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John M. Coonley Family 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 51, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.

John N. (M.) Coonley (son of George Coonley and Hannah, grandson of John Coonley of Germany) and Harriet M. Wolfe were married October 26th 1838

Minor Coonley and Mary I(rene) Saunders were married December 23, 1891. Wednesday 1 PM, Garden Vale, Coxsackie, NY

Emeline (Emma M.) Coonley and M.F. Stenbury were married November 29, 1893

Gerry E. Coonley and Ida C. Landfere were married December 7, 1870

John W. Coonley (no wife’s name mentioned) was married January 9, 1878

Catherine Coonley (no husband’s name mentioned) was married February 23, 1876

Mary W. Coonley and Norman Van Loan were married January 21, 1886. Thursday 7 Oclock PM. Rev. W.A. Chadwick

Dwight C. Coonley and Eveline Spoor were married April 1883

Margaret Ann Coonley (no husband’s name given) was married November 29, 1893 (name reversed on invitation – Anna M.) 1 PM Coxsackie, NY

Frederick Coonley (son of Dwight C. Coonley) and Minnie Henrietta Van Bergen were married June 16, 1909. Wednesday, West Coxsackie, NY

Georganna Josephine Coonley (daughter of Minor Coonley) and George L. Seigman were married July 3, 1915, Saturday, Coxsackie, NY

Emlyn Coonley (daughter of John W. Coonley Jr. and Dr. Arthur Wells Smyth were married Monday August 29, 1921, Schoharie, NY

Elizabeth Lindsey Green (daughter of Lindsey Green) and Laurence James Van Bergen were married Wednesday 24th of January 1917. Indian Fields, NY

Flora L. Spoor (daughter of Isaac Spoor) and Edward Wilson were married Wednesday September 29, 1892, ˝ past twelve

Hazel Beatrice Crookes (daughter of Charles Crooks) to Chester Wilson, Saturday 29th of October 1921, 6PM, 522 Clinton Ave. Albany, NY

Evelina Elizabeth Wilkinson (daughter of Robert Wilkinson) was married to John Kimberly Mumford Jr., Sunday 19th of June 1921, Coxsackie, NY

Ella Margaret Fyfe (daughter of Robert S. Fyfe) and Raymond Provost Smith were married Tuesday the 23rd of December 1919, Coxsackie, NY

Jeannette Schoefeld (daughter of Morris Schoenfeld) and Burton A. Spoor were married Saturday the 19th of June 1920 in NY City, NY

Maud Winefred Casselle (daughter of Edgar Casselle) and George Ellison Cornwell were married Monday the 27th of December 1920 at Trinity Church, NY City, NY

Charles J. Lisk and Jennie Garrett (daughter of Edward Garrett) were married January 2, 1889

Anna Coonley married November 29, 1893 at 1PM

John N. (M.) Coonley was born New Baltinore August 20th 1812

Harriet M. Wolfe, his wife, was born New Baltimore August 22nd 1818 (daughter of John Wolfe and Catherine Woolfroms

Minor Coonley was born New Baltimore August 16, 1839
Emeline (signed name Emma M.) Coonley was born New Baltimore January 13, 1841
Gerry E. Coonley was born October 13, 1843
John W. Coonley was born March 19, 1845
Catherine Coonley was born January 30, 1847
Henry T. Coonley was born May 22, 1852
Mary W. Coonley was born May 22, 1852
Emerson Coonley was born August 13, 1854
Dwight C. Coonley was born January 19, 1856
Margaret Ann Coonley was born March 7, 1858

Mary I. Saunders, wife of Minor Coonley, born November 6, 1860
M.F. Stenbury (son of Bolivar and Frances Clinton Stenbury), husband of Emma M. Coonley, born Windham, NY 1856
Ida Caroline Landfers, wife of Gerry E. Coonley, born April 14th 1852
Norman Van Loan (son of Jacob M. and Catherine Spoor Van Loan), husband of Mary W. Coonley, born 1852
Evelina Spoor (daughter of Isaac P. Spoor and Alida C.), wife of Dwight C. Coonley, born Athens, NY April 17, 1856
Born to Frederick Coonley and Minnie H. Van Bergen, a daughter, Clarabel Cooper Coonley October 26, 1913
Georganna Josephine Coonley was born 1894, Coxsackie, NY. Her sister was born September 4, 1893
Geo. L. Seigman (son of Christian Seigman and Sadie Hall), husband of Georganna J. Coonley was born Jersey City, NJ. 1888
Herman H. Coonley, our grandson, born June 23, 1871
Charles A. Coonley, our grandson, was born October 30, 1873
Minor C. Van Loan, born October 30, 1889

John N. Coonley died at Albany, NY, January 1, 1902 aged 90 yrs
Harriett M. Wolfe, his wife, died March 23, 1895, aged 76
Dwight C. Coonley died December 21, 1932 in Fla.
Evelina Spoor, his wife, died October 25, 1929
Mary I. Saunders Coonley died March 29, 1919
Gerry L. Coonley, son of George and Hannah Coonley died July 22, 1876, aged 72-4-20
Hannah Lisk Coonley, wife of Gerry L. Coonley died July 26, 1873, aged 66-5-20

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