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Jacob Coonley Family 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 61, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.

(Originally owned by Jacob Coonley)

Jacob Coonley, son of John Coonley, married 1st Elizabeth Brill February 14, 1792
Jacob Coonley married 2nd Elizabeth Ham February 20, 1798
Catharine Brill Coonley married Jacob Benjamin Wilber August 5, 1814
Abigail Coonley married Humphrey Mosier 1817
Elizabeth Coonley married John W. Bedell 1820
Frederick Coonley married Anna Maria Haight January 21, 1826
Frederick Coonley married Eliza Griffin April 2, 1835

Jacob Coonley was born Clinton, Dutchess County, NY July 30, 1763
Elizabeth Brill, his wife, born 1763
Their daughter Catharine Brill Coonley born February 19, 1795
Their daughter Abigail Coonley born February 14, 1797
Elizabeth Ham, wife of Jacob Coonley was born March 10, 1765
Their daughter Elizabeth Coonley born July  28, 1799
Their son Frederick Coonley born October 31, 1802
Jacob Benjamin Wilber born October 30, 1791
Humphrey Mosier born 1795 (son of David Mosier the 3rd and ? Haight)
John W. Bedell born June 2, 1798
Anna Maria Haight Coonley born March 10, 1804
Eliza Griffin Coonley born August 24, 1812

Jacob Coonley March 15, 1818
Elizabeth Brill Coonley died February 14, 1797
Elizabeth Ham Coonley died June 15, 1827
Jacob B. Wilber died June 30, 1856
Elizabeth Coonley Bedell died September 27, 1885, aged 86-2 (no children)
Catharine Brill Coonley Wilber died January 15, 1867
Abigail Coonley Mosier died 18__ (rest not written in) (moved to Miles, Bradford Co. Penn.)
Humphrey Mosier died 18__
Frederick Coonley died January 16, 1892
Anna Maria Haight Coonley died December 30, 1830
Eliza Griffin Coonley died July 23, 1878
Children of Catharine B. Coonley and Jacob B. Wilber:
George C. Wilber was born June 23, 1815
Mary Wilber was born 1818
Abigail Wilber was born 1820
Ann Wilber was born 1823
John W. Bedell Wilber was born October 5, 1824
Humphrey Mosier Wilber was born 1826
Lewis Wilber was born March 3, 1828
Jacob Coonley Wilber was born 1831
Albert Wilber was born 1833 

George C. Wilbur died October 22, 1866, single
Mary Wilbur Gibson died July 3, 1889
Abigail Wilber died, single
Ann Wilber died September 19, 1888, single
John W. B. Wilber died February 6, 1890
Humphrey M. Wilber died, single
Lewis Wilber died June 17, 1866, single
Jacob C. Wilber died December 25, 1874
Albert Wilber died, single

Mary Wilber married Joseph Gibson , he born 1815, died March 10, 1847.
Children of Mary Wilber and Joseph Gibson:
Alton Gibson
Wilber Gibson
Natie Gibson born May 26, 1844, died December 26, 1852

John W. B. Wilber married Abigail Every, she born January 3, 1830, died August 13, 1886
Their children:
Emma J. Wilber
Clara A. Wilber
Louise H. Wilber (remained single)
Kate T. Wilber 

Abigail Coonley and Humphrey Mosier married 1817.
Eliza Mosier born Stanfordville, Dutchess Co., NY 1820 died Troy, Penn. 1886, married James Kent Adams, he born 1811 died 1895.
Their children:
Jeanette Adams, born 1850
Kate Adams, born Troy, Penn, May 6, 1853, died July 10, 1934. Married Platt Coonley 1871, Rutland, Vt., October 8, 1895. He born August 28, 1828, died July 25, 1911. No children. (Platt was son of Frederick Coonley and Anna Maria Haight)

Frederick Coonley and Anna Maria Haight:
Children 2 births:
Jacob H. Coonley born November 1, 1826
Platt Coonley born August 28, 1828

Jacob H. Coonley died February 26, 1890
Platt Coonley died July 25, 1911
Louisa Youmans Coonley died October 11, 1891
Kate Adams Coonley died July 10, 1934

Jacob H. Coonley and Louisa Youmans were married 1849. She born 1832.
Their three children:
Kate Adams Coonley wrote this in the bible:
David Mosher born in England and came to America prior to Revolutionary War. He had sons: Jonathan Mosher born 1755 and died 1843. He married Catherine Green. He served in Rev. War Army and later settled in Town of Coeymans, NY
David Mosher 2nd born 1760, settled in Dutchess Co., where he married. He also had a son, David Mosher 3rd  who married a Haight and had children by name Humphrey Mosher who married Abigail Coonley:
Stephen Mosher
Mary Mosher
David Mosher, the 4th

Maria Coonley Stevens died 1919

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