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John L. Bronk Family

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 25, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.

Copy of records in R.B. Smiths possession. Was originally the Peter H. Silvester bible in house when Mr. Smith bought it.

John L. Bronk was married to Alida Conine on the 22nd of December 1808

Catharine Susan, daughter of John L. Bronk and Alida his wife was born on the 9th of January 1810
Mary Alida was born on the 3rd of October 1811 and died February 27th 1813 and buried on the 1st of March 1813
Our daughter, also named Mary Alida was born on the 11th day of March 1814
Our son named Leonard was born on the 21st of June 1817
Our daughter Margaret Van Schaick was born the 2nd day of January 1823
Francis son of our daughter Catharine was born 15th November 1833
John L. Bronk (Silvester) son of P.H. Silvester and C(atherine) S(usan) Silvester was born August 3rd 1835
Mary Bronk Silvester daughter of P.H. Silvester and C.S. Silvester was born 11th December 1841 on Saturday
Henry Van Schaak Silvester son of P.H. and C.S. Silvester was born 2nd Oct. 1843 on Monday

Peter H. Silvester at Coxsackie, NY on November 29th 1882, in the 76th year of his age. Interment at Kinderhook.
Francis Silvester at Westminster Hotel, NYC. Died December 6, 1903 aged 70 years and 21 days. Son of Peter H. Silvester and Catharine Susan Bronk. (unm)
Alida C(onine) Bronk widow of John L. Bronk died at the residence of her son in law Abm. Varick, Po’keepsie, NY, March 18th, 1867 aged 77 years and 12 days (Margaret, d/o John L. and Alida Conine married Abm. Varick)
Our daughter Mary Alida died on the 27th of Feb’y 1813
Catharine (Vandenberg) Bronk, wife of Leonard Bronk, died on Jan. 22nd 1812
(Judge) Leonard Bronk died 22nd day of April 1828, aged about 77 years.
Philip Conine Jr. died April 14th 1831 aged 78 years and about 6 months (14 days)
Our daughter Mary Alida died 21st of Feb. 1832 at 10 o’clock p.m. aged 17-11-10
Catharine (Bronk) Van Dyck wife of Abraham Van Dyck died 24th Aug. 1834 aged between 49 and 50 years.
Abraham Van Dyck died 4th Feb’y 1835 aged about 57 years
(At Coxsackie) our son Leonard died on Sunday 15th of March 1835 at ˝ past 4 a.m. aged 17-8-22. (Born June 21, 1817)
Mary (Maria Van Schaak), widow of Philip Conine Jr., died March 24th, 1835 aged 86 years, 7 months.
John L(eendert) Bronk died at Coeymans, NY on the 21st of May 1835 at 20 minutes past one in the morning at the home of Doctor Fredenburgh aged 48 years and 4 months. He was scalded and otherwise injured on board the steamboat Advocate when boiler collapsed at Coeymans, NY on the 4th of May 1835 and occasioned his death.
Henry Van Schaack Silvester died 18th June 1847 at 4 pm.
Mary B(ronk) Silvester, our darling daughter died on Tuesday 24th Feb’y 1857 at 10 minutes to 1 pm, aged 15-2-13. (b. Dec. 11, 1841)
Margaret Van Schaak (Bronk) died 28th Dec 1856 aged 34. (born January 2, 1823, daughter of John L. and Alida)
C(atherine) S(usan Bronk) Silvester died 8th of March 1859 aged 48-1-29

Written in honor of Leonard Bronk, only son of John Bronk Esq., Kinderhook newspaper: "His was the lovenness in death, That parts not quite with parting breath; But Beauty with that fearful bloom, That hue which haunts it to the tomb, Expressions last receding ray, The guilded halo hovering over decay."

In the village of Deposit, Delaware Co., in the 6th inst., of fever, William Butler, Esq. in the 66 year of his age. Much respected by an extensive acquaintance.

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