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Jehoiakim W. Hallenbeck
Family Bible

Photocopy of an original bible record. Located in the family File at the Vedder Memorial Library. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

January 2, 1840 in the town of Red Hook, County Dutchess and State of New York by the Rev. Mr. Gates, Jehoiakim W. Hallenbeck to Mary Ann Lasher

December 13, 1865 in the town of Germantown, County of Columbia and State of New York by the Rev. H.R. Schermerhorn, Jonas E. Staats to Jennie M. Hallenbeck

December 30, 1885 in the town of Chatham by Rev. J.S. Brown, Edward Mead and Ella M. Staats

January 28th 1889 in the town of Coxsackie, County of Greene by the Rev. B.B. Staats, Jonas E. Staats to Mary E. Hallenbeck

October 4, 1816 town of Coxsackie Jehoiakim W. Hallenbeck
September 20, 1818, town of Red Hook, Mary Ann Lasher, w/o Jehoiakim W. Hallenbeck

The sons and daughters of Jehoiakim W. and Mary Ann Hallenbeck:
December 20, 1840, town of Saugerties, Charles Edward Hallenbeck
July 23, 1842, town of Coxsackie, Catharine Amelia Hallenbeck
October 14, 1843, town of Coxsackie, Peter William Hallenbeck
November 13, 1845, town of Coxsackie, Jane Hallenbeck
December 4, 1854, town of Coxsackie, Jehoiakim John Hallenbeck

The sons and daughters of Jonas E. and Jennie M. Staats:
1866, December 22, town of Germantown, Ella M. Staats
1868, October 1, town of Ghent, Charles Edmond Staats
1871, July 10, town of Chatham, Katie M. Staats
1876, May 4, town of Chatham, Lillian Staats
1878, February 17, town of Chatham, Jonas Staats
1881, September 5, town of Chatham, Harry Clifford Staats

Jonas E. Staats born August 12, 1843
Mary E. Staats born June 6, 1853

George A. Staats born January 23 1890
Frances M. Staats and Frank D. Staats born November 18, 1892

Frances M. Pultz departed this life December 13, 1935 in her 43 year
Mary E. Staats died March 31, 1938
George A Staats died April 14, 1968
Frank De Witt Staats died May 6, 1973
Jehoiakim W. Hallenbeck died July 25, 1856 aged 39y9m21d
Peter William Hallenbeck died July 31, 1861, aged 17y9m17d
Kate A Hallenbeck died June 8, 1871, in her 28th year
John J. Hallenbeck died March 18, 1881, aged 26y4m16d
Mary A Hallenbeck died November 14, 1883, aged 66y
Charles E Hallenbeck died July 27, 1884, aged 42y4d
Jennie M Staats died March 5, 1888 aged 44y
Jonas E Staats died June 29, 1927 aged 85y
Charles Staats
Jonas W Staats died June 20, 1937
Harry C Staats died May 30, 1970 aged 88y

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