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Isaiah Sarles Family 

Copy of original bible pages located in the Searles Family File at the Vedder Library.
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Original material contributed by Rena K. Searles, w. 514 27th, Spokane, WA 23203

Isaiah Sarles book bought August 1817

Isaiah Sarles was born April the 7th, 1759
Anna Dean was born July the 19th 1762
Samuel Sarles was born October the 26th 1781
Jonathan Sarles was born January the 4th 1784
Judith Sarles was born March the 25th 1786
Amos Sarles was born March the 20th 1788
Isaiah Sarles was born June the 17th 1790
John Sarles was born August the 23rd 1792
Daniel Sarles was born January the 14th 1795
Hannah Sarles was born October the 13th 1797
Anna Sarles was born September the 4th 1800
Deborah Sarles was born December the 29th 1802
Phebe Sarles was born January the 25th 1806

Daniel Sarles died October the 6th 1830
Charlot Hotchkiss died April the 24th 1839
Judith Hotchkiss died September the 24th 1839
Isaiah Sarles died December the 19th 1844
Anna Sarles died July 27th 1841 (unclear)
Deborah Sarles died March 18, (18)85
Isaiah Sarles Jun. left home on the sectent (?) of September 1814 crosed into Cannada was wounded in the Chipaway battle Sept 17th taken prisner caried to Montreal hospittle and there died the last of Dec 1814 or the 1 Jan 1815

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