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Hopkins /Rand Family

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from a copy of the family bible records in the family file at the Durham Center Museum

Bible, in 1962 in the possession of Walter Smith, Kiskatom, now in the family file

Mehitable Hopkins d. Catskill August 14, 1843, aged 81y

Caleb Hopkins d. Catskill October 23, 1852, aged 72y

Keturah Hopkins d. Catskill 1878, aged 88y6m

Family Record

Captain Caleb Hopkins married Miss Mary Paine November 4, 1747
First child: Mary, born September 6, 1748, died February 6, 1750
Second child: Mary, born July 17, 1750, died September 2, 1751
Third child: Abigail, born March 17, 1752, died April 18, 1758
Forth child: Mary, born January 30, 1757, died February 4, 1757
My beloved wife died November 23, 1772

Capt. Caleb Hopkins married Miss Jane Vernon June 15, 1777
Their daughter, Jane Vernon Hopkins , born November 25, 1779
my beloved wife died January 30, 1780 - Sunday morning at 6 o'clock

Capt. Caleb Hopkins married Mary Williams March 22, 1781
My honorable mother departed this life November 10, 1784, aged 84 years

Tuesday, November 29th, 1796 was married my daughter, Jane Vernon Hopkins to Dr. Isaac Rand, Jr.
1797 - Friday, twelve o'clock noon, September 8, was born first child named Isaac Hopkins Rand
1799 - Wednesday morning, nine o'clock, March 13th was born second child named Caleb Hopkins Rand
1800 - October 6th - Monday, half past six in the morning was born the third child named James Lloyd Rand. He died November 17, 1800 at quarter past four P.M.
1801 - September 30th, Wednesday morning, eleven o'clock, departed this life my dear and beloved wife, Jane Vernon Hopkins Rand, aged 21 yrs, 10 mo, 5 d.

1799 - departed this life my beloved husband, Caleb Hopkins, September 30, 75 years

My honored father departed this life June 28, 1819, age 50 yrs. - signed Caleb H. Rand

My beloved brother, Isaac H. Rand, departed this life on board the Frigate Macedonian on June 28, 1822, age 24 yrs, 9 mos.

My honored and beloved grandmother departed this life January 20, 1823

Caleb H. Rand departed this life at Hudson, NY, February 29, 1828, age 28 yrs., signed Mehitable Hopkins

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