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Hayes and Baldwin Family Cemetery

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This cemetery is located along Route 145, just past the intersection with the Oak Hill Durham Road in the Town of Durham. It is situated in a field about .5 mile in from the road and is surrounded by a stone wall. Groundhogs have a den in the plot itself and there a quite a few burrow openings which have undermined the stability of headstones, otherwise the cemetery is well tended.

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf June 23, 2000

  1. Charles Bradish, d. October 15, 1847, aged 1y5m16d, s/o William B. and Harriet Hayes
  2. Eva, d. March 8, 1858, aged 2y4m, d/o Addison H. and Evangela E. Hays
  3. Willard E., d. April 26, 1854, aged 1y5d, s/o Addison H. and Evangela E. Hays
  4. Lucy Angeline, d. October 1, 1850, aged 22m, d/o Addison H. and Evangela E. Hays
  5. Sarah D., d. September 5, 1859, aged 29y, w/o Theodore Spore
  6. Sarah D. Cochran, d. August 25, 1874, aged 87y8m, w/o Henry Hotchkiss
  7. ??, d. November 21, 1870, aged 84y3m18d (assumption that this is Henry Hotchkiss as headstone is in same base as that of Sarah D. Cochran - top half of stone is missing)
  8. Rachel C. Paterson, d. February 20, 1898, aged 69y, w/o Benjamin C. Hotchkiss
  9. Benjamin C. Hotchkiss, d. December 17, 1899, aged 78y
  10. James Baldwin, d. December 2, 1843, aged 74y
  11. Mabel, d. January 29, 1857, aged 81y, w/o James Baldwin
  12.  In memory of Eliza Baldwin,  d. March 9, 1822, aged 22y
  13. Mabel, d. September 30, 1851, aged 32y, d/o Dennis and Temperance Baldwin
  14. Ezra J., d. January 11, 1840, aged 5y1m5d, s/o Dennis and Temperance Baldwin
  15. Elizabeth, d. January 27, 1858, aged 1m9d, d/o Rev. Elias L & ?
    William S., d. July 31, 1859, aged 1m, s/o Rev. Elias L & ?
    Elizabeth, d. March 30, 1861, aged 1m4d, d/o Rev. Elias L. ?
  16. Luther Hayes, d. April 6,  1858, aged 86y
    Mehitable Baldwin, d. October 9, 1860, aged 84y, w/o Luther Hayes
  17. Christopher Post, d. August 9, 1852, aged 83y
    Adah, d. February 17, 1854, aged 81y, w/o Christopher Post
  18. Tobias, d. May 31, 1823, aged 19y, a faithful colored servant of Benjamin Chapman
  19. Jane  Pattison, d. November 9, 1852, aged 18y2m12d
  20. Jane Augusta, d. April 15, 1856, aged 11m10d, d/o Benjamin C. and Rachel Hotchkiss
  21. Sarah A., d. January 30, 1856, aged 40y, w/o William C. Hotchkiss

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