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John Walton Family 

Copy of original bible pages located in the Walton Family File at the Vedder Library.
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible published in 1850 by the American Bible Society

Seth Stoddard and Hannah Noyes were married at Lyme by Esq. Noyes May 18th 1783
John Walton and Hannah Stoddard were married October 12th 1815
David Spencer and Hannah M. Walton were married Feby 16th 1842
Robert Hemming and Manerva Walton were married October 6th 1846
Seth Walton and Julia M. Sage were married Feby 25th 1847
D.W. Dakin and C.J. Walton were married August 23rd 1849
Calvin Walton and Abby Gray were married (no date)
Clare M. Dakin and James Ford Orton were married April 3, 1902

John Walton was born October 10th 1793
Hannah Walton was born June 26th 1793
John Walton was born September 30th 1816
Hannah Maria Walton was born November 4th 1818
Seth Walton was born January 21st 1821
Calvin Walton was born May 3d 1823
Manerva Walton was born March 30th 1825
Calista J. Walton was born April 27th 1827

D.W. Dakin was born (North East) June 29th 1813
C.J. Walton was born (Cherry Valley) April 27th 1829
William R. Dakin was born (Connecticut) September 29, 1850
Mary Ida Dakin was born (Connecticut) November 3, 1855
Clara M. Dakin was born (Connecticut) October 30th 1866

Henry R. Dakin died November 25th 1825
Julia A. Dakin died November 16th 1843
William R. Dakin died November 2d 1846
Ora Dakin died September 10th 1856
David Dakin died March 8th 1859
John Walton died September 27th 1827
Mrs. Hannah Walton died June 14th 1861
John S. Walton died 1850
Seth Stoddard buried (aged 84) May 1st 1828
Hannah Stoddard buried (aged 91) August 10th 1845
Miranda Hammond died (aged 42) August 8th 1831
Calvin N. Stoddard died (aged 44) February 21st (no year given)
Joan Mead died (aged 49) January 9th 1846
Calvin Noyes died November 1793
D. Waldo Dakin died (aged 57) January 12th (18)71
William R. Dakin died (aged 44) July 4, 1894
Mary Ida Dakin died (aged 49) October 5, 1913
Clara M. Dakin Orton died (aged 39) Feby 5th 1906

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