jeremiah T Rose
Sarah C S  Stevenson 41 Tannersville Roland and Mary Jane (Van Vlack) Sweet
The marriage took place at the residence of the bride, Tannersville.
Saturday, January 20, 1894:
George I Clayton 41 New York, NY Samuel P and Lizzie (Haf?) Clayton Miss Jennie Merrit, Mrs A N Grubbe,
Jane Melvina Berry 23 Palen. Garret B and Sarah E (Merritt) Berry Miss Edna V E Grubbe, Wm C Grubbe,
William B Grubbe
Marriages by William White Hance, Priest in Charge
Wednesday, Ascension Eve, May 26th 1897:
William Henry Munch, Jr 25 Troy William Hy and Julia (Murnane) Munch Florence A Goodwin, T E Traver Jr,
Lulu Ripke Goodwin 18 Palen. Edwin E and Harriet (Rowe) Goodwin Cornelius Du Bois
The marriage took place at the house of Edwin E Goodwin, Palen.
Thursday, after 14th S af <triangle>, Sept. 23, 1897:
William Pilgrim 26 Cairo Henry and Margaret (Dedrick) Pilgrim Geo. T Harris, Cairo, NY
Bertha Pearl Simpkins 21 Cairo Francis and Louisa (Fisher) Simpkins Jas. Contant, Palen.
1st Sunday af Epiphany, Jan'y 9th 1898:
Malvin Leonard Finch 31 Cairo Shubel and Miranda (Garrison) Finch Frank Loumeree, Palen.
Etta Elizabeth Rightmyer 23 Palen. John and Lavina (Hummel) Rightmyer Rachel Loumeree, Palen.
Sat. af 12th S af Trinity, Sep 8, 1900:
Francis Arthur Scratchley 42 New York City Geo and Mary (Humphreys) Scratchley Geo J Harding
Bella Kenner Harding 41 Philadelphia, PA Geo and Charlotte Louisa (Kenner) Harding  Mrs Charlotte Brown
(Officiated) by Frederick E Mortimer, St. Mark's Ch, Jersey City, NJ
Sep. 28, 1902:
Martin A Cooke 25 Athens, NY Martin and Sarah Cook Mrs. Chas Brassington Mee
Daisey Saxe 22 Athens, NY James D and Elizabeth <Saxe>
(Officiated) by Chas. Brassington Mee, Priest in charge.
The marriage took place at the rectory.
Mon. af 14th S af Trinity, Sep 5th 1904:
William Arthur Humphrey 21 Quarryville William and Susan (Hawley) <Humphrey> Susan (Hawley) Humphrey
Ethel May Saxe 17 Quarryville Charles and Kate (Craft) <Saxe> Chas H Chubb M.D.
10/12 (Ethel's birthday?) - it is listed right after her age
Written consent of her parents obtained.
Jun 15th 1904:
John Ernest Elder 32 Albany, NY Ernest and Minnie (Wissfelt) Elder Chester Hinman
Bessie Hinman 25 Palen. John and Gertrude (Teale) Hinman Vira Dedrick
The marriage took place at the home of the bride.
Rev E P Miller, St Luke's, Catskill, officiated.
Marriages by Wm R Harris
Sept 2nd 1905:
Charles J Soderbery 31 New York City Charles G and Amelia (Syms) <Soderbery> Mrs Wm R Harris
Charlotte E Hawken 27 New York City Frederick W and Eliz'th (Bradbury) <Hawken> Grace Timmermann
Oct. 3, 1903:
William Bricker A Taylor 33 Cincinnati, Ohio Samuel and Stella (Hannum) <Taylor> J C Hubbell
Grace Wakeman Hubbell 33 Brooklyn Jas W and Mary W (Gregory) <Hubbell> Mrs John S Stanton
The marriage took place at Chapel, Onteora Park, NY.
