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Members Received 
 1790 - 1824
Greenville Presbyterian Church

Transcribed by Jackie Towner from LDS Film 0533479, item 4.







Jan 6 1790

Martha Knowles


Jan 20 1790

Josiah Hollister


July 4 1790

George Wright & Anna, his wife


July 11 1790

Hannah wife of George Brewster


July 15 1790

Peter Curtiss & Martha, his wife

From New Stratford

July 15 1790

Benjamin Burr & Ruth, his wife

From New Stratford

Aug 8 1790

Sarah wife of John Pearce


Sep 19 1790

Polly wife of John Van Tassel

From the chh in New Canaan

Oct 17 1790

Comfort wife of Nehemiah Olmstead

From the chh in New Canaan

Nov 21 1790

Dorothy wife of Joshua Boardman

From the chh in New Canaan

July 10 1791

Patience wife of Josiah Hollister

From chh in Litchfield

Sep 11 1791

Simeon Wright & Rhoda, his wife

From chh in New Canaan

Sep 11 1791

Cloe wife of Thomas Barker

From chh in Branfield

Oct 2 1791

Moses Cory


Apr 8 1792

Experience wife of Paul Johnson


July 11 1792

Joel Spencer

From the church in Green-River

July 11 1792

Lemuel Hitchcock & Thirza his wife

From chh in New Cheshire

Sep 2 1792

Hannah wife of Gideon Hicock


Sep 2 1792

Aaron Brown

From chh in Coxackie

Oct 7 1792

Abijah Mitchel

From chh in Woodbury, CT

Oct 7 1792

Benjamin Spees & Jane his wife

From chh in South Britain, CT

Dec 16 1792

Titus Hill & Mindwell his wife

From chh in Richmond

May 3 1793

Benoni Gould

From chh in Sharon, CT

July 7 1793

Gideon Hicock

From chh in South Britain, CT

July 7 1793

Mary, wife of Lewis Hine


Aug 30 1793

Jabez & Bethiah Trusdell

From chh in Gilead

Nov 24 1793

Content, wife of Elijah Bryant


Mar 2 1794

David Calhoun & Lois his wife

From chh in Washington, CT

May 4 1794

John Stone & Sarah his wife

From chh in North Guilford, CT

May 4 1794

Mary Woodford

From chh in Northington

May 18 1794

Sarah, wife of David Lake


July 6 1794

Peter Michel & Phebe his wife

From chh in Woodbury, CT

July 6 1794

Ebenezer Allen & Mary his wife

From chh in Stephen Town

July 10 1794

Rebekah, wife of Amos Beacher

From chh in Farmingbury, CT

July 10 1794

Rebekah, wife of Osee Brunson


Aug 17 1794

Edward Collins & Ruth his wife


Sep 27 1794

Ame Cowles


Nov 2 1794

Benjamin Foster & Anne his wife

From chh in Tisbury, MA

Nov 2 1794

Sarah, wife of Jonathan Tuttle

From chh in Washington, CT

Nov 16 1794

Andrew Baldwin & Mary his wife


Jan 25 1795

Hannah Willard


July 5 1795

Stephen Holly

From chh in Stanwich, CT

Mar 30 1796

Oliver Gibbs

From chh in South Britain, CT

Apr 17 1796

Anna Tuttle

From chh in Washington, CT

June 19 1796

James Stevens

From chh in North Stamford, CT

Sep 25 1796

Higgins Conklin & Bathsheba, his wife


Sep 25 1796

David Botsford


Sep 25 1796

Lemuel Hopkins & Eunice, his wife

From chh in Red-Mills


Adonijah Heetz (?)

From chh in Woodbury


Susanah, wife of Aaron Sanford

From chh in Woodbury

Mar 12 1797

Hannah, wife of David Averill

From chh in Branford

July 14 1797

Henry Stevens

From chh in North Stamford

Sep 17 1797

Elizabeth, wife of Noah Bien

From chh in North Samford

Oct 8 1797

Lois, wife of Increase Mosely Hooker


Mar 20 1798

Samuel & Anna Wheeler

From chh in New Fairfield

Aug 4 1798

Hannah Hall

From chh in Roxbury, CT

Aug 4 1798

Sarah Steward


Aug 4 1798

Henry & Huldah Johnson


Mar 31 1799

Hannah, wife of Isaac Blakeslee

From chh in Roxbury, CT

Apr 7 1799

Levi Day


Apr 7 1799

Betsey, wife of Michael Scovil


Nov 14 1799

Lydia, wife of -------- Lockwood

From chh in Stamwich, CT

Nov 14 1799

Sarah, wife of Thomas Place


Nov 24 1799

Asahel & Elizabeth Newell


Dec 29 1799

Elizabeth, wife of Joel Norton

From chh in Branford, CT

Mar 30 1800

Ichabod & Rebekah Perry


Aug 3 1800

Sarah Baldwin


Nov 9 1800

Betsey, wife of David Miller

From chh in East Hampton L.I.

