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Hervey Street Baptist Church



Photocopy of a copy located at the Vedder Library
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Dis. By Let Dismissed by letter
Ex Excluded
R. by letter Restored by letter


Obed Hervey  Deceased 1837                         Polly Hervey Dismissed 1837

Hermon Hervey  Dis by Let. 1839                  Hannah  Hervey Dismissed 1839

Russel Hervey Dis by letter 1833                   Sally Hervey Dismissed 1839

Ebenezer Knapp  Dis by letter 1840               Jane A. Hervey Dismissed 1845

Michael Boomhour Dismiss by letter 1843    Hannah Knapp Dis. By letter 1840

Dorman Conely Excluded                                Elizabeth Boomhour Dism. 1844           

Zachariah Caragle  Deceased July 1834          Mary Foote Dism. By letter 1833

Abraham Caragle  Dismissed 1834                  Isabel Ackly

Isreal Minor                                                        Anna Bullis Excluded 1834

Alonzo Morris  Dismissed 1837                       Polly Cory  Dism. by letter 1838

Phineas Tyler  Died 1839                                  Catharine Loomis

Samuel Dunham  Deceased                              Elizabeth Loomis

Hermon M. Hervey                                            Abigail Hill Dismissed 1834

Isaac W. Bullis  1831 Ex. 1842                           Anna Hitchcock   

Austin Newcomb  Excluded March 1842           

Elijah Salsbury  Ex. 1845                                    Sara Mills

William D. Pope Deceased 1835                      Amah (Ariah?) Towner Excluded 1837

Lyman Pope Excluded 1836                             Polly Hanson Deceased 1833 (or 39)

William Hervey Excluded 1835 Restored      Hannah Rider

183(?)                                                                     Polly Jones Excluded 1838 (crossed out)

Samuel Holmes Dismissed 1835                      Wid. Jones

George Parmer Dismissed                                 Cornelia Wolcot

Isaac Hait Dis by Letter 1833                             Polly Tuttle

Charles Morris Dismissed 1840                        Nancy Brunson

George Calkings Dismissed 1834                     Polly Smoly

Francis Ahsum Excluded 1834                          Sally Thomkins Dismissed

Andrew Jones Restored 1833 Dismissed 1835 Olive Miner Deceased 1836            

William Conilly 1833 Deceased 1835               Clarrisa Brown Deceased

Samuel Beach 1834                                              Hannah White Dis. by Let.

Samuel Dunbar Ex. 1839 Restored 1840           Hester Robertson Deceased

Wm. Richards                                                       Mariah Joice Dismissed

Ira Noble Ex. 1839                                                Rachel Holmes Dismissed 1844

Philo Richards                                                     Abigail Hues Dis. by let 1841

Daniel Richards  Ex.                                            Nancy Morris Dismissed (date unclear)

Alexander Noble  Deceased 1845                     Anna Judson

Barnabus River                                                    Hannah Russ Dis. 1844

Stephen Jones  Dismissed by let 1842              Sally Thompkins Dismissed

J.B. Hervey Restored 1840                                  Ruth Ann Thompkins Dismissed

Wm. Earl  Received by letter  Deceased 1844 Mary Thompkins Dismissed

Ransom R. Post 18--                                             Amanda Bullis Dis by let. 1844

Ransom P. Gordon 1840 Dis by let                    Hannah Holms Excluded 1840

John Russ 1840           

Ezra Cleaveland 1840                                           Phebe Pope Dismissed 1838

Thomas Augustus Dismissed by let 1842         Merrilly Lagett (Hopson written
          above last name)

                                                                                  Eliza ann Bennet D. by Letter 1833

          Fanny Hervey Dismissed 1839
          Received 1843 Dismissed 1845

                                                                                  Elizabeth Arnold Dismissed 1838

                                                                                  Polly Parson

          Polly Van orden           

          Lumanda Curtis           

          Mahala Pope Dismissed 1835

           Polly Hall

           Eliza Ann Rumal (Russal?) R. by letter 1831
                D. by letter 1833

           Catharin Newcomb Restored 1833

           Elizabeth Beach 1834

           Hannah Dunbar Excluded

           Polly Richards

           Abigail Stevens

           Anna Richards Restored 1837
            Deceased 1845

           Katharine Freman Deceased 1837

           Sally Ann Tifny

           Harriet Pope Dis. by letter 1840

           Mariah Richards Ex 1845

           Rhoda Newcomb

           Eleanor Butts

Neoma Post Deceased 1845                                  Caroline R. Hervey Rec. by letter 1839

Lucy Hervey                                                            Clarrinda Jones Rec. by letter

Anna Hervey                                                            Sarah Clark  do

Anna Earl                                                                  Mary Flint Dismissed by let.

Catharine Wright                                                     Mrs. Cleaveland 1840

           Mary Canfiled Rec. by Let

Sarah Ann Wheler                                                   Patty Tripp  do

Beloy Wheler Dis by let                                         Mabel Fields  do

Malissa Wheler                                                        Lucy Ann Hervey Dis. by Let 1842

Mary F. Webster                                                      Temperance Gordon  do 1842 (crossed out)

Hannah Paddock                                                     Lydia Ann Gordon

Philura Paddock                                                      Ruth Utter

Loisa Paddock                                                         Ruth Syrian

Phebe Crippen (Crispen?)                                     Anis (?) White

Cartright Eliza Russ                                            Mary Agustus Dis by Let 18?? Rest illegible

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