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Jones Family 

This bible was published in 1831, Cooperstown, NY H & E Phinney.
Contributed by Mary Jo Goth


Frederick M. Jones was married Sept. 22nd 1833        
                                 second time- May 26th 1835
Charity E. Jones was married Sept. 18th 1834 
Robert B. Jones  was married March 4th1837
Margarettan Jones was married Oct. 8th 1840
Elijah Jones was married July 10th 1843
Andrew P. Jones was married March 6th 1854
William A. Jones was married to Eleanor E. Moore October 28th 1889


Samuel Jones was born Sept. 1st 1775
Eve Miller was born November 11th 1785  
Frederick M. Jones was born Feb. 19th 1805  
Robert B. Jones was born Oct. 24th 1806   
Sally A. Jones was born Dec. 22nd 1808  
Charity E. Jones was born June 28th 1810 
Henry H. Jones was born March 4th 1812
Joseph H. Jones was born Feb. 22nd 1814  
Elijah Jones was born April 14 1816                               
William S. Jones was born April 28th 1818  
Margaret A. Jones was born April 30th 1820
Andrew P. Jones was born Aug. 31st 1822 
Samuel L. Jones was born Dec. 16th 1827       
Mary J. Jones was born Aug. 27th 1832    
George W. Mead was born March 15th 1805 
Catherine A. Steward was born July 5, 1810
Sarah C. Mead was born Dec. 29th 1827
William A. Jones was born Nov. 9th 1862
Eleanor E. Moore was born May 17th 1860
Andrew J. Jones was born July 26th 1890 
James H. Jones was born Feb. 25th 1892
Robert L. Jones was born Nov. 3rd 1893
Hattie May Jones was born May 8th 1895
Carrie A. Jones was born Oct. 26th 1896
Alice E. Jones was born April 18th 1898 


Eliza L. Jones died November 23rd 1836                    
Mother Charity Miller died June 10th 1837                    
Samuel Jones died April 6th  1843                        
Robert B. Jones died July 21st 1843             
Eve Jones died April 2nd 1853                        
Joseph H. Jones died December 28, 1878              
Andrew P. Jones died May 13th 1886                            
Elijah Jones died Febr. 1885
William S. Jones died Dec. 5th 1885
Catherine Ann Mead died April ____, 1869     [Round Top stone says April 4, 1869]
Harriet E. Jones died the 16th day of January 1889
 Samuel Levi Jones died March the 21st 1890
James H. Jones died June 19th 1892

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