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Harvey Yeomans Family 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the Rossi Records at the Durham Center museum
Mrs. Rossi transcribed bible records from throughout Greene County and compiled them into a series of record books.

Bible in the possession of Elmer E. Yeoumans 

Hervey (Harvey) Yeomans and Eliza Ann Crocker were married Town of Broome, NY Dec. 30, 1834
Hervey Yeomans and Clarissa Crocker (sister to Eliza Ann) married Township of Broome, NY Sept. 18, 1842, Rev. Jas. Burnet
Smith Yeomans married Oct. 8, 1861 Cornwallville by Rev. L.P. Cole
Horace A. Yeomans married Dec. 16, 1866
Rosetta Yeomans married East Durham Jan. 18, 1888
Elmer E. Yeomans married Newark, NJ Oct. 22, 1890 to Cora Hood
Elmer E. Yeomans married Dec. 1, 1898 Mary Dean
Lester Dean Yeomans and Ruth Maude Roberts were married Sept. 6, 1930


Harvey Yeomans born Town of Coeymans, March 2?, 1809
Eliza Ann Crocker born Rennselarville, NY Nov. 20, 1815
3 children:
Sally Ann Yeomans born Broome Jan. ?, 1837
Horace A. Yeomans born Broome July 14, 1838
Smith Yeomans born Broom Aug. 4, ????

Clarissa Crocker born Rensselaerville May 6, 1826

4 children:
Marcus Yeomans born Broome, Oct. 8. 1844
Loretta Yeomans born Broome, Aug. 25, 1846
Rosetta Yeomans born Gilboa, Apr. ?, 1854
Elmer E. Yeomans born Gilboa, Oct. 13, 1863  

Cora Hood Yeomans born 1865
Mary Dean Yeomans born Dec. 12, 1868

Lester Dean Yeomans son of Elmer E. and Mary Dean Yeomans born New Baltimore, NY Jan. 13, 1901
Ruth Maude Roberts wife of Lester D. Yeomans born Aug. 29, 1909
Craig Alden Yeomans, son of Lester D. and Ruth M. Yeomans born July 13, 1940


Sally Ann Yeomans died Sept. 9, 1837
Eliza Ann Crocker Yeomans died Broome Feb. 22, 1842
Marcus Yeomans died Feb. 5, 1853
Loretta Yeomans died Gilboa Oct. 28, 1853
Horace A. Yeomans died Broome Center Mar. 5, 1888
Rosetta Yeomans died Franklinton, NY May 11, 1890
Harvey Yeomans died Coxsackie, NY Jan. 28, 1892
Cora Hood Yeomans died Jan 21, 1892
Clarissa Crocker Yeomans died Aquetuck Nov. 19, 1902
Elmer E. Yeomans died Ravena, NY Oct. 6, 1955

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