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Jacob Losee
Family Bible

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from a copy of the bible record located at the Vedder Research Library, Coxsackie, NY

Bible copyright 1870


Jacob Losee and Roxsanna Ann Colwell married Jan. the 16th 1831
George C. Weekes and Mary Merdula Losee married Aug. the 27th 1847
Daniel Losee and Elen Seabridg married Oct. the 29th 1856
Pery Roe and Rachel Amelia Losee married Dec. the 25th 1863
Sherman Sanford and Lydia Adelia Losee married December the 7th 1865
Milo Weeks and Mary Frances Daniels married February 28, 1871
Pratt R. Weeks and Annie L. Place married December 1st 1878
Clair G. Weeks and Bertha M. King married December 7th 1898
Gerald C. Weeks and Lillian Dobert married January 18, 1941


Jacob Losee Jan. the 15th 1808
Roxsanna Ann Colwell Aug. 2th 1810
Mary Martula Losee Sept. the 29, 1831
Daniel C. Losee July the 18th 1836
Rachel Amelia & Lydia Adelia Losee November the 26th 1843
Geo. Clinton Weeks Dec. 18th 1825
Milo Weeks July 13th 1851
Mary Frances Daniels Nov 14, 1852
Jacob L. Weeks Feb 21st 1853
DeWitt Weeks Sept 11th 1857
Pratt R. Weeks Jan 3rd 1859
Clair G. Weeks Oct 9th 1877
Bertha M. King Jan 20th 1881
Clinton K. Weeks June 17th 1900
Gerald Earl Weeks October 14th 1901
Otto C. Weeks October 11th 1910
Earnest Weeks June 23rd 1913
Lillian Dobert May 27, 1912
Gerald C. Weeks Sept 8, 1949
Emily E. Weeks Oct 30, 1950 (adopted by Gerald E. and Lillian D. Weeks)


Daniel C. Losee died August 9th 1861
Elen T. Losee died March (blank) 1871
Jacob Losee died May 3, 1885
Roxsanna Ann Losee died October 4, 1888
Mary M. Weekes died June 24, 1885
George Clinton Weeks died December 20th, 1894
Jacob L. Weeks died March 28, 1854
DeWitt Weeks died March 17, 1858
Clair G. Weeks died February 14, 1916
Milo Weeks died March 23, 1918
Obadiah King died June 19, 1926
Pratt Weeks died March 17, 1921
Bertha M. King (Weeks) died April 22, 1966
Clinton K. Weeks died June 24, 1944
Ernest Weeks died 1936
Gerald E. Weeks died March 1989
Clinton K. Weeks Jr., died 1947

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