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Marriage Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Marriages that Have occurred in the Town of Jewett in the County of Greene, N.Y., during the year ending June 1, 1865. 

Name of husband Age of husband Previous civil condition of Husband Name of Wife Age of Wife Previous civil condition of wife Date of Marriage Name of city or town where the marriage occurred Marriage solemnized by a clergyman Marriage solemnized by a civil magistrate Marriage solemnized by declaration before witnesses
Cyrus Mead 26 S Ellen Distin 20 S 10-Apr Jewett Meth    
David Slater 26 S Elisebeth Winter 21 S 15-Oct Jewett Meth    
John Vanvalkenburgh 72 W Mariah (Garison) Simmons 51 W 28-Sep Greenville   J.P.  
Ransom Distin 53 W Mary (Bogardus) Johnson 29 W 2-Jan Jewett Meth    
George Newcomb 22 S Lydia Avery 19 S 8-Mar Jewett O.S. Presb  
Nelson Avery 23 S Emily Barkley 29 S 5-Dec Jewett O.S. Baptist  
E. Blaksley 59 W Clarissa (Butler) Blakesley 54 W 28-Aug Jewett Meth    
Orvill G. Bailey 25 S Martha G. Pond 18 S 10-Oct Jewett Presb    
Newton Whitcomb 26 S Susan Van Gross 23 S 15-Dec Lexington N.S. Bap    
Harvy Hotaling 19 S Eliza Brandow 18 S 10-May Hunter Meth    


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