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Henry Harvey Family Bible

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 129, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Copy of bible in possession of Mrs. Alice Harvey  - McCoubrey of Prattsville, NY

Publishers Jesper and Harding

Henry Harvey and Jane Fredenburgh were married December 3, 1844 

Henry Harvey was born April 14, 1821
Jane Fredenburgh Harvey was born December 25, 1822

Mary Elizabeth Harvey was born November 20, 1846
Henry Harvey Jr. was born November 29, 1848
Emily Harvey was born June 25, 1851

George Wright, s/o Emily Harvey Wright, was born March 10, 1875
Malissa Boughton Richards was born July 28, 1830, Durham, NY

Fredy Harvey born August 8, 1879
Bertie Harvey born May 7, 1881
Alice Harvey born July 15, 1890

Henry Harvey died March 15, 1852
Jane F. Harvey died  (no date)
Freddie Harvey died January 6, 1894, aged 14-4-28
Henry Harvey died September 3, 1935
Abraham H. died November 4, 1836, aged?
Sarah Jane Harvey died Sunday September 10, 1916, aged 94

Daniel J. Richards and Amanda Eliott were married February 18, 1844
Dorothy Sines and William Uline were married October 28, 1939 at Cairo, NY
Nathan E. Richards and Josephine Cole were married December 20, 1870
Oscar Ruland and Rachel Ann Richards were married September 5, 1872
Henry Harvey and Malissa B. Richards were married February 28, 1879
Albert Harvey and Alice J. Myer were married October 23, 1907
Alice Harvey and George W. Sines were married June 27, 1912
Alice Harvey Sines and Peter Rockerfeller were married at Leeds December 6, (no year), by
Rev. G.A. Wilsey
Alice Harvey Sines Rockerfeller and Melvin McCoubrey were married (no date)
Emily Harvey and ?? Wright were married (no date)
Mary Jane Harvey and George Smith were married (no date)
Henry Harvey and Malissa B. Richards were married February 28, 1879
James Fredenburgh and Rebecca ?? were married (no dates)

James Fredenburgh was born February 1779, d. February 14, 1856, aged 77 (buried Lakes Mills cemetery)
Rebeccah ?? was born 1783, died January 8, 1860, aged 77
Daniel J. Richards was born March 30, 1820
Amanda Eliot was born February 12, 1826
Their children:
Nathan E. Richards born September 13, 1845
Rachel Anna Richards born December 12, 1847
Malissa B. Richards born July 15, 1854

Alice A. Harvey born July 15, 1890
Albert Harvey born May 7, 1882
Freddie Harvey born August 8, 1880
Children 3 of Henry Harvey and Malissa B. Richards

Elise Louisea Harvey born July 15, 1910, d/o Albert Harvey
Alfred Myer Harvey born August 6, 1913, s/o Albert Harvey
Dorothy Mary Sines born Thursday, August 26, 1913, Town of Cairo, NY, d/o Alice A. Harvey Sines
Herbert H. Sines born Sunday September 12, 1915 at 4 Trimble Ave. Woodside, L.I., s/o Alice A. Harvey Sines
William Harding Sines born Thursday February 23, 1939 at Middletown, Conn., s/o Herbert H. Sines
Robert John Uline born Sunday May 15, 1955 in Jersey, s/o Dorothy M. Sines-Uline
William George Uline born June 28, 1947, s/o Dorothy M. Sines-Uline

Daniel J. Richards died March 27, 1867
Amanda Richards died September 18, 1894
Malissa B. Harvey died December 25, 1898, aged 47y
Freddie Harvey drowned Saturday January 6, 1894
George W. Sines died Saturday March 3, 1917, aged 35-5
Mary Kelly, w/o Henry Harvey died June 20, 1923, Wed., Burial Jefferson
Albert Harvey died in Houston Texas, May 18, 1925,buried in Kensico, Westchester Co., NY, aged 44-0-11
Sarah Jane Harvey died Cairo, NY Bross St.

Mrs. Emily Harvey-Wright died Durham Road 7, Cairo NY, Mon,. June 3, 1929, aged 77

(Myra) Almira Bell Smith Rightling died June 26, 1911, aged 38-11-12, d/o George and Mary (Jane) Harvey Smith
Emma Smith died March 3, 1882, aged 23-5-3
Frances W. Smith died March 1, 1857, at 9 months 20 days
Stephen C. Smith died March 3, 1857, aged 2-10-14

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