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Hunt Family Bible 

Transcribed copy of a letter written by Sarah Hunt in 1860. The letter along with the family record were found in the Harriet Cole Bible, in the possession of Joan (Lindsey) Rasey, 7680 S. Sheridan Ct., Littleton, CO, 80123 (this note was undated). 

 Located in the family file of the Durham Center Museum. Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Nyack Jan 29th 1860

Dear Aunt,

A long time has elapsed since I last saw you and promised to send you this certificate, but what a change since then in our family, Poor Mother then was with us but now she is gone from us and oh how lonely. I am she that has always been so kind and good now to have her separated from us it seems too much. I hope you will excuse me for not sending this before, I meant to when I first came home, but kept forgetting it & today was writing to Grandmother & thought of it again. I will tell as I think you meant,  me too, grandfathers marriage is not down, only his name with the other 9 children and their marriages or the names of those they married.

The one you wanted is this I believe,

Joseph Hunt born December 6th 1746 married Martha Curser, and had issue as follows,

Tobiatha married William Thompson
Gulielmo, died in infancy
Lydia married William Brinnin
Mary, married William I. Wood
Joseph, married Catherine Snider
Phebe, married William McLaughlin
Anna, married James McKinney
Elizabeth, married John Niffy
Hannah, married Benjamin McKinney

Please accept this & believe me your affectionate niece,
Sarah Hunt  

Eli Hunt and Matilda Smith were married April 24th, 1831

Their children:
Henry S. Hunt was born January 26th 1832
Mary Hunt was born February 20th, 1833
Sarah Hunt was born January 27th, 1835
Eli Hunt Jr., was born May 24th, 1837

Mary Nelson died April 22nd, 1833, aged 81 years and 3 months
Eli Nelson died June 8th, 1834, aged 83 years and 9 months and 16 days


Eli Hunt, Jr., died August 22nd, 1837, aged 2 months and 29 days
Matilda Hunt died September 7th, 1837, aged 30 years, 11 months, 23 days
Henry S. Hunt died June 25th 1838, aged 6 years 5 months


Levi Hoag died August 18th 1842, aged 36 years


Catharine N. Campbell died April 9th 1844, aged 25 years 4 mo 4 days
Henry E. Nelson died August 21st 1842, aged (nothing further)


Charles B. Hunt died October 23, 1854, aged 21 years 7 mos 17days
Solon Hunt died January 7th 1859, aged 21 years 7 mon 24 days
Catharine Hunt died February 27th 1859 aged 5 mo 21 days
William S. Hunt died June 18th 1861 aged 21 years 5 mos 4 days
Sarah Hunt died January 12th 1862, aged 82 years 20 days

(in a different handwriting - Charles B, Solon, Catharine and William S. are indicated as Grandma Cole's brothers and sisters)

Levi Hunt was born August 21st 1805
Catharine Shear was born August 6th, 1813
(in a different handwriting - Grandma Cole's father and mother)

Levi Hunt and Catharine Shear were married February 15th 1832

Their Children:
Charles B. Hunt was born March 6th, 1833
Lydia Hunt was born November 28th, 1834
Solon Hunt was born May 14th, 1837
William S. Hunt was born January 14th, 1840
Eli L. Hunt was born March 9th, 1842
* Joanna Hunt was born November 5th, 1844 (Seems this is Grandma Cole - SH)
Jane Hunt was born March 7th, 1847
Augusta Hunt was born September 1th, 1849
Levi Hunt was born April 28th, 1854
Catharine Hunt was born September 6th, 1858

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