Sept 21st 1906:
Hiram Stewart 32 South Cairo, NY Charles and Carolyn (Timmerman) <Stewart> George Dykeman, Mrs U Dodson,
Louisa Barr 30 Brooklyn Neil and Frederika (Dolscherd) <Barr> Benj'm J Mac Mullen
The marriage took place at 10 o'cl'k am, at the rectory.
Saturday, October 17, 1908:
Frederick Hill 27 New York City Hilard and Anna Hill Benjamin F Stewart, William Lee Woodward
Katharine Clark 26 Catskill F C Clark and large congregation
(Officiated) by Elmer P Miller, Rector of St Luke's, Catskill, NY.
Marriages by Robert N Turner
Sunday, June 9th 1912:
Frank Winthur Butterfield 22 Amsterdam, NY Hiram and Amelia (Clements) Butterfield William Graf
Violet Graf 16 Palen. William H and Kittle Mabel (Meade) Graf Kittie Graf
The marriage took place at the residence of W H Graf, Palen.
Hiram and Amelia Butterfield are from Amsterdam, NY.
Wednesday, June 26th 1912:
Frank Farra Carpenter 36 Palen. William C and Clara D (Weaver) Carpenter Albert C White
Grace Eleanor White 27 Palen. Albert C and Anna C (Cooke) White Andrew D White
Tuesday after Trinity Sunday, June 9th 1914:
Morgan Gray Smith 29 Palen. Orville and Mary Smith of Palen. Geo Smith, Percy L Clark
Elsie Mae Gregory 22 Palen. Charles and Addie Gregory of Palen. M Ella Brown
The marriage took place at the residence of Chas H Gregory, Palen.
(Officiated) by James Elmer Mc Gee, Curator of St. Peter's Ch., Bennington, Vermont.
Sunday, 14th after Trinity, Sept 9, 1917:
Lucius Lennon 25 Purling, NY Lysander and Josephine Lennon of Purling Mrs Ella L Heisinger
Minda Miller 24 Cairo Lamont and Alida Miller of Cairo Mrs. O Edgelow
The marriage took place at Palen.
(Officiated) by Octavius Edgelow, Rector of Gloria Dei Ch., Palen., NY.
Wednesday, October 1, 1924:
Ralph W Gearl 26 East Orange, NJ Henry and Marion Gearl of East Orange, NJ Edward Raensch
Alyce Raensch 21 Tannersville Frand and Harriet Raensch Clementina Raensch
(Officiated) by J Hill Johnson, Rector of S Luke's, Catskill and Calvin B Alford, deacon in charge, assisting.
marriages by Harl E Hood, Rector in Charge, Gloria Dei
Sunday, April 28, 1929:
George C Bunce 50 Brooklyn Georce C Bunce and Marion Coates Charlotte Jacobs
Lillian Ostrom 45 Athens George Ostrom and Lucy Smith Edward Jacobs
Sunday, Aug 27, 1933:
Frank Scheiner 31 New York Frank and Josephine Scheiner Wm J Kirchoff
Florence Jackob 24 Palen. Otto and Frieda Barringer Jackob Helene Jackob, 2824 Bailey Ave, Bronx
Saturday, April 25, 1936:
Richard Stoff 22 Saugerties Wm Stoff and Isobel Blane Robert Stoff
Mary L Hunt 30 Palen. Glenn Hunt and Alice Adsit Jessie Hunt Taylor
The groom's parents lived at Lake Katrine.
The bride's parents lived in Norwich, NY.
(Officiated) by Rev C B Alford, Cairo, NY.
Wednesday, September 23, 1936:
Herbert Hover Cutler 28 Malden, NY M M Cutler and Mary Hover Cutler Elton W Sault
Jean White 26 Palen. Albert Clarke White and Adrienne White
Louise Lyman (Peck) White
The marriage took place in Palen.
The bride's parent's lived in Palen.
(Officiated) by Fred Swindlehurst, St Thomas Chapel, New York.