Jan 4 1801

Benjamin Tuttle


July 5 1801

Sarah Hurd


Oct 4 1801

Austin & Elizabeth Smith

From chh in Stamford, CT

Oct 4 1801

Rufus Smith


Oct 4 1801

Martha, wife of Zenas Smith


Oct 4 1801

Eleanor, wife of Naning Bogardus


Nov 29 1801

Joseph Mott

From chh in Voluntown, CT

Oct 24 1802

David & Lucy Morse


June 12 1803

Mary, wife of Robert Bostwick

From chh in Bedford

Apr 19 1804

Huldah, wife of Lemuel Hopkins


May 6 1804

Rachel, wife of James Purdy

From chh in Bedford

Dec 9 1804

Hannah, wife of Halsey Brown

From chh in Bedford

Dec 23 1804

Nancy, wife of William Shepard


Jan – 1806

Betsey Hancock

From chh in Chilmark, MA

May 2 1806

Norman Easton


Aug 10 1806

Betsey, wife of Adam Sheels


Aug 10 1806

Polly, wife of William Smith


Dec 21 1806

Thomas & Elizabeth George, Gideon & Abigail
Scovil, Daniel & Clarissa Baldwin, Asa Blakesley, 
Mary, wife of William Hooker, Merab Easton, 
Eunice, wife of Japheth Collins, Abigail, wife of 
Warner Baldwin, Anna, wife of Thomas Tuttle, 
Silence, wife of Truman Sanford, Mary Easton


Feb 5 1807

Thomas Tuttle


Feb 5 1807

Thomas Rockwell, Gilbert Beach


Feb 15 1807

Lois Stone, Martha, wife of Isaac Norton


Feb 15 1807

Polly Betsey, wife of Gilbert Beach

From chh in Ballstown

Feb 22 1807

Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Brown


Mar 8 1807

Nathan & Abiah Botsford, Lucy, wife of Edward 


June 21 1807

Deborah, wife of Aaron Furman

From chh in Bedford

Sep 27 1807

Japheth Collins, Truman Sanford, Robert & Almira 


Oct 11 1807

Ezra & Rhoda Ferry

From chh in Norfolk, CT

Oct 11 1807

Lucretia Wright


Nov 30 1807

Lydia, wife of Isaac Blakesley

From chh in Roxbury

Jan 10 1808

Mabel Rose

From chh in Bethlam, CT

Jan 10 1808

Amy Sherwood


Jan 10 1808

Amy, wife of Trueman Johnson

From chh in Bethlam, CT

Mar 19 1809

Lydia, wife of Thomas George

From chh in Stamford, CT

May 7 1809

Isaac Blakesley, Enos Collins


July 2 1809

Thadeus & Elizabeth Hurd

From chh in Roxbury, CT

July 2 1809

Isaac & Hannah Smith

From chh in Stanford, CT

Aug 27 1809

Thirza Smith


Oct 22 1809

Jonathan Sherrill

From chh in Greenwich

Sep 2 1810

Barsley & Rhene Roots


Sep 2 1810

Joseph & Althea Hotchkin, Phebe, wife of William
Barker, Eunice, wife of Alexander Calhoun, Beulah,
wife of Martin Morse, Lucy Trowbridge, Parnel 
Barker, Eunice George


Jan     1811

Joseph & Sally Bishop

From chh in Stamford, CT

Jan 1811

Heman & Nancy Calhoun, Catherine, Wife of 
Russel Norton, Pamela, wife of Samuel Bennet, 
Polly, wife of Eli Knowles


Mar 3 1811

David Morse Junior, Jane, wife of Oliver Gibbs, 
Dorcus, wife of Elizur Kirtland


Sep 1 1811

Russel Norton, Gideon Barker, Eunice Torrence


Nov 3 1811

Alfred Schofield


Jan 5 1812

Clarissa, wife of Trueman Lake


May 3 1812

Leveret Denison & Desire, his wife, Esther, wife of Abraham Post, Charity, wife of Ezekial Ramsdill, 
Esther, wife of Asa Blakely


Sep 6 1812

Isaac Blakely Junior & Huldah, his wife, Priscilla, 
wife of Zalmon Slosson


Jan 3 1813

Hannah, wife of Thomas Conklin


Jan 3 1813

James Holmes

From the chh in Coeyman

Jan 2 1814

Eliakam Reed, Benjamin Foster Junior


May 7 1815

Elizabeth, wife of James Philips & Fanny & Minerva

From the chh in Wappingers

May 7 1815

Sarah, wife of Treat (?) Spees

From the chh in Sidney

May 7 185

Polly, wife of Perkins King

From the chh in Tyringham MA

May 7 1815

Lydia Badgely, Deborah, wife of Cornwallis Dyer


June 4 1815

Stephen Allen, Jonathan Tuttle, Rebekah, wife of 
Eliakam Redd, Betsey Brown, Ruth Morse


