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Interpreting the Past - Research by the Windham Town Historian

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Honor a Veteran Project, Part 7 - National Bank of Windham's World War II Honor Roll Poster

by Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian

Originally published in the June 2, 2005, issue of the Windham Journal.

In 1945 the National Bank of Windham distributed posters listing the names of 135 of Windham's World War II military personnel. Some of the names on this roster do not appear on the Windham Township Honor Roll, the WAJ Roll of Honor or the Maplecrest Roll of Honor.

Measuring approximately 15 by 21 inches, one hangs in the lobby of the Windham Town Hall in Hensonville and another in the Windham Public Library in Windham. At the top of the poster the owner was instructed to "Place Picture of Soldier Boy" in the circle. Below that are the words "Windham Honor Roll."

(Column 1) A - Acker, Levere; Alberti, Alice; Alberti, Donald; Alberti, Leslie; Alle, Ivan; Andersen, Frederick; Andersen, Neilsen; Andersen, Victor; Andrus, Clifford; Andrus, Donovan; B - Bailey, Donald; Bailey, Hubert; Barker, James; Barkley, Leonard; Barry, Francis; Beers, Carl; Beers, Glenn; Begley, Alexander; Begley, Joseph; Bernhard, Stephen; Best, Jack; Blakeslee, Robert; Blazo, Arnold; Boughter, Robert; Brockett, Donovan; Burhans, Stanley; C - Cammer, S. Wallace; Case, Oscar; Chase, Elbert; Chatfield, John; Christman, Stanley; Cocyout, Edward; Cole, Kenneth; Colson, Conrad; Conine, Douglas; Conley, William; Crandell, Donald.

(Column 2) D - Dingman, Robert; Darrin, John; Dickopf, Hubert; Disbrow, Reginald; Drum, Clinton; Dunbar, William; Dunham, Elmer; F - Fancher, Leonard; Fancher, Richard; Finch, Clinton; Finch, Donald; Finch, Paul; Fink, Lawrence; Fish, Jack; Ford, Newton; Furgason, Ernest; G - Garraghan, John; Gerlak, Joseph; Goff, Douglas; H - Haner, Frank; Haner, Thomas; Hapeman, Madison; Hauser, Harold; Hayden, Thomas; Hidecker, Myron; Higgins, Lewis; Holcomb, Leslie; Hoyt, Albert; Humphrey, Vincent; J - Jump, Wallace.

(Column 3) K - Kapler, Joseph; Kmetz, Andrew; L - Lamson, Paul; Lee, Irving; Lewis, Raymond; Linindoll, Joseph; M - Mac Glashan, Edward; Makely, Fred; Manley, Donald; Manley, John; Mattice, Erwin; Mattice, Robert; Miller, Richard; Morrow, Elwood; Morse, Richard; Moseman, Gerald; Munson, Elmer; Munson, Harold; O - Ostrander, Earl; P - Pancredi, Frank; Planck, Clifford; Pond, Edward; R - Rappleyea, Robert; Rhoades, Robert; Robinson, Harold; Robinson, John; Roe, Ellsworth, Jr.; Ruiz, John; Runyan, Stephen; Rusk, Albert; Rusk, Romaine.

(Column 4) S - Sack, Charles; Schermerhorn, Gerald; Schuckman, William; Schwitter, William; Seabolt, Sherwood; Seeley, Clinton; Smith, Robert; Smith, Sylvester; Smith, William; Snyder, Robert; Soehl, Claude; Soehl, Viola; Solomon, Fred; Spaulding, Gordon; Spaulding, Ross; Spencer, James; Spencer, William; Stead, Fred; T - Thompson, Olive; Tompkins, Franklyn; Tompkins, Robert; Trettle, Anthony; V - Vail, Carlton; Valentino, Joseph; Van Hoesen, Burton; Van Loan, Frank; Van Valkenburg, Lillian; Vining, Walter, Jr.; Waterman, Dorance; Weed, James; Weinauer, Dr. H. F.; Westley, Clifford; Wetmore, Orson; Wheat, Beatrice; Wheat, Burtis; Wheat, Merrill; Woodworth, Buell.

At the bottom of the poster it says:

Courtesy of
The National Bank of Windham
List as of September, 1945

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