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Hubbard Family Bible
Reynold Family Record

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Typed copy of a family bible which was in the possession of Myra Hubbard on September 5, 1964. 

  Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible published in 1859

Edwin T. Hubbard and Emma Jane Reynolds m. February 21, 1865
George Hubbard and Maude Webb m. November 9, 1904
Clifton (Edwin) Hubbard and. Myra Cole Hull m. March 27, 1912
David Arthur Hubbard and Carrie Caldwell

Edwin T. Hubbard b. January 25, 1833
Emma Jane Reynolds b. March 17, 1843

Their children:
David Arthur Hubbard b. November 14, 1869
George Hubbard b. October 16, 1877
Clifton (Edwin) Hubbard b. December 25, 1875
Benjamin Clifton Hubbard b. January 21, 1866
Lillian S. Hubbard b. November, 24, 1867
Eudora Hubbard b,. April 12, 1872
Roy Hubbard b. November 8, 1884

Children of Clifton Hubbard and Myra (Hull) Cole:
Bertha Frances Hubbard b. February 2, 1913
Esthera Myra Hubbard b. May 29, 1922

Children of George Hubbard and Maude Webb:
Beatrice Marie Hubbard b. December 14, 1906
Kathryn Alice Hubbard b. June 13, 1911

Edwin T. Hubbard d. July 26, 1921
Emma Jane Reynolds d. June 17, 1927
David Arthur Hubbard d. March 9, 1945
George Hubbard d. May 30, 1945
Clifton (Edwin) Hubbard d. December 7, 1940
Benjamin Clifton Hubbard d. March 8, 1869
Lillian S. Hubbard d. March 22, 1869
Eudora Hubbard d. June 3, 1956
Roy Hubbard d. April 28, 1942

From the Hubbard Family file:

Family records as compiled by the mother of Clifton Hubbard (Emma Jane Reynolds)

My grandfather Reynold’s ancestors came from England. Grandmother Reynold’s ancestors were from Ireland – her maiden name was Luce, Polly. Grandfather Tallmadge was a Scotch. Grandmother Tallmadge was of French descent – her maiden name was Tripp, Mary. Grandpa Reynold, William was born in Egremont, Mass, February 17, 1775. Grandma Reynolds, Polly Luce, was born at Sharon, Schoharie County, NY, January 15, 1787. The Hubbards are from England. . They came to New York from Haddam, Conn.

Family of the mother of Clifton Hubbard (Emma Jane Reynolds)

David Reynolds married Mehalah Tallmadge September 26, 1841
Catherine Marilla Reynolds married William Bascom January 19, 1869
Alfred Ferdinand Reynolds married Edwina Richmond
Charles Myron Reynolds married Effie Chichester December 12, 1889
Edgar Lazelle Reynolds married Amy Cameron September 10, 1892
Bertha Frances Hubbard married Richard Peck Bascom September 13, 1936
Esther Myra Hubbard married Paul Searing Goodfellow July 19, 195

David Reynolds b. February 7, 1816
Mehalah Tallmadge b. November 27, 1816
Emma Jane Reynolds b. March 17, 1843
Catherine Marilla Reynolds b. September 4, 1845
Alfred Ferdinand Reynolds b. November 11, 1847
Charles Edwin Reynolds b. December 1, 1852
Charles Myron Reynolds b. July 9, 1855
William Sidney Reynolds b. December 3, 1857
Edgar Lazelle Reynolds b. March 4, 1860
Robert Hubbard Bascom b. October 31, 1937, s/o Bertha Frances Reynolds and Richard Peck Bascom

David Reynolds d. October 6, 1871 at West Durham
Mehalah Tallmadge d. August 15, 1885 at West Durham
Emma Jane Reynolds d. June 17, 1927
Catherine Marilla Reynolds d. March 2, 1925
Alfred Ferdinand Reynolds d. February 10, 1911
Charles Myron Reynolds d. October 11, 1909
William Sidney Reynolds d. July 15, 1935

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