Friday, October 15, 1936:
Karl Glogner 37 Palen. Chas J Glogner and Mary Jergens Arthur Alden
Katharine Langenheim 34 Cleveland, Ohio Gustav C Langenheim and Thecla Kimmel Thecla K Langenheim
(Officiated) by Charles B Alford.
Saturday, September 25, 1937:
Frederick Linsley Roessler 34 New York City Frederick Roessler and Nellie A Mulligan John T Gwynne
Barbara White 22 Palen. Albert C White and Louise Peck Frances Atherton
(Officiated) by Fred Swindlehurst, St Thomas Chapel, New York.
Saturday, June 3rd 1939:
John Calvert Lightbourne 28 Pembroke, John Lightbourne and  J Linsley Roessler, 170 E 94th St NYC
Bermuda Ruth (Spencer) Lightbourne E S Ring, 1055 University Avenue
Adrienne White 26 Palen. Albert C White and Barbara White Roessler
Louise Lyman (Peck) White
The bride's parents lived in Palen.
(Officiated) by Fred Swindlehurst, St Thomas Chapel, New York.
Saturday, Aug 10, 1940:
Ernest Clifford Smith 30 Auberndale, Barry M Smith and Mary E Cox Margaret D Chubb
Mass Edith Day Chubb
Martha Chubb 29 ** daughter of unknown
adopted by Miss Margaret Chubb
The groom's parents lived in Nova Scotia.
**Martha's address was 33 Concord Ave, Larchmont, NY.
(Officiated) by Charles B Alford.
August 9. 1944:
Robert N Naudain Palen. John N Lewis
Vivian V Hommel Palen. Mrs C W Tompkins
(Officiated) by Howard S Kennedy, Dean of Albany.
Sunday, September 1, 1946:
Willis P Overbaugh 22 Catskill Floyd A Overbaugh and Edith Mellen Joan Dowling
Ruth V Dowling 21 Palen. David F Dowling and Florence L Barber G Frederick Peters
The groom's parents lived in Catskill.
The bride's parents lived in Palen.
(Officiated) by Francis S Willard, Vicar.
Sunday, June 15, 1947:
Barney A Parslow 22 Cobleskill, NY Barney Parslow and Barbara Habschied Willis P Overbaugh
Joan L Dowling 19 Palen. David F Dowling and Florence L Barber Ruth D Overbaugh
The groom's parents lived in Cobleskill, NY.
The bride's parents lived in Palen.
(Officiated) by Francis S Willard, Vicar.
Saturday, Sept 6, 1947:
James E Norton 26 Kingston James M Norton and Anna Gorseline Irwin J Thomas
Jane S Holcomb 22 Kingston Fred W Holcomb and Emma W Richards Ruth C Fessenden
The groom's parents lived in Kingston.
(Officiated) by Robert E Campbell, O H C Bishop.
Saturday, June 18, 1949:
Chung Yuan Li 29 Harrisburg, PA Li Yun and Ying Wong Darwin Chang
Eloise Mae Smith 21 Catskill R Sidney Smith and Mary E (Felter) Lois Blake
The groom's parents are from China.
The bride's parents lived in Catskill.
Trinity Sunday, June 4, 1950:
Albert John Glueck 22 Palen. Edward Glueck and Alice Katt Edward Glueck Jr
Barbara Elizabeth Forde 21 Catskill Bernard Forde and Elizabeth Goldtel Alice Ford
The groom's parents lived in Grantwood, NJ.
(Officiated) by Robert Evans.
Saturday, February 14, 1942:
Victor John Manning 23 Palen. Wesley Manning and Maude Bloom Harry Winnie
Mildred Alice Decker 22 Catskill Herbert Decker and Bessie Hitchcock Ida M Lowe
The groom's parents lived in Palen.
The bride's parents lived in Catskill.
(Officiated) by Walter Edwin Howe, St Lukes, Catskill, NY.


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