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Register of Deacons and Elders 
Greenville Presbyterian Church

Transcribed by Jackie Towner from LDS Film 0533479, item 4.


Date elected



July 15 1790

David Jewell

Formerly a deacon in the church of Salisbury, CT

May 3 1793

George Wright


July 14 1793

Titus Hill

Resigned July 14, 1797

July 28 1797

Oliver Gibbs

Dismissed Feb 28, 1802

Oct 31 1806

Oliver Gibbs

Dismissed Jan 17, 1813

Feb 11 1813

Thomas George


Feb 11 1813

Nathan Botsford


Mar 14 1824

Eazer Knowles


Mar 14 1824

Amos Scofield


Oct 4 1831

David Morse


Mar 23 1853

Nelson Knowles






Mar 5 1824

Isaac Smith

Term of office expired Jan 1826. Dismissed April 1828


Thomas Caldwell

Dropped after Feb 13, 1828


Benjamin Foster



Eliakim Reed



Nathan Botsford



Levi Callender

Dismissed, date not given, see Feb 1843


Abel Wakelee



David Morse, Junior

Declined to serve and was not installed

Mar 1825

Enos Collins



Voted that the elders in the future be elected for four years: and that two shall be elected
each year. The present Elders were divided by lot into four classes as follows:


Benjamin Foster & Isaac  Smith

Term expires Nov 1825


Abel Wakelee & Thomas Caldwell

Term expires Nov 1826


Nathan Botsford & Levi Callender

Term expires Nov 1827


Eliakem Reed & Enos Collins

Term expires Nov 1828

Jan 16 1826

Benjamin Foster



James Stevens

In place of, Isaac Smith who had removed from Congregation.

Note: To adopt the rotary system for the Eldership, was unusual for the Presbyterian Church at this early day. There is no evidence in the minutes that the resolution adopted in March 1825, was strictly carried out. On July 9th 1827, a ninth elder appears at the meeting of the session, without evidence of election, namely Franklin Foster. The name of Thomas Caldwell disappears after February 13th 1828. The Foster family still further increased their representation in the session on August 25th 1830, when Theodore Foster appears, but without any evidence of election.

On Oct 4 1831, at a church meeting it was decided that the session of the church “should remain permanent, strictly Presbyterian.” And that the session should consist of 15 Elders. The following persons were then chosen.

Oct 4 1831

Nathan Botsford

Dropped after Feb 23 1842


James Stephens



Enos Collins

Dropped after July 2 1839


Benjamin Foster

Dropped after Dec 30 1850


Jonathan Sherill

Dropped after April 11 1844


Franklin Foster

Dismissed Mar 2 1837


Amos Botsford



Japhet Collins



William Norton



Timothy J Miller



David Hickok



William B Hull

The last meeting he attended was  Oct 21 1834.Dismissed Mar 2 1837


Asher Morse



David C Scofield

Dismissed Feb 22 1838


Russell Wakeley

Dropped after July 3 1847

Feb 1843

Levi Callender

He was received back again as a member of the church on Dec 22 1842. He appears to have resumed his former seat as an elder, without any formalities. He appeared at
a meeting of the session in Feb 1843 and
was chosen moderator of the meeting,
there being no pastor at the time. He continued to perform the functions of an elder until Jan 9 1849, when his name
was dropped.

Jan 23 1855

Perkins King



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