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Jesse Tompkins Family 

Copied by Chris Cook


Jesse Tompkins married Maria L. McLean Aug. 14, 1835, Green Co, NY
Alonzo Heller married Elizabeth Tompkins Dec. 30, 1866 in Gratiot Co., MI


Jesse Tompkins, born Sept. 22, 1812 in Greene Co, NY

Loran Adison Tompkins, born Sept. 14, 1835 in Greene Co, NY
Elizabeth Tompkins, born Sept. 22, 1837 in Greene Co, NY
Hannah Margeret Tompkins, born July 8, 1841 in Greene Co, NY
Sarah Frances Tompkins, born March 15, 1844 in Greene Co, NY
Jesse Monroe Tompkins, born July 18, 1846 in Shohary Co, NY
Levi Barber Tompkins, born Aug. 17, 1850 in Schohary Co, NY
Charles McLean Tompkins, born April 10, 1854 in Canada
Willie Tompkins, born Aug. 18, 1868 in Gratiot Co, MI


Jesse Tompkins, December 25, 1894 in Hillsdale Co., MI
Maria A. Tompkins, Feb. 1, 1867 in Gratiot Co., MI
Loran Adison Tompkins, March 30, 1897 in Greene Co., NY
Sarah Frances Tompkins, June 30, 1849 in Gilboa, Schohary Co., NY
Jesse Monroe Tompkins, Dec. 10, 1873 in Gratiot Co., MI
Charles McLean Tompkins, Dec. 24, 1889 in Butler, MI

Alonzo Heller, May 27, 1901 in Santa Cruz, CA

A letter inside the Bible, written by Elizabeth Tompkins Heller, dated Dec. 13, 1913 (signed Sister Elizabeth). She is living in California.

The letter states that Jesse Tompkins married for a second time after the death of his first wife Maria. He married May A. Lott in Nov. 1867. The letter states that Maria died Aug. 14, 1867.

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