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Hallenbeck/Champlin Family

Located in the family File at the Vedder Memorial Library. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Casper Hallenbeck was married to Sally Jeromes the 20 of December 1821
Catherine Hallenbeck and Charles Champlin was married the 15 of September 1845
Johannes Hallenbeck was married to Henrietta Lampman the 23 of December in the year 1847
Johannes Hallenbeck was married to Helen A. Wolford March 14, 1859 

Charles Champlin was born March the 16 in the year 1821
Henrietta Lampman was born March 13 in the year 1827
William H. Champlin was born May the 29 in the year 1847
Charlesetta Champlin was born April the 2 in the year 1850
Johannes Hallenbeck was born the 26 (possibly 6) of December in the year 1822
Catharine S. Hallenbeck was born February the 18, 1824
Edward Hallenbeck was born January the 23, 1827
Sarah E. Hallenbeck was born March the 14 in the year 1830

Casper Hallenbeck died August the 29th in the year 1840
Charles Champlin died October the 22 in the year 1849
Catharine Champlin who died February the 17 in theyear 1851
The son of Charles and Catharine Champlin died in the year 1851

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