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Green Family

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from a copy of the family bible records in the family file at the Durham Center Museum

In possession of Ruth C. Radick, Oak Hill, NY
Justina F. Greene was great grandmother of Leo Ford

Inscription in the front of the bible:
Justiona F. Green, Berlin, Sept. 2, 1852, age 15, presented by my mother


Schuyler Green and Patty Carpenter were married February 14, 1829 at Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY

Arnold C. Greene and Mary L. Greene were married May 1 (10?), 1852 at Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY

Miss Justina F. Green and Lorenzo D. Carpenter of S. Westerlo, Albany County, NY, were married February 10 (12?), 1853 at Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY by Elder B.F. Summerbell

Millie, daughter of Omer Mackey and Dwight Ford of Medway were married September 5, 1899 by Rev. S. Bullen, Oak Hill, NY

Sarah E. Green and Merwin Taylor were married December 31, 1863 by Rev. Mr. Waterbury

Florence C. Green and Eugene Maxson were married November 14, 1865 by Rev. Mr. Waterbury

Emerson Ford and L.A. Carpenter were married June 7, 1876, Medway by Rev. James W. Ford

Frank E. Reynolds and Lucy Taylor were married October 17, 1888

Ernest E(merson) Ford and Bertie Conrad were married September 9, 1903


Lorenzo D. Carpenter b. July 2, 1828, South Westerlo, Albany Co, NY
Justina F. Green b. August 14, 1834, Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY
Loretta Adelaide Carpenter b. November 17, 1853, Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY
Schuyler Carpenter b. December 15, 1855, South Westerlo, Albany Co,
Norman Dwight Ford b. February 21, 1878, Oak Hill, NY
Ernest Emerson Ford b. April 12, 1879, Oak Hill, NY
Schuyler Green b. December 2 (9?), 1806, Berlin, Rensselar County, NY
Patty M. Green b. January 8, 1808, Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY
Arnold C. Green b. May 18, 1831, Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY
Victoria A. Green b. April 17, 1837
Loretta A. Green b. June 1, 1843
Sarah A. Green b. March 29, 1847
Florence C. Green b. June 7, 1848
Lucie Maria Taylor b. May 8, 1866
Schuyler Frank Maxon b. June 18, 1866
Grace Estella Maxon b. April 27, 1868
Harry W. Reynolds b. August 20 (29?), 1889
Leigton Reynolds b. August (April?) 21, 1890
Florence Wells b. December 16, 1891
Ethel Wells b. June 9, 1895


Loretta A. Green d. August 31, 1845, aged 2y3m, Berlin
Victoria A. Green d. March 29, 1851, aged 13y11m12d
Schuyler Carpenter d. April 19, 1857, aged 1y4m4d, Westerlo
Florence C. Green Maxon d. May 4, 1880
Patty M. Green d. January 10, 1882, Berlin
Schuyler Green fell asleep June 10, eve, 1895
L. Addie Ford d. October 21, 1889, Oak Hill
Florence Wells d. March 20, 1895 (97?)
Lorenzo D. Carpenter d. July 27, 1895

Clipping in the big bible:
Lenora Bear, widow of Omar Mackey, died December 8 at Bradenton, Florida. Mother of Perry F. Mackey of Albany and Mrs. N. Dwight Ford of Bradenton, Florida, buried at Medusa, NY

Margaret Bear, wife of John Bear buried at the Friends Cemetery, Potters Hollow, March 4, 1892

John and Edward Bear, two brothers aged 70, 75 years, died only 12 hours apart, buried Friends Cemetery, Potters Hollow

Wallace W. Bear died 1907

William Edgar Bear died May 27, ______ Cairo Cemetery, son of Alfred Bear and Sally Maria Alger, sister of Mrs. Omar Mackey

George C. Steenberg died Dec. 1, 1902, aged 45 years, survived by his widow Kathryn Carpenter

Nancy R. Young, wife of Abner Young  Dec. 13, 1896

Another clipping in the bible:
Sixteen parcels of land sold at a referees sale at the Eagle Hotel, Coxsackie, 1142 acres, Referee Egbert Palmer, largest such sale in county

Albert T. Hotaling homestead to Richard Hotaling                $6,000.00
Peter Henry Whitbeck farm to Henry Roberts                         $3,100.00
Alonzo G. Powell farm to William Bedell                                  $3,000.00
Charles Conrad farm to Rebecca Bedell                                    $1,100.00
Charles Moore farm to Cortland D. Moore                               $   825.00
Mary A. Losee farm to Caroline King                                        $2,000.00
Jacob Lyke farm to Albert R. Hotaling                                       $   700.00
Harriett A. Robbins farm to Augustus B. Conrad                    $   390.00
Luman Kniffen farm to David P. Greene                                   $  400.00
Edward Hallock house and lot to George B. Lampman - Medway        $100.00
Patrick Varden house and lot Upper Landing to Fred G. Goulde          $610.00 
Fred C. Vedder house and lot Lafayette Ave. to Sarah C. Simmons       $1,600.00
Martin C. Bronk house and lot New Baltimore to Mary E. Conrad        $575.00
Hyatt house and lot Lower Landing to Anthony Smith                            $825.00
Store Property Reed St. to Caroline H. Hotaling                                        $5,150.00
Alexander Day farm to Curtis Jones                                                             $800.00
Parcel No. 17, the Anthony Youmans farm at Medusa was sold at Ravena on Monday to Caroline King for 2100.00 by referee Palmer              

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