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Hunter Presbyterian 



Courtesy of Seward Osborn

A three piece Communion set from the old Hunter Presbyterian Church. It includes a flagon and two chalices.   It was made by John P. Adams and Henry S. Chandler, under the firm name of Adams, Chandler & Co. [New York City], and each piece is so marked. The set was made between 1869 and 1870 as that is the only time that the two men were in partnership.


From the Seward R. Osborne collection

Pocket sized Bible printed in 1859 from the Presbyterian Church in Hunter

The Church Register of the Presbyterian Church of Hunter, NY
Presbyterian Board of Publication
No. 1334 Chesnut Street

 The Preface, Register of Pastors, Register of Elders and Historical Sketch of this Church were transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from photocopies from LDS Microfilm 1310912 Item 5, supplied by Georgia Murray. Jackie Towner has transcribed the Communicants Register and the Register of Baptisms.


This book should be kept in the possession of the Pastor of the Church, by whose own hand all entries should be punctually and carefully made.

On the death or removal of the Pastor, the book should be returned to the Session, for the use of his successor.

The Register should be kept with great care, and the entries should be made punctually, in a neat and legible hand, particular care being taken to spell names correctly, and to insert dates plainly, as in many cases the issues of important lawsuits may depend on the evidence derived from this source. It is a gratification also to families, to know that there is in the possession of the Church an accurate registry of this kind.

This book is divided into seven parts, viz.:

The Register of Pastors
The Register of Elders
The Register of Deacons 
The Register of Communicants  
The Register of Baptisms  
The Register of Marriages  
The Register of Deaths   

N.B. In beginning to use this book, it is recommended that at least the lists of Pastors, Elders and Deacons should be entered, as far as possible, from the organization of the Church.

Handwritten notes at the bottom of the Preface page:

Historical Sketch of this Church

The first settlement within the boundaries now included in the Township of Hunter was made about the close of the Revolution in, or near, the year 1783.

In 1807 Col. Wm Edwards, grandson of President Jonathan Edwards, came from Northampton, Mass. and established a tannery where the village of Hunter is now located; and through his instrumentality the Presbyterian church of Hunter was established Feby 13th 1822 by Rev. Daniel Beers of Cairo; Rev David Harrower of Lexington and Rev David Porter D.D. of Catskill; with the following 17 members: Wm. Edwards and wife Rebecca Edwards, Samuel Henson and wife Sally Henson; Harry R. Avery and wife Lydia Avery; John Lockwood and wife Sybil Lockwood; Lorin Beach and wife Avis Beach; John Bray and wife Hannah Bray; Jesse Barker; Lucy Clark; Ellie Inman; Lely (?) Winchel; Hannah Haines;

Harry R. Avery and John Lockwood and William Edwards were elected Elders, and Mr. Edwards was also chosen as a Deacon, at the organization: and the names of Pastors and Elders who have served the church since are recorded on the following pages:

For several years the church held its services in a room fitted up in the tannery of Col. Edwards; during which time steps were taken to build a church and on November 13th 1828 a church was dedicated, Rev. Doctor Porter preached the dedicatory sermon; Ata meeting of the session a vote of Thanks was tendered Col. Edwards for the provision made for holding worship in his tannery building from 1819 until 1828.

During the Pastorate of Rev Wm Chapin a Parsonage was built about the year 1826; in connection with which, a tract of land was procured and a salary of $400 a year was raised for a Pastor; In their poverty they manifested such earnestness and liberality that wealthy and benevolent gentlemen from N.Y. City came to their aid, and contributed to their support of a Pastor; this feeble church, thus aided by others, helped to support a student in obtaining an education for the ministry by the payment of $75 annually for seven years;

For many years this was the only church in this township; and at this date April 10th 1890, it reports to Presbytery a roll of 90 members; among whom, are some of the best families in Hunter.

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