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John Waldron Family 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 77, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.
(Evidently was Peter Waldron's (Brandow is what she means) bible in the beginning then Catharina)


Peter Brandow and Annatje (Hannah) Bogardus were married 1792
Catherine Brandow and John B. Waldron were married May 14, 1815

Peter N. Waldron (s/o Catharina and John B. Waldron) and Jane Ferris were married October 14, 1841

Merium Waldron (d/o Catharina and John B. Waldron) and Casper D. Flansburgh were married 1836

Joseph Waldron and Marium Blaisdell (Father and mother of John B. Waldron) were married 1784

James W. Waldron and Elizabeth Holland Van Dolfson (Father and mother of Joseph Waldron) were married 1764

James J. Ferris and Pallery Dederick (Father and mother of Jane Ferris Waldron) were married 1818

Jacob Bogardus and Maria Vandenberg were married 1773


Peter Brandow was born Catskill, NY March 22, 1750
Annatje (Hannah) Bogardus, his wife, was born August 30, 1774
Catharine Brandow was born November 1, 1793
John B. Waldron was born February 8, 1791
Peter N. Waldron was born Greenville, NY February 22, 1816
Merium Waldron was born November 18, 1820
Joseph Waldron (s/o John B. and Catharina B. Waldron) was born June 14, 1817 (died July 28, 1817)
Jane Ferris, w/o Peter N. Waldron, was born Greenville, NY August 15, 1821
Casper D. Flansburgh was born Coxsackie, NY November 4, 1816

(Children of Peter N. and Jane Ferris Waldron):
Charles C. Waldron was born Coxsackie, NY August 26, 1848
John F(erris) Waldron was born Coxsackie, NY August 22, 1843 (bapt. September 1843)
James Waldron was born Coxsackie, NY February 26, 1852

(Children of Merium W. and Casper D. Flansburg):
Ann Eliza Flansburh was born January 28, 1839
John Waldron Flansburgh was born (August 30) 1840
Catharine S. Flansburgh was born (April 19) 1842
Peter J. Flansburgh was born (September 20) 1843
Jacob C. Flansburgh was born July 5, 1845
Oliver Flansburgh was born 1851
Lewis Flansburgh was born April 25, 1847

(Children of Casper D. and 2nd wife Catharine Rosa Flansburgh):
Deborah Flansburgh was born 1854
Levi Flansburgh was born (June 5, 1849)

Catherine Rosa, 2nd wife of Casper d. Flansburgh was born Coxsackie, NY February 2, 1817

Joseph Waldron (s/o James and Elizabeth H. Waldron) was born September 19, 1765
Mariam Blaisdell, his wife, was born September 10, 1760(59)
James W. Waldron was born July 16, 1736
Elizabeth Holland Van Dolfson, his wife, was born May 1740

Jacob Bogardus was born September 15, 1750
Maria Van Denberg, his wife, was born 1749
James J. Ferris was born 1795
Pallery Dederick, his wife, was born 1798
Lucy Ann Pierce, w/o John F. Waldron, was born September 14, 1845
Sarah Elizabeth Losee, w/o James Waldron, was born July 23, 1855


(Children of Merium Waldron and Casper D. Flansburgh):
Mireum Waldron Flansburg died April 13, 1850
Casper D. Flansburg died February 20, 1890

Ann Eliza Flansburg died December 24, 1857 (single)
John Waldron Flansburg died March 7, 1913
Catharine S. Flansburg Nelson (w/o Jacob Nelson) died 1921
Peter J. Flansburg died 1916
Jacob C. Flansburg December 24, 1932
Oliver Flansburg died
Lewis Flansburg died May 23, 1931

(2nd wife and children of Casper Flansburg):
Deborah Flansburg died 1921
Levi Flansburgh died
Catharine Rosa Flansburg died October 23, 1890
Jacob Nelson born died (no dates)
Sarah Helen Griffin Flansburg (w/o Peter J.) died March 6, 1924 (b. October 9, 1844)
Hannah Nelson, w/o Jacob C. Flansburg died November 29, 1917 (b. July 22, 1845)
Anna E. Day, w/o Lewis Flansburg, died February 16, 1908 (b. 1852)
Myra Fitchett, 2nd w/o Lewis Flansburg, died December 11, 1925 (b. April 4, 1847)

Peter Brandow died November 25, 1836
Annatje (Hannah) Bogardus, his wife of Jacob Bogardus, died (no date)
Maria V.D. Waldron, w/o Jacob Bogardus, died October 2, 1802
Elizabeth H. Waldron, w/o James W. Waldron died April 1, 1815
James W. Waldron died October 28, 1827
Jacob Bogardus died April 24, 1839
Catharine B. Waldron, w/o John B. Waldron, died June 15, 1847
Mariam B. Waldron, w/o Joseph Waldron died April 18, 1852
Joseph Waldron died February 9, 1853
James J. Ferris died (no date given)
Pallery Dederick, w/o James J. Ferris, died (no date down)
John B. Waldron died May 17, 1885
Jane Ferris Waldron, w/o Peter N. Waldron died March 27, 1889
Peter Neuman Waldron died August 16, 1903
Charles C. Waldron died January 25, 1916 (single)
James Waldron died March 2, 1922
Lucy Ann Pierce, w/o John Ferris Waldron, died November 29, 1923
Sarah E. Losee Waldron, w/o James Waldron, died June 12, 1929
John Ferris Waldron died January 11, 1934

(Believed they are buried in the old Brandow Bogardus and Hill cemetery at Hills Corners with no markers. Family tradition and records handed down claim buried by side of father Godfrey Brandow but there can not be found stones with any marks. Many of these stones had been thrown on stone wall. Rev. John Brandow found many stones and his father Wm. H. and his mother Moycah Houghtaling Brandow helped and furnished much information on the old cemetery.)

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