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Grant DuBois Family

Photocopy of the original family bible record located in the DuBois Family File folder at the Vedder Library

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Grant DuBois and Catharine Larremore, at New York, October 6th, 1836, by Rev. F.F. Cornell
William Larremore DuBois and Maria Jane Illiard Dodge, August 5th, 1862, by Rev. F.F. Cornell
Gertrude Mary DuBois and Franklin Salisbury, May 18th, 1868, by Rev. Francis Horton
Peter Grant DuBois and Mrs. Emma Lewis, June 8th, 1870, by Rev. J.J. Newell
Catharine Emma DuBois and John E. Mills, October 1st, 1872, by Rev. C.S. Robinson, D.D.
Mary J. Catharine DuBois and James H. Hutchens, September 6, 1886, by Rev. W. Har___, D.D.
Gertrude DuBois and Frederick W. Goodrich, M.D., October 24, 1904
J. Mortimer DuBois and Frances L. Millington, May 21, 1919, Mr. Cornelius B. Muste
Marjorie DuBois Goodrich and Chester R. Blakelock, April 1931, Mr. Walter E. Howe
Frederick W. Goodrich Jr. and Virginia Hall (no date)

Grant DuBois, b. May 28th, 1801
Catharine Larremore, b. March 20th 1807

Their Children:
A son, b. July 20th, 1837
William Larremore, b. August 25th, 1838
James Oscar, b. September 17th, 1840
Gertrude Mary, b. September 28th, 1843
Catharine Elizabeth, b. January 16th, 1845
Julius Anson, b. April 6th, 1847
Anna Jannette, b. November 13th, 1848
Peter Grant, b. April 3rd, 1850

William L. DuBois, b. August 25, 1838
Maria J. I. Dodge, b. June 1st, 1838

Their Children:
Mary Katharine, b. August 8, 1864
Charlotte Isabell, b. December 25, 1866
Genevieve Larremore, b. May 12, 1871
Bertha Frances, b. March 16, 1873
William Larremore Jr., b. April 29, 1874
Louis, b. February 16, 1876
Robert Dodge, b. April 24, 1877
James Mortimer, b. October 29, 1878
Gertrude Badeau, b. March 24, 1881

James H. Hutchens and Mary K. DuBois, their children:
Katharyn Mills Hutchens, b. May 26, 1887
Mary Dell Hutchens, b. January 31, 1889

First Child, a son, d. July 20th, 1837
Anna Jannette, d. June 28th, 1849
Julius Anson, d. August 27th, 1851
James Oscar, d. August 1st, 1864
James Larremore, d. at Jamaica, L.I., August 31st, 1843
Gertrude, w/o of the above, at Dutch Kills, L.I., d. September 25th 1825
Eliza Larremore, w/o Martin Rapelyea, d. at Randals' Island, May 3rd, 1849, 52y
Grant DuBois, d. February 13th, 1853
John E. Mills, d. December 6th, 1872
Catharine Larremore, d. March 19th, 1875
Gertrude Mary Salisbury d. February 10, 1903
James H. Hutchens, d. December 21, 1938
Mary Catharine Hutchens, d. January 16, 1945
Charlotte I. DuBois, d. January 10, 1948 
Genevieve Larremore, d. January 26th, 1872
Bertha Frances, d. January 23rd, 1875
Robert Dodge, d. March 14th, 1879
Louis, d. May 18, 1898
William Larremore Jr., d. June 28th, 1900
Maria Jane Iliard Dodge DuBois, d. January 28, 1910
William L. DuBois, d. May 3, 1929

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