Sep 10 1815

Amanda Cheritree


Nov 5 1815

Thomas Caldwell, William Walker


Nov 12 1815

Lydia, wife of Samuel Schofield


Jan 7 1816

Asher & Ann Morse, John R & Betsey Cheritree, 
Judson & Rhoda Cheritree, Fowler Briant, Zerah 
Perry, David Jewell, Alanson Spees, Alvan Hopkins, Augusta Barker, Hervey George, Chauncey Newell, William Bishop, Benjamin Ferry, Barzilla Hopkins, Aaron Hall, Lewis Stebbens Hoyt, Hoyt Ferry, 
David Hicock, Frederic Spees, Stephen Fisher 
Cheritree, Trueman Cheritree, Mabel Thompson, 
Betsey Schofield, Naomi, wife of Enos Collins, 
Hannah Hurd, Betsey Lute, Polly Ferry, Esther
Jewell, Sarah Debois, Patty Hopkins, Betsey Case, 
Olive Calhoun, Sally Cheritree, Rebekah Ramsdill,
Sophia Mapes, Clarinda Kirtland, Harriet Cheritree, Eunice Hopkins


Jan 7 1816

Abigail Cheritree

From the Baptist Church in East Stockbridge MA

Mar 3 1816

Eliza Hall, Sarah Boyington


May 1 1816

Philetus Philips & Esther, his wife


May 1 1816

Abraham Holly

By profession

July 7 1816

Marcus Harrison


Sep 1 1816

Elizabeth, wife of Elizur Kirtland

From the chh in Wethersfield, CT

Nov 3 1816

Abel Wakelee & Annis, his wife


Nov 3 1816

Maria Hopkins

From chh in Sherbourne

Jan 5 1817

Elnathan B Gilbert, George Phillips, David Brewster
Shepard, Coralissa Hall, Hannah Maria Hicock


Mar 3 1817

Lucy, wife of Frederic Leete, Sarah Ann Wife of Rensselar Norton, Lucy Lake


Mar 3 1818

Love Holmes


July 4 1819

George Pratt

From the chh in Salem, CT

Aug 8 1819

William Evans Junior

From the chh in Sydney

Oct --  1819

Andrew Huntington

From the chh in Lebanon, CT

Oct --  1819

& Mary, his wife

From the chh in Shoreham, VT

Jan 2 1820

Rachel Talmadge


Apr 7 1820

Polly, wife of Barzilla Hopkins

From the chh in Shoreham, VT

July 1 1820

Amos Schofield


May 6 1821

Hannah, wife of David Morse Junior


July 1 1821

Alanson Schofield


Jan 6 1822

Henry & Lydia Clark


May 5 1822

Rebekah Hinman


Sep 1 1822

Montgomery Davis


Nov 3 1822

Cynthia Norton


Mar 2 1823

Sarah Reed

From the chh in Goshen, CT

July 6 1823

David Schofield, Clara Schofield, Gideon Hicock, 
Anna Hicock, Levi Callander, Lucy Callander, 
Samuel Hall, Nabby Hall, Eli Knowles, Ezekial
Ramsdill, Eazer Knowles, Spencer Wright, Russel Wakelee, Harvey Kirtland, Nelson Knowles, 
Japheth Hull, Hith Holliday, Samuel J Smith, 
William Boyd, Anson Bennet, Joseph Austin,
Abishai Schofield, Henry Smith, Fountain Slater, 
Vina, wife of Jonathan Sherill, Hannah Knowles, 
Minerva Savage, Jane, wife of Alvan Sherwood, 
Maria, Wife of Amos Smith, Eleanor, wife of John
M’Garry, Huldah Jewell, Clarissa Holly, Chloe 
Holly, Avilda, wife of Amos Schofield, Eliza 
Conklin, Lois Norton, Betsey Ann Schofield, 
Amanda Schofield, Olive Butler, Mary Ann Foster, 
Polly B Hopkins, Myrella Hicock, Mary Hicock,
Minerva Shepard, Thankful Hotchkin, Phebe Miller, Caroline Foster, Sally R Rundle, Betsey Hicock, 
Sally Schofield, Eliza Lake, Abigail Hall, Maria 
Knowles, Esther Phillips, Lydia Mott, Harriet
Hopkins, Diana, servant of Ezekial Stanard


July 6 1823

John M’Garry

From chh in Cairo

Sep 21 1823

David Hall, Horace Hicock, John Foot, Nehemiah Ramsdill, Polly, wife of Benj. Foster, Lydia, wife of Stephen Holly, Polly Rogers, Rachel Bullock, 
Marissa Gratax, Eunice Calhoun


Nov 2 1823

Ballot (?) Ramsdill


Jan  1824

Silas Newell, Ruth, wife of William Hall, Polly Lake, Eunice Lake


May 1 1824

Betsey, wife of Nathan Elliott



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