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Hall Family Bible

Contributed by Becky

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Watson Barnet Hall From Dennis Merwin 1869
Samuel Clifford Hall 1897
Watson Clifford Hall May 3, 1924


Daniel Merwin and Lydia Jacobs Were Married on The 10th Day of April A.D. 1791, by Dr Darling At North Haven, CT

Leveritt Merwin and Hannah Ormsbee Were Married on The 24th Day of Jan A.D. 1819, by the Rev James Thompson at Trinity Church, Windham, NY

George Miles and Sarah Ann Merwin were Married on The 27th Day of June 1843, by the Rev John Davy at Jewett, NY

Daniel Basset Merwin and Ann Eliza Sholes Were Married

Watson B. Hall and Mary Amanda Merwin were married on the 27th day of May 1851, by the Rev Thomas J Judd at the Jewett, Greene County, NY

Samuel Hall and Mary Rider were Married on the 30th day of April 1829

Oscar Payne and Hannah Hall were married on the 5th day of July 1860

Philip Schermerhorn and Sarah Hall were married on the 7th day of November 1863

Elbert O Hall and Irene Brockett Were married on the 26th day of October 1868

Charles Hosford and Mary E Hall Were Married on the 24th day of July 1863

Marrion Tompkins and Harriet Hall were married on the 18th day of October 1867

Minnie Rosabell Hall and Bornt V Roraback were Married.


Daniel Merwin Sen was Born Nov 9th 1763 His Wife Lydia Merwin 1769

Children Of Daniel And Lydia Merwin:
Eli Merwin was Born Dec, 16th 1791
Dennis Merwin was born Nov 6th 1793
Leveritt Merwin was Born Dec 30th 1796
Daniel Merwin Was born Aug 1st 1800
Thomas Merwin was Born Sept 15th 1803
Eunice Merwin was Born March 29th 1806

Hannah Ormsbee wife of Leveritt Merwin was born Feb 26th 1801

Children of Leveritt Merwin and Hannah Ormsbee:

Sarah Ann Merwin was born Jan 12th 1820
Daniel Basset Merwin was Born Nov 11th 1821
Mary Amanda Merwin was born Jan 7th 1824
Solomon Ormsbee Merwin was born Feb 18th 1826

Children of Watson Barnett Hall and Mary Amanda Merwin:
Minnie Rosabell Hall was Born Nov 12th 1852
Ada Marrion Hall was born Aug 14th 1854
Ernest Villars Hall was born Jan 29th 1856
Samuel Clifford Hall was born June 4th 1861
Avis Ingersol Hall was born Feb 24th 1884 (d/o Ernest Villars Hall)

Samuel Hall Sen was born June 7th 1808
Mary Rider was born May 18th 1811

Children of Samuel and Mary Hall:
Watson Barnett Hall was born May 5th 1830
Hannah Hall was born May 15th 1832
Sarah Candace Hall was born June 23rd 1836
Elbert Osborn Hall was born April 1st 1840
Mary Elizabeth Hall was born July 10th 1843
John Wesley Hall was born April 17th 1845
Samuel Hall was born August 17th 1846
Harriet Antoinette Hall was born March 7th 1850
Anna Adelle Hall was born June 22nd 1853

Children of Waston C. Hall and Pearl B Hall:
Wallace Charles Hall born Nov 13, 1920 Married Mazie West

Daniel Merwin Sen died April 7th 1853
Lydia Merwin his wife died April 30th 1851
Eunice Merwin died Oct 13th 1827
Eli Merwin died Dec 10th 1828
Dennis Merwin died Oct 26th 1868
Leveritt Merwin died Jan 20th 1872
Hannah O Merwin died June 2nd 1856
Daniel Merwin Jr. Died April 1st 1829

Children of Leveritt Merwin and Hannah Merwin:
Solomon Ormsbee Merwin died Oct 28th 1854
Sarah Ann Mile Died Feb 8th 1862

Children of Watson Barnett Hall and Mary Amanda Hall:
Ada Marrion Hall died Aug 13th 1855
Minnie Rosabell Hall
Ernest Villars Hall
Samuel Clifford Hall died Feb 27th 1941

Children of Samuel Clifford and Elizabeth Hall:
Lillian Hall
Frances May Hall
Jessie Mildred Hall
Clarence Leighton Hall
Watson Clifford Hall

Clarence Hall and Ninna Schaufter

Children Clarence Hall:

Children of Watson Hall and Pearl Becker married May 3, 1919
Wallace C. Hall

Samuel Hall Sen died March 7th 1855
Mary Rider Hall died May 4th 1885

Children of Samuel Hall And Mary Hall:
Samuel Hall Jun died April 28th 1853
John Wesley Hall (U.S. V.) died October 3rd 1864 at U. S. Hospital Island, NY
Anna Adelle Hall Died May 10th 1865
Mary Hall ( Hosford)
Hannah Hall (Payne)
Watson Barney Hall November 9th, 1896

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