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James Waldron Family 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 73, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Copy of bible was in the possession of Jennie Waldron Simpson
Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.


James Waldron and Sarah Elizabeth Losee were married November 27th 1872 by Rev. N.C. Lent

Herman Losee Waldron and Jennie May Barlow were married Leeds, NY February 13, 1897, by Rev. J.G. Price

Jane M. Waldron and Danna A. Simpson were married Greenville, NY, M.E. Parish, December 9, 1903 by Rev. Williams

Charles Peter Waldron and Carrie May Edwards were married September 13, 1905 by Rev. Leadbeater

Charlotte Waldron and William Palmer were married 1908

Celia Waldron and George Palmer Jr. were married 1918

Stanley James Waldron and Alice Marion Burlette were married Cairo, NY November 15, 1926 by Rev. Parker


James Waldron was born Coxsackie, NY February 26th 1852
Sarah Elizabeth Losee, his wife, was born Greenville, NY July 23rd 1855

Our children:
Herman Losee Waldron was born Greenville, NY July 8th 1875
Charles Peter Waldron was born Greenville, NY August 3rd 1878
Jane M. Waldron was born Greenville, NY October 5th 1881
Charlotte Waldron was born September 17th 1888
Neuman Waldron was born August 11th 1891
Celia Waldron was born Town of Coxsackie, NY March 26th 1895
Henry Waldron was born Town of Coxsackie, NY August 7th 1896
Stanley James Waldron was born Town of Coxsackie, NY April 15th 1902

Jennie May Barlow Waldron was born Catskill, NY August 25th 1882
Carrie May Edwards Waldron was born 1883
Danna A. Simpson was born Freehold, NY 1884
William Palmer was born 1889
George Palmer Jr. was born (no date)
Alice Marion Burlette Waldron was born Cairo, NY January 16th 1910


James Waldron died March 2nd 1922
Sarah E. Waldron, his wife, died June 12th 1929
Neuman Waldron died February 6th 1893
Henry Waldron died February 27th 1898
Danna A. Simpson died April 26th 1912
Jennie May B. Waldron died September 1st 1914, wife of Herman L. Waldron
Lizzie (Elizabeth) Waldron, d/o Herman and Jennie M. Waldron, born November 1st 1910, died December 16th 1910
Willard A. Waldron born Mass. 1901, died 1936, s/o Herman and Jennie Waldron
Ward James Waldron, s/o Herman and Jennie Waldron, born Earlton, NY May 24, 1903
Dorothy Waldron, d/o Herman and Jennie Waldron, born Earlton, NY 1905
Raymond Waldron, s/o Herman and Jennie Waldron born Earlton, NY 1907
Norman Waldron, s/o Herman and Jennie Waldron born (no dates)

Clyde A. Simpson, s/o Jane M. and Danna A. Simpson, born Freehold, NY, October 7th 1904. He married Beatrice E. Hoose, January 1st 1924
Beatrice E. Hoose born Stuyvesant, NY 1907

Clyde and Beatrice Simpson children:
Daryl Jane Simpson born February 2, 1925
Jane Simpson born June 28, 1927
Clyde A. Simpson Jr. born March 13, 1931
Sally Simpson born February 1, 1933

Clyde A. Simpson married 2nd Leona Frances Decker August 1936
Leona F. Decker (d/o Cornell Decker) born October 23, 1899
Norman Francis Simpson s/o Clyde A. and Leona F. Simpson born December 14, 1937
Clyde A. Simpson died 1953

Children of Charles P. and Carrie E. Waldron:
Lawrence Waldron born December 3, 1907
Donald Waldron born 1911
Wilda Waldron born May 8, 1923

Children of Charlotte W. and Wm. Palmer:
Gladys Palmer, born Gayhead, NY October 5, 1909
Earl Palmer, born Earlton, NY February 9, 1910

Children of Celia W. and George Palmer Jr.:
Hilda Palmer born 1920

Children of Stanley J. and Alice M. Waldron:
James Garfield Waldron born Coxsackie, NY August 21, 1927
Stanley Nicholas Waldron born Coxsackie, NY March 27, 1929
Marjorie Elizabeth Waldron born January 2, 1